Wednesday, July 13, 2005

London Bombings An Inside Job

No Doubt The London Bombings Were An Inside Job

“Operations like these are generally conduited through the government bureaucracies under the cover of a drill or exercise which closely resembles the terror operation itself. So it was with Amalgam Virgo and the multiple exercises held on 9/11, as I show in my 9/11 Synthetic Terror — Made in USA (Joshua Tree CA: Progressive Press, 2005). So it was with the Hinckley attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, when a presidential succession exercise was scheduled for the next day, as I showed in my George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992; reprint by Progressive Press, 2004). An uncannily similar maneuver allows the necessary work to be done on official computers and on company time, while warding off the inquisitive glances and questions of curious co-workers at adjoining computer consoles. Such a parallel drill was not lacking in the London case. On the evening of July 7, BBC Five, a news and sports radio program, carried an interview with a certain former Scotland Yard official named Peter Power who related that his firm, Visor Consulting, had been doing an anti-terror-bombing drill in precisely the Underground stations and at the precise times when the real explosions went off. Peter Power and Visor had been subcontractors for the drill; Power declined to name the prime contractors. Small wonder that Blair, in his first official report to the Commons on July 11, went out of his way to rule out a board of inquiry to probe these tragic events.” Webster G Tapley

I had relatives from out of town visiting over the weekend and from time to time they had the television on. While I was cleaning up last night after they left, I was channel surfing and was surprised to see the London bombings were still being prominently featured on the cable news channels. I say surprised because I don’t get my information from the corporate media anymore. I knew the London bombings would be used as a scare tactic to frighten the public and generate sympathy for the New World Order’s agenda for global domination, perpetual war and imperial over reach but after a week I thought things had subsided coverage wise. Since 9-11 I have been even more leery of the mainstream media and how even PBS is used to further the New World Order’s globalist agenda, which is why I stopped watching the PBS news programs except for an occasional Frontline. The London bombings have all the earmarks of an internal state government sanctioned psychological operation/red herring project. This time the truth movement is saving all the initial pronouncements and media uttering so we can examine them in light of subsequent back peddling, revisions and lies as the ruling elites and media puppets scramble to spin events to conform to their program. There are many similarities between 9-11 and the 7-7 London bombings. The most glaring is: they were done under cover of live government simulated “ant-terrorist” or emergency preparedness exercises. What this does in effect is completely paralyze or slow down the normal response or reaction to any perceived threat or emergency which explains why no US fighters were scrambled on 9-11. The honest unsuspecting first responders think it is part of the drill, a radar or computer screen simulation to be played out or responded to like any table top or real time live drill. Once it is discovered it was a real emergency the agencies charged with serving and protecting the public, intelligence and emergency management, immediately go into a CYA mode to prevent charges of dereliction of duty, malfeasance or in the case of 9-11 and 7-7; treason . Meanwhile the perpetrators who were in the inside planning and who benefit from foreknowledge of the exercises get off scot free! The second uncanny similarity between 9-11 and 7-7 is that both Bush and Blair immediately ruled out a thorough investigation as to why and how the events happened. Remember Bush had to be pressured by family members and activists into empaneling the 9-11 Commission which turned out to be a total whitewash but who nevertheless did assert there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9-11! Both of these are part of the public record, you can check them out for yourself, especially the London bombings because the information is still fresh and readily available.

The truth, anti-fascist and peace movements are savvy enough now to realize in order for the Bush/Blair/Sharon connection to continue their plans to reshape the so called Middle East, a war weary public must be continuously bamboozled and frightened into believing they are in imminent danger and under attack by a ruthless and cold-blooded enemy; in this case mythical Islamic terrorists. Tony Blair wasted no time in fingering Muslims although like 9-11 there is no concrete evidence the people (al-Qaeda) Bush and Blair claim did the dastardly deeds actually exist. If they do exist at all, most knowledgeable people know they are a convenient creation of the CIA, MI5 or Mossad! A requisite patsy is needed to blame the attacks on and provide a target or an enemy the ruling elites can use as a bogey man or justification for the huge economic expenditures for perpetual international war and police state lock down at home. Walter G Tarpley in an article entitled The London Explosions The Rogue Network Bush and Blair observes, “Last week's London explosions carry the characteristic features of a state-sponsored, false flag, synthetic terror provocation by networks within the British intelligence services MI-5, MI-6, the Home Office, and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch who are favorable to a wider Anglo-American aggressive war in the Middle East, featuring especially an early pre-emptive attack on Iran, with a separate option on North Korea also included. With the London attacks, the Anglo-American invisible government adds another horrendous crime to its own dossier. But this time, their operations appear imperfect, especially in regard to the lack (so far) of a credible patsy group which, by virtue of its ethnicity, could direct popular anger against one of the invisible government's targets. So far, the entire attribution of the London crimes depends on what amounts to an anonymous posting in an obscure, hitherto unknown, secular Arabic-language chatrooms in the state of Maryland, USA. But, based on this wretched shred of pseudo-evidence, British Prime Minister Tony Blair — who has surely heard of a group called the Irish Republican Army, which bombed London for more than a decade — has not hesitated to ascribe the murders to "Islam," and seems to be flirting with total martial law under the Civil Contingencies Act. We are reminded once again of how he earned his nickname of Tony Bliar.” The London bombings pose too many unanswered questions just like 9-11. Thinking folks however, those not caught up in the Matrix of the corporate media mind control apparatus know the London bombings were an inside job no matter what the NWO and their media lackeys say.



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