Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Ongoing News Blackout

The Ongoing News Blackout

“If the same amount of energy that went into the analysis of the IIPA was applied to 18 USC 794, the White House would be in serious trouble and would be forced to change their plans. They wouldn't have the same time they have now, time to create intricate diversions, time to commit more treason. America, you have the means to fight this information war and you have the means to demand the media step up and tell the people what laws have been broken. And in doing this you can make them squirm, and you can force their hand and make them act with less time to plan. By exposing the truth, you force them to move faster, to rush their plans and in doing that they are more prone to make a mistake. Nobody does anything as thorough when they are rushing, compared to when they have time to plot. By ignoring discussion about 18 USC 794 and the death penalty or life in prison, the main stream media and blogosphere are aiding and abetting the enemy by giving it time and resources to plot further treason.” - TREASONGATE: Total Media BLACK OUT of 18 USC 794, Federal Espionage Statute

The mainstream media mind control apparatus like the humans that create and maintain it seem capable of only focusing on one idea or story at a time. Given there is only so much space on the front page or only so many pages in the newspaper or time during a broadcast some clear decisions must be made as to what will be covered, aired or emphasized. We need to understand the mainstream media is not on our side nor is it “free and independent”. It is in the control of the corporate executives who have increasingly through federal deregulation allowed fewer and fewer of them to control more and more divergent media outlets. Since the 2000 Presidential campaign we have seen this small circle of influential executives and owners give George W. Bush a literal free pass to aviod the nut house, go directly past Go, collect two hundred dollars and remain in the game no matter what lame brained statements or malapropisms he has uttered and disatrous policies he’s pursued! Since the 2000 election the mainstream media in stark contras to the way they dogged Bill Clinton, have allowed Bush and Co. to lie, invade several sovereign nations (Afghanistan, Haiti, and Iraq) execute regime change and wreck hellish havoc doing it with no accountability whatsoever! Anyone who dared question or challenge the Bush and NeoConmen cabal was demonized and portrayed as Un-AmeriKKKan, a supporter of terrorists, a fool or a liberal. Their vindictiveness and ruthlessness knew no bounds. In the course of their campaign to browbeat anyone who dared go up against the Rove warmongering machine they demonized former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson and knowingly and deliberately outed his wife Valerie Plame who was a covert operative of the CIA in violation of US law. As a result an investigation was empaneled but the Bushites didn’t give it much thought because their girl Judith Miller of the New York Times and one of the Bush administration’s most ardent warmongers refused to name her sources. For her loyalty though, she was subsequently jailed for contempt. Unfortuneately for Bush the investigation plowed forward and his main man Karl Rove has been implicated in the leak. Worst sstill; is several prominent NeoConmen have been identified as key participants in a wide ranging ongoing espionage investigation of the pro-Zionist American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that has penetrated the Pentagon and Defense Department at the highest levels. This investigation has greatly embarrassed and exposed the AIPAC as part of a far flung Israeli espionage network.
As news from Iraq worsens Bush’s approval ratings plummet further and anti-war sentiment grows, the last thing the administration needs is for Rove and the Neoconmen to be exposed as culpable in the Plame outing and the AIPAC espionage investigation. Hence the need for the mainstream media lapdogs to find or create a diversion to shift public attention off of Bush’s ongoing political woes. The missing co-ed story has played out, the Congressional MLB steroid use hearings story never caught on but the one story that is making headway during the dog days of the Summer of 2005 is the Cindy Sheehan grieving angry mother story. While it is not favorable to Bush, at least it takes the focus off of Karl Rove and the Zionist NeoConmen. The Right Wing attack dogs in the mainstream media and blogsphere can get their rocks off demonizing Sheehan whereas it would put them in an extremely awkward and untenable position defending the indefensible; Karl Rove braking the law or trying to cover for Franklin, Rosen and the foremost NeoConmen Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle as the ongoing espionage investigation exposes their role (if any) in the run up to Bush’s calamitous invasion and occupation of Iraq. What to do? Cover the Rove/ AIPAC stories or Cindy Sheehan and the recent Gaza pullout? For the corporate media this is a no brainer, the Right Wing nuts could savage Sheehan and claim it is the left wingers and liberal press who are supporting and manipulating her, thereby creating emotional controversy while pushing the more damaging and inter-related AIPAC and Plame stories from public consciousness. Also the pro Israeli spin on the Gaza pullout stories generate sympathy for Israel to counter the AIPAC fiasco. The Cindy Sheehan story is certainly newsworthy and timely but when you consider how much more damaging the Rovegate/ Plame/AIPAC stories are to this administration and the New World Order agenda you can see we are being played by the corporate media once again.



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