Thursday, June 30, 2005

Time For A Reality Check

Time For A Reality Check

“The reason for our declining popularity is no mystery: Bush's unjustified, illegal war against Iraq. But Iraq, Bush's doctrine of preemptive warfare and instances of prisoners being tortured and even murdered aren't completely unprecedented. Cheney's neoconservatives are merely the latest executors of an aggressive foreign policy that has long prompted fear, hatred and resentment among the leaders and citizens of other nations. Beginning with Theodore Roosevelt's brutal suppression of Filipino insurgents at the dawn of the 20th century, continuing with the holocaust of two million Vietnamese civilians under LBJ and Nixon's carpet bombs and recently exemplified by a series of bullying adventures against such defenseless nations as Grenada, Panama and Afghanistan, the U.S. has become, perhaps to its surprise, the biggest danger to peace and stability on the planet. Many Americans, still taking pride in the memorable image of "Gift of USA" flag logos on bags of grain being tossed to starving Africans, find it difficult to accept the role of international pariah. But the truth is that many people are as scared of us as they were of Germany and Japan in 1939.” Ted Rall Yahoo News 06-29-05

It’s time to wake up and face reality. AmeriKKKa is viewed around the world not as the benevolent bringer of peace, freedom and democracy; a sort of new age version of the White Man’s Burden of former European imperialists but as a ravaging wolf bent on devouring everything in sight. The frothing wolf is so mad its actions leave only three options: avoid it at all costs, somehow contained it and if possible kill it. Much of the world is views9-11, Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq as lessons on how AmeriKKKa really operates. Most sane people realize 9-11 was not a fluke nor a major security failure; it was an inside job. The media is replete with examples of countries that warned the Bush administration prior to 9-11 something big was in the works. Even the CIA warned him as did Russia, Germany, France, Israel and even smaller states like Morocco and Argentina. Check it out this is all verifiable and documented. The problem for most AmeriKKKans is they get their information from the totally prostituted corporate media who are part and parcel to the agenda to dummy us down, mentally ossify us and keep us distracted and disoriented. But as Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can full all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of th time but you can’t fool all of the the people all of the time.” Alas the Bush administration still has not learned this lesson as evidenced by his national address on Tuesday evening. The people aren’t buying it, and he can conjure up 9-11 all he wants,( he’s so stupid he forgot a 2004 poll showed many AmeriKKKans believe he had foreknowledge about the attacks and “consciously allowed” them to happen). That’s pretty damning. This is reflected in the drop in Army and US Marine recruitment, and escalating dissatisfaction being recorded by public opinion pollters and open discussion of the impeachment.
As bad as these facts are, world opinion is even worse. Most of the world is actually afraid of AmeriKKKa. A recent article in the online Yahoo News with a by-line by Ted Rall stated quite clearly the world views AmeriKKKa as an international pariah. He says, “Now the U.S. is the sole, charter member of its own Axis of Evil: invading and threatening invasions, breaking arms treaties willy-nilly, kidnapping and murdering foreign citizens without cause, refusing to abide by the Geneva conventions. But that will change someday--whether we're forced to change, as were Germany and Japan, or whether we choose a different path on our own. What's daunting is how much time--and humility--it will take for the rest of the world to trust us as much as they trust Germany and Italy.” The fact that an article like this even appears on a “mainstream” Website is clear indication Bush is losing his public opinion luster and is taking AmeriKKKa down the drain with him. But this is what happens when you defy the Law of Karma and think you can act with impunity, arrogance and you are motivated by hubris. Sooner or later people see your actions and judge you by them rather than your words. To be fair George W. Bush is not the first US president to embark on a campaign of rapine and over reach, they all have, some were ‘successful” others weren’t. But now the world sees AmeriKKKa for what it is. IN order for the world to really change its perception the AmeriKKKan people are going to have to affect changes in the country’s leadership values and polices. Become the change you want to see in the world!



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