Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How To Create Positivity In A Negative Situation

How To Create Positivity In A Negative Situation

“Where there is hope there is life, where there is life, there is possibility and where there is possibility change can occur.” Jesse L. Jackson

We live in interesting times. In many ways we can agree with Charles Dickens who wrote in the beginning of his novel Tale of Two Cities, “these were the best of times and worst of times.” In our era we see the US government gone mad, with war and militarism, racism is rampant, global capitalism is more predatory than ever and the mind control apparatus spews anti-life values death doom and gloom every minute of every day. We are experiencing the break down of both family and community and a “leadership” has been foisted upon us by our enemies as part of their ongoing government COINTELPRO agenda that has no concern for our well being, survival or any vision for the future separate from the agenda of our enemies which will be the death of us. Our communities are besieged by drugs, self and group alienation, depression and despair are rampant and the few folks attempting to heal themselves so they can help heal others are being ignored in favor of the okie-doke of Western materialism, hedonism and predatory self and group annihilation. The African proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is often quoted but the reality is, our villages are not whole in any sense of the word. We have not been whole since our capture from Africa and import to this hemisphere. Our experiences of the “breaking” or “seasoning process” which are euphemisms for dehumanization creation of maladaptive and psychopathic personalities designed to serve the interests of white supremacy are at the root of our despair and dysfunction. Our villages/communities are ill. What can we do to heal/save ourselves from this malaise of apathy, disinterest and self-negation? What can we do to ad spunk, and purpose to our lives so we stop condoning and contributing to our own demise and destruction? How do we remain focused and positive in a negative environment? We must rekindle and cultivate a sense of hope!
What is hope? The Dictionary of Psychology defines hope as: “an attitude characterized by an expectation of the favorable outcome of an event. The accompanying emotional tone is one of fear mixed with anticipated joy.” What is an attitude? An attitude is defined as : “a relatively stable and enduring predisposition to behave or react in a certain way toward persons, objects, institution or issues either positively or negatively.” The Dictionary of Psychology also points out that most attitudes are cultural, that is they are picked up or transmitted from generation to generation, propaganda and suggestions from authority, business, educational institutions and other agencies that seek to influence conduct. What attitudes do you have about yourself, Africans and the quality and possibilities for your life? Where did you get them from? If they were not wholly self-generated, or auto-programmed you have been influenced by an external source. All of us have. We have been prejudiced by our parents, by “society” and by the mass media. Ideas and images rule the world. Whose ideas and images are you internalizing? If you are not thinking for yourself and making your own independent assessments of the world, reality and you, than you are trapped in the Matrix, you are a zombie. The truth of the matter is the world is what you say it is. Let me qualify that. The world is what you say it is for you. Each of us has the capacity to define, categorize and visualize as we choose. We have free will and freedom of imagination and cogitation! The fact is few of us use these abilities on an independent basis. Most of us are outer directed, manipulated and brainwashed bu sources outside of ourselves; our parents, teachers, religious leaders and the mass media. We can break the cycle anytime we want, at any moment and for any duration. Of course it may be very uncomfortable to alter our present attitudes because of peer pressure, the desire to be like everyone else or the fear of the hostile reactions of others! That is the price we pay for freedom.
We have the power to alter our mental world, our thinking and our attitudes any time we want. Energy follows thought. Our thinking produces emotional responses either harmful or beneficial and our thinking are the building blocks of our reality. If our reality is “negative” we can alter it by thinking of ways to make it better. Not only can we think of ways to make it better we can design action plans to make thins better and we can have hope, an expectation of change, a healthy anticipation of change based upon our thinking and our actions. We must take action. Rosa Parks was tired of disrespect and dehumanization so she took action by refusing to give up her seat. Se took action by willingly going to jail by agreeing to be a test case to break racial cast and apartheid. If she is the hero we say she is, we should emulate her attitude and her actions! We should be willing to stand up for ourselves despite the opposition and threats! It all begins in our minds. We must think, envision, expect a better day but we must also work to bring this better day into reality. Our enemies are not going to give up, be morally persuaded or change out of the goodness of their hearts. If it is to be, it is up to me/us! But it all begins in our minds, our thoughts and our consciousness. Cultivate a proactive consciousness and expect to win. Sooner or later the victory will occur.


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