Saturday, August 27, 2005

Actualize Your Invisible Means of Support

Actualize Your Invisible Means of Support

“Corrupt men and organized criminal enterprises acting as governments cannot colonize the unseen and unknown. They do not and cannot establish hegemony over the unseen and the unknown. Spirituality is their Achilles heel. And through that which is revealed through spirituality, we will find our passage to liberty.” - Mamadou Chinyelu author Motive, Means and Opportunity Probable Cause for Indicting George W Bush, his Sponsors and Aides for the Attack of September 11, 2001

Many Africans the world over, seem overwhelmed and dismayed the forces of evil could be so successful while we seem so vulnerable and impotent against their virulent attacks against us and the non-white world. However this perception is the result of the psychological warfare and menticide being waged against us in conjunction with the resulting affects of the overt genocidal programs we see daily that many of us take as the way things are supposed to be. However, it is all an illusion, part of the delusory notion of white supremacy, the bogus concept white people are superior and destined to make the world their footstool and commode. Admittedly the Europeans have been successful in brainwashing Africans into being ashamed of ourselves, believing we had no history or that we are little more than animals. One of the first things the Europeans did to discourage us was to attack and undermine our cultural cohesion was to denigrate and outlaw our cosmologies while mocking and deriding our spiritual beliefs. Africans are extremely spiritual. So much so that the alien invaders, once they established a toehold in our midst using deceit was to convince us our ideas about God and the universe were superstitions at best and totally useless at worst. Part of their plan to destroy our African identity was to outlaw the observance and practice of our traditional spirituality. Just as the European uses his religion of Roman Catholicism or its Protestant derivations as a political control mechanism, so too Africans used our cosmologies, values, rituals and rites as the glue to bind our societies into cohesive, effective and efficient social organizations. To undermine this social organization they had to take away our belief in the unseen energy/intelligence we know permeates the universe and substitute an anthropomorphic concept of god, a god that looks and acts just like them!
Our kidnaped ancestors rebelled and resisted by integrating the forcibly imposed “Christian” concepts of the Europeans into their remembrances of their African spiritual practices. Where religious oppression was less, like in South America or parts of the Caribbean, the African spiritual traditions held sway. It was in climates like this where African spirituality remained strong that pronounced resistence to European brutality was demonstrated. The Maroons of Jamaica, the Palmares of Brazil, the practitioners of Voodoo in Haiti all were successful in their struggle against European domination because they held onto, practiced and sustained their African identity and spiritual traditions. This explains why the Europeans hate the Haitians to this day. Therein lies the solution to our mental enslavement. We must return to our African spiritual understanding of the power of the unseen, the potency of the invisible to affect our physical reality and our ability to discern and manipulate these forces on our behalf! More and more Africans are seeking the wisdom, balance and empowerment of our African spiritual traditions to impact the quality of our lives and repulse the lethal values, culture and lifestyles of the barbarians who surround us. For us, AmeriKKKa has always been a brutal police state so the twenty plus year shift towards fascism should be nothing new. The problem is that prior to that shift the Civil Rights and Black Power movements forced the state to make nominal concessions as the cunningly moved to squash dissent and mount a counter attack to destroy African leadership using their vicious COINTELPRO. Our children don’t see the blatant oppression and degradation policies of the state’s political apparatus and agencies like we did so they fall for the “things are better” and “AmeriKKKa is color blind society” "if you are down,it's yur fault" okey-doke. However during the last twenty years the fascists have determined to return to the by-gone era of robber barons, government corruption and virulent and authoritarian socio-economic-color cast. As white AmeriKKKans like Cindy Sheehan grapple with the crass militarism and fiscal self-destruction that is undermining their standard of living, we must not put our trust or emphasis on their socio-political system. Yes use it to keep the wolves at bay if possible; but we must use our most effective tools, our invisible means of support, our innate spirituality. Within us resides the animating life force/intelligence our African ancestors believed could be enhanced or minimized through ritual and benevolent or malevolent supernatural intervention. Our collective challenge is to recognize and fully actualize our inner powers and talents and enhance them for the benefit of ourselves and our people. Through legitimate divination, ritual trance, personal meditation, intuition and dreams we can discern the truth, gain guidance direction and the courage we need to transcend the desecrated and dis-spirited materialistic social and cultural milieus of our enemies. As intellectual warrior and scholar Mamdou Chinyelu stated, “through (African) spirituality we will find our passage to liberty”.



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