Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Defend Your Mind

Defend Your Mind

“The United States is the only developed nation in the world that does not mandate media literacy as part of its public school curriculum. There are reasons why. Media literacy is dangerous-not to the individuals who gain it, but to the people and institutions that depend on our not having it. Once we master the tolls of media literacy, we cannot apply them selectively. If we demystify the role of our hi-tech pundits, we may demystify the role of our priests as well...The art of manipulation has become so prevalent that it drives our culture forward more than any of its best agents do. It is more constructive to think of the coercive forces in our society as part of the machine that has gotten out of control. As we become more conscious of how it works, we can begin to dismantle it.”Douglas Rushkoff Coercion Why We Listen To What ‘TheySay page 24-25.

As AmeriKKKa unravels in its’ metamorphosis into a repressive global empire, the ruling plutocracy is forced to program the minds of the masses in order to minimize resistance to their fascist programs and threats to the status quo. Rulers have long used psychological means to control their subjects because it is difficult to physically control large numbers of people spread over wide areas of land. One cannot physically lord over a large population even if they have huge armies at their disposal. Not only is it physically impossible because the populous outnumber the army and because the army’s physical presence and intimidation are obvious and arouse more resentment ala Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan. Those being attacked know they are being attacked, those being oppressed know they are oppressed. But if psychological manipulation and mental dysfunction can be effectively employed, the masses may not even realize or care that they are being manipulated. If the psychological coercion is powerful yet subtle enough, the masses can be tricked into giving up their power to think independently. Then the masses become docile and passive sheep. They mistakenly believe their thoughts and actions are based upon their own volition. They think the coercion and outer directed focus are normal, the way things are supposed to be.
No one willingly gives up their power to think for themselves. We have to be tricked, forced, intimidated, coerced and brutalized into doing so. For example during slavery the European land owners who “owned” our ancestors used the most horrific means of torture to break the spirit and will of our ancestors. This was done so they would not challenge their dehumanization and would passively assent to their status as chattel. The slave owners used physical abuse, psychological denigration, systemic and institutional coercion to instill and re-enforce the notion the masters were all powerful, invincible and godlike. The power relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed was just as much a mental paradigm as a physical one. In order to maintain the power relationship our African ancestors had to be made to believe resistance was futile and victory impossible. That is why the Haitian Revolution sent shock waves throughout the Western hemisphere and Europe. The fact Africans soundly trounced a series of European nation states (France England and Spain) shattered the myth of European invincibility. That is why Europeans (especially the U.S.) hate Afro-Haitians (as opposed to the mulattos the Europeans used to reassert European hegemony over the Afro-Haitians) to this day. To punish the Africans for their audacity, once the Europeans recaptured the island, they used every trick in their book to keep the Haitian people under their heel. One of the main ways they keep the people powerless, docile and dependent is through fear. The fear of being targeted for brutalization or death by the puppet regimes of the U.S. is how AmeriKKKan hegemony is maintained, in Haiti and around the world.
In the U.S., the masses are kept lobotomized and dummied down through the mind control apparatus and socializing institutions such as organized religion, education and mass media. We are not taught in school how the media works. We are ignorant about how images, sounds, words and especially music are used to stimulate our central nervous system, to arouse emotional and psychological reactions by appealing to our fears, sexual drives and anxieties. The key to advertising effectiveness is psychological manipulation. The fascist transformation of AmeriKKKa has been facilitated by the use of an all pervasive propaganda machine to convince us we are threatened by internal and/or external forces like communism and terrorism. We are being programmed daily to believe we are under a constant threat of attack, that we are in danger or targeted for future harm. Pearl Harbor and 9-11 are classic examples. The masses responded to news of the attacks emotionally rather than rationally. Once the emotions of anger, grief and vengeance were stoked and exploited by the leaders and their media cohorts, it was easy to call for retaliation and war! In order to stoke the fires of negative emotions an enemy had to be invented, demonized and targeted. In 1944 it was the Japanese who just happed to be non-white so that made it easier for AmeriKKKa to put Japanese Americans in Concentration camps. Germany and Italy were part of the Axis but neither German Americans nor Italian Americans were arrested and incarcerated.
Following WWII it was “godless communists” and a series of “brutal dictators” who became the enemy of the month to keep the masses hyped and supportive of the need for a bloated military industrial technological fiscal boondoggle and corporatist provoked U.S. military “interventions” around the globe. After 9-11 it was okay to openly racially profile Arabs because they and their religion had been demonized over the years in the mass media. AmeriKKKans are used to Arabs being depicted as recalcitrant terrorists by the media. Anyone who dissents from the official line is, demonized and ostracized. Once we know how the process works we can defend ourselves from their machinations.
Don’t be a passive consumer of media. Check and recheck the facts that are given. This is the information age so don’t allow yourself to be duped and deceived by the media.. Look at the adjectives they use to describe people. You can tell by the pictures, words and tone whether we are being programmed to like or dislike a person, government or country. Remember the prime objective of the mass media is to perpetuate the notions of global white supremacy, the predatory right of white folks to dominate the world. Once we comprehend this, we can easily decode and demystify how the media is used to bamboozle us. Once we familiarize ourselves how this is done, we can see through their lies, ruses and con games. For example, the use of the word “insurgent” by the corporate media to describe Iraqi freedom fighters, is designed to condition us to think the people who are trying to rid their lands of invaders and torturers are rebelling against a legitimate democratic order. Nothing could be further from the truth. The last thing in the world the AmeriKKKan plutocrats want is a truly independent Iraq. Don’t allow the mind control apparatus to turn you into a zombie or Pavlovian automaton. The solution is simple, but may cause you some problems during these fascist times; think for yourself.



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