Friday, September 02, 2005

The Unraveling of AmeriKKKa

The Unraveling of AmeriKKKa

“Gas prices can only go up. Oil production is at or near peak capacity. The U.S. must compete for oil with China, the fastest-growing colossus in history. But the U.S. also must borrow $2 billion a day to remain solvent, nearly half of that from China and her neighbors, while they supply most of our manufacturing ("Benson's Economic and Market Trends," quoted in Asia Times Online) – so we have no cards to play with China, even militarily. (You can't war with the bankers who finance your army and the factories that supply your stores.) China now determines oil demand, and the U.S. has no long-term way to influence prices. That means $4 a gallon by next spring, and rising – $5, then $6, probably $10 by 2010 or thereabouts. Their economy can afford it; ours can't. We may hobble along with more or less the same way of life for the next dollar or so of hikes, but at around $4 America changes. Drastically.”- Michael Ventura The Austin Chronicle 08-290-05

Hurricane Katrina has exacerbated an already tenuous situation for the AmeriKKKan economy and has shaken the foundation of its standing as a global empire. AmeriKKKa following WWII accepted the baton to continue the legacy of global white supremacy’s world domination, exploitation and rapine. However the ruling elites have plotted and planned to betray their bamboozled people and enslave them by drastically reducing their standard of living by redistributing wealth through outsourcing and globalization. We are seeing aspects of this now with the spike in retail gas prices even before the storm. The War on terrorism is really a war to capture and expropriate global resources particularly oil and to maintain US dollar hegemony in relationship to the Euro and the emerging Chinese economy and military. The hurricane has accelerated this process as the storm has wrecked havoc on the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs, the pipeline, refining and reserve infrastructures. So in addition to the drop off in oil production and importation that has resulted from Bu$h’s invasion and occupation of Iraq, the recent peasants’ unrest in Ecuador and the growing antagonism directed towards oil rich Venezuela, Katrina’s impact will further devastate the US economy. A recent US Census update reported poverty is increasing and pointed out more and more white folks are sinking into the abyss of impoverishment, so you know our people will be sucked into the negative undertow of worsening economic conditions!
I am not writing this to be gloom and doom, because I am an optimist at heart. This is Akoben, a call to war, a call to arms to alert our folks about the impending economic tsunami about to engulf this nation. The devastation we see in New Orleans is a stark lesson to us just how cold blooded and callous the government of this nation is. The people we see languishing in New Orleans stuck in the flood desperate for fresh water, food and shelter is a precursor to conditions that will soon befall AmeriKKKa. The rise in retail gas prices during times of stagnant wages will devastate most families, further eroding their already shaky economic status in a tidal wave of debt that will surely engulf this nation. The ruling elites idea to prevent this is engage in perpetual war. Their next targets are those nations and leaders they perceive as the greatest threats to their economic empire, Iran (which is contemplating switching to the Euro just as Saddam Hussein did in 2000 and is also planning on creating a petro currency exchange twhich will knock the US dollar off its perch as the official global medium of exchange ). Uncle Sam is also salivating at the idea of overthrowing or assassinating as per pat Robertson's urging Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez Frias who has thumbed his nose at US saber rattling and attempted coups. Chavez has aligned himself with Fidel Castro in challenging US hegemony in the Western Hemisphere. In addition, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are ruining AmeriKKKa, draining the treasury, destroying lives and revealing AmeriKKKa for the ravaging wolf it is.
The full impact of all of this will soon be felt by AmeriKKKan consumers. The airline and auto industries are in financial difficulty and this will have a ripple effect throughout the economy. The reason automakers are giving employee discounts to the public is so they can to sell their bourgeoning inventories. Sales at GM and Ford have not been good. There are signs the housing boom will flatten and interest rates will rise. If that happens more and more households will experience economic distress and pain. Beginning in October, when the new law goes into effect it will be more difficult to file for bankruptcy in order to reorganize one’s financial affairs and get back on track. Look for the class war to continue as the courts allow the airlines and auto manufacturers to abrogate their employee pension obligations. This will further jeopardize wage earners' future security consigning them to a financial purgatory similar to what Kenny Boy Lay and Co. did to Enron employees.
That’s the bad news. The good news is that were sentient beings with the power to cogitate, visualize and act upon our ideas, goals and plans. Let us prepare for the post economic tsunami by getting our finances in order, reducing and eliminating debt and on a more basic level by coming together to form gardening and food co-ops, credit unions and support networks that will meet our psychological and physical needs so we don’t go totally under with AmeriKKKa.



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