Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Continuing Crisis In Haiti

Continuing Crisis In Haiti

“WASHINGTON (AFP) - Increased violence in Haiti, where some 20 people were killed in recent days, is forcing US officials to consider deploying American troops to help maintain order ahead of general elections in the violence-torn Caribbean country. Haiti's elections, currently scheduled for the last quarter of 2005, are seen as crucial for a return to stability and the eventual withdrawal of thousands of United Nations peacekeepers. The US embassy in Port-Au-Prince has directly asked the government of US President George W. Bush to consider sending several hundred US Marines to help keep order, The Washington Post reported Sunday.” Yahoo News 06-05-05

One of the three sovereign nations the Bush administration has “successfully” executed regime change in is Haiti. By successful I mean the Bush administration accomplished their goal of ousting the targeted leadership. However there is an alarming pattern that seems to always accompany Bush’s actions. In every instance the country Bush invades ends up in worse shape following regime change than before! It appears the Bush administration knows how to plan an invasion but not how to secure the territory or pacify the masses once they invade it. The small Caribbean nation of Haiti is populated mostly by descendants of Africans brought to the island in chains to work the sugar fields . These Africans shocked and awed the world by soundly defeating and overthrowing their slavers and establishing the second free republic in the hemisphere. For this, the European imperialist powers have never forgiven the Haitian people. The whites have made it their mission to torture and torment those Africans for daring to defeat their armies and puncture the myth of European superiority and invincibility. The Africans were determined to be free and continued to prevail despite the onerous debt burden France and the US put upon them to compensate for the lost revenues from France’s most profitable colony! After the European nations gave up trying to re-subjugate Haiti, AmeriKKKa took up the challenge. AmeriKKKa refused to even recognize Haiti as a sovereign nation from 1804 to 1864! AmeriKKKan war ships kept a weary eye on the island nation from 1850 until the US invaded the island in 1915. Since then there have been reoccurring invasions and occupations leading up to the most recent one in 2004. Haiti gets very little press because of the way the Bush administration assisted the coup and because Haiti is now in shambles just like the other two examples of Bush bungling, arrogance and hubris: Afghanistan and Iraq.
Haiti is in worse condition now than before the US helped oust the dully elected leader Jean Bertrand Aristide. Aristide was kidnaped or forced into exile depending on which version you believe on February 29, 2004 following a US sanctioned coup let by the same mulatto jackals and thugs who ousted Aristide (who won a popular election in 1990) in 1991. Following the 2004 coup a puppet caretaker regime was set up, but just like in Afghanistan and Iraq conditions have worsened for the average Haitian. International reports indicate there has been an increase in violence in Haiti. Over twenty civilians were killed last Saaturday and there have been attacks aimed at international “peace keepers” and diplomats. Things are so bad, the Washington Post reported last Sunday the US Embassy in Port Au Prince has requested that Washington send several hundred additional US Marines to help keep the peace. Someone once said, “those who failed to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them.” We see this maxim being played out in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti; three places that just coincidentally were invaded and occupied by the Bush administration. All three countries are in worse condition now than before Bush initiated the invasions. And in the case of Haiti that’s really sayings something.
Afghanistan has had their “ presidential elections” and just coincidentally a former US CIA asset and oil company consultant, Hamid Karzai, was “elected” there. His main purpose was to get the trans-Afghanistan pipelines constructed and work is going on as you read this. But he is forced due to constant threats on his life to remain bunkered in Kabul protected by US Special Forces as the opium growing and trafficking (which were completely shutdown by the Taliban) and the violence increases daily. There were popular elections in Iraq in January but the government has been ineffective, stalled by infighting as the US works assiduously to get one of its quislings in place to forestall the establishment of an Islamic theocracy there. Meanwhile the invaders and Iraqi collaborators are catching pure hell as the anti-occupation struggle has increased all over Iraq. As the beleaguered Bush administration tries its best to spin the bad news favorably, with the help of a compliant mainstream media, more and more AmeriKKKans are turning to alternative sources for information. Which brings us to the point of this piece: Haiti is scheduled to hold municipal, parliamentary and presidential “elections” in late 2005. The caretaker government established with the backing of Uncle Sam has been ineffective and has allowed drug smuggling, increased violence and a deteriorating standard of living , to add to the ills plaguing Haiti already the poorest nation (due to neocolonialism). If you look and connect the dots this is exactly what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.! What this pattern means is, if Bush invades another country we will see more and more of the same. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people (NeoConmen) expecting things to turn out differently. The only way things will turn out differently is if we the people wake up and turn Bush and Co. out!



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