Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Lies Lies and More Lies

“You can fool some of the people all of the time. These are the ones we want to concentrate on”. George W. Bush

In an effort to keep his presidency from sinking in the undertow of his abysmal approval ratings, George W. Bu$h is on the attack desperately attempting to defend the indefensible, his disasters of imperial overreach in Iraq. Two weeks ago administration big wigs like Dick Cheney (who left his secret location secure bunker long enough to give one or two speeches reiterating the administration’s threadbare lies about Saddam Hussein being part of 9-11 and having WMD) and a cadre of brazen NeoCon hustlers were shilling the party line in the compliant corporate media in a futile effort to stem the tide of public disapproval. This past Wednesday Dubeyah himself went on national television before a captive audience of Midshipman at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland to announce to the world he has a strategy for victory in Iraq. If Bu$h were Pinochio, by now his nose would be as long as the Empire State Building. The Annapolis speech was no different from his usual mantra about staying the course. His intention is not to leave Iraq until victory (whatever that means in his warped sociopathic mind) is achieved. Given the reality in Iraq and the assessments of more knowledgeable and sane people, Bu$h’s latest attempts to garner support were genuinely pitiful. I refused to even watch it. However, the media covered it and many folks including NBC late night TV host Dave Letterman mocked Bu$h for even trying to run okie doke like that on people. I did see a snippet of it on C Span and Bu$h looked like he was laboring to get even the Midshipman to believe what he was saying. One Website quoted Bu$h as saying, “ ‘At this time last year there were only a handful of Iraqi battalion’s ready for combat,’ Bush thundered. ‘Now, there are over 120 Iraqi Army and police combat battalions in the fight against the terrorists, typically comprised of between 350 and 800 Iraqi forces. Of these about 80 Iraqi battalions are fighting side-by-side with coalition forces, and about 40 others are taking the lead in the fight.” However, a military analyst on CNN commenting on Bu$h’s facts said, while Bu$h’s numbers may be true, the Iraqi police, security and military are nowhere near ready to assume solo take over of their country without AmeriKKKan support. And his assessment is similar to most astute military commanders on the ground in Iraq! In their view, the Iraqis just aren’t ready. Even if AmeriKKKa remains in Iraq for the foreseeable future, the other members of the dwindling “coalition” with the exception of AmeriKKKa’s main partner in crime Britain, will eventually draw down their troops or leave altogether.
What’s wrong with the NeoCons? Are they that out of touch with reality they think the AmeriKKKan people are totally stupid (as in a deep stupor)? Do they actually believe their own lies, PR spin and press releases? Do Bu$h and his NeoConmen cronies believe they can redo past imperialist failures (like the war in Southeast Asia) and think their tactics will work this time merely because AmeriKKKa has advanced weaponry and the increased capability to murder and maim more folks than they did in Vietnam? Don’t they get it? War is not just about weaponry and the ability to kill; war, is about resolve and a people’s will. Alas, as in Southeast Asia, the AmeriKKKans will never impose their will on the Iraqi people. Bu$h and his NeoConmen buddies fired General Eric K. Shinseki who warned Congress it would take at least 200,000 soldiers to pacify Iraq and several hundred billion to fund the invasion and occupation. Of course the know nothing Chicken Hawks who set this insane war agenda mocked Shinseki to scorn and sent him packing. Now the few NeoConmen still remaining in the Bu$h administration , are being forced to eat crow for being so oafish in their thinking. Now they have AmeriKKKa stuck in another quagmire and things do not look good. Bu$h’s credibility is destroyed; even the NeoConmen’s latest attacks on the war critics flopped when John Murtha a decorated US Marine and Congressman who called for withdrawal from Iraq lashed back at Cheney’s cowardliness for not serving in the military. People are tired of Bu$h’s lies, they are no longer going to allow arrogant madmen like Rove and Cheney to cower them into submission. The Cindy Shehans and John Murthas of AmeriKKKa have dented Bu$h’s armor. The people loath the fact he lied to them. The political sharks smell his blood. The news out of Iraq and Washington have not been good, the resistance to the occupation is much more fierce than Bu$h and Co. expected and is taking a heavy toll on US military personnel. Bu$h and his war party must take responsibility for that. The prison scandals, the torture issue, the massive fraud, the heavy handed response at Fallujah and other cities and the blowback in world opinion against the US have forced Joe and Jane Sixpack to put down their beers and rethink this war! The reality does not jibe with their perceptions and self-image of AmeriKKKa. The horror and strain of the credibility gap is reflected in Bu$h’s diminishing approval ratings. That is what makes Bu$h’s speech all the more pathetic. He finds himself proposing a strategy that will never work and the people know it. They are tired of all the money he and Congress are spending in Iraq while New Orleans is yet to recover from Hurricane Katrina and more aid to seniors and college students is being slashed supposedly to cut the mounting deficit. Think about this, the US have occupied Germany and Japan since the end of WWII, that’s sixty years. Neither of these countries sits over billions of barrels of crude oil. So neither Bu$h nor his cronies plan to vacate the Iraqi premises any time soon, (of their own accord). The Iraqi people have other plans. Their will to be free is stronger than the US imperialists’ will to colonize them. We see this every day. So unless the AmeriKKKan people wake up and demand their elected representatives bring the troops home and cease this senseless war, Bu$h and Cheney’s lies will drag this carnage on for decades.



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