Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Psychological Warfare, Demonizing Islam

“In a strongly worded statement issued late on Monday, Austria, the current holder of the EU presidency, said it had instructed its embassies in the Middle East, Asian and African countries to demand increased security measures for European citizens and premises after a wave of anti-European violence by Muslim protesters. Ursula Plassnik, the Austrian foreign minister, said national authorities must take the necessary steps to ensure security. The countries included Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates as well as the Palestinian Territories.” www.Al jazeera.net 02-07-06

For the last few days the corporate mind control apparatus has dutifully broadcast images and sound bytes of angry Muslims rioting and burning Danish flags all around the world following the publishing and republishing of offensive cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad and equating him with terrorism. One cartoon depicted him with a turban that looked like a missile. Let me make this disclaimer, I did not see all the cartoons published by the Danish newspaper nor am I a Muslim. My interest in all this is to point out the obvious and subtle political implications of this scenario. First of all this is a psychological warfare campaign designed to further demonize Arabs and Muslims to breed more fear and loathing of Arabs and Muslims amongst the Western populations. This campaign is being manufactured to validate and fuel the ruling elite’s bogus “War on Terror” so they can justify more war, rapine and plunder of Muslim countries. How convenient that following the republishing of a Danish newspaper’s anti-Islamic cartoon, Muslims around the world started attacking European embassies! The key piece of evidence that this is all a contrived response is the fact the same exact cartoon was originally printed in the Danish newspaper Jylands-Posten back in September of 2005. My question is, why all of a sudden the big to do about the cartoons? Where was the big outcry back in September? Where were the calls for restraint on the part of Muslim clerics this time? From the reports in the obviously biased Western media, it appears that Muslims around the world are up in arms acting like park apes over the cartoons. There have been vocal, violent and boisterous demonstrations across the world with Danish embassies in such far off Muslim countries as Indonesia and Bangladesh being subjected to massive demonstrations. Where did they get all those Danish flags they are burning? Come on wake up!
Stop and think about this for a moment. If a group of people wanted to make Muslims look bad what are some of the ways they could goad them into irrationality? The Danish newspaper Jylands-Posten deliberately published offensive cartoons they knew would anger Muslims back in September of 2005 with little or no fanfare! Why were the cartoons republished five months later? Why, because it is part of a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to inflame religious sensibilities, to pit white Westerners against Colored Muslims to further the notion of a pending “clash of civilizations”. Why? Because this is more cost effective than a 9-11 or London bombing false flag “terrorist attack” operation on US or European soil. It allows the all pervasive controlled media to capture and disseminate images of angry “Muslims” (many who are really operatives and agents provocateur in the employ of US, British or Israelis) assaulting and tearing down embassies belonging to white countries. Many of the images being broadcast feature darker complexioned Arabs and Muslims, that’s an even better psychological stratagem, a double whammy; darkie Muslim terrorists, images like those will send shivers up and down the spines of Joe and Jane Sixpack who are eating this stuff up like crazy. These images are being flashed around the world just as the US Senate Judiciary Committee is going through their charade “investigating” domestic spying on AmeriKKKans. The administration maintains their illegal wiretaps are constitutional and are vital tools in their ongoing “war on terror”. Meanwhile, on cue and in the bright glare of the mind control spotlight, Attorney general Alberto Gonzales keeps talking about, terrorists and Al Qaeda a supposedly fanatic Muslim terrorist organization which for the most part is a figment of the CIA/MI6/Mossad and media’s nefarious imaginations. The fear factor will push the envelop even further as the non-thinking masses rush like sheep begging Gonzales and his fascist cohorts to save their stupid behinds.
Yesterday I heard a white guy say, “with all these embassies being attacked damn right our government better tap the phones.” One sucker convinced, only a few million more to go. Make no mistake about it, there are millions here in AmeriKKKa and around the world who feel the same way; they are willing to give up their “freedoms” for a greater sense (illusion/delusion) of security in the fascist police state. Alas as has been stated on many occasions in the past, those who are willing to give up their freedom for security, always end up with neither! The mind control apparatus is using the cartoon situation (how appropriate white AmeriKKKa is being duped and played over a cartoon) to demonize Arabs and Muslims. The demonizing of Arabs and Muslims is only being done to further the fascist agenda of the NeoConmen. The sad reality is most AmeriKKKans are falling for the okie-doke hook line and sinker! Ask yourself who benefits from all this? What group or groups will get over if we give in to fear and allow them to manipulate our fearfulness? How many more illegal wars will they launch? How many more Muslims, Haitians or Columbians will have to die because we are too scared and stupid to realize the game that is being run on us? Like I said, I’m no Muslim nor am I an Arab, but it will only be a matter if time before the racist/fascists here in AmeriKKKa turn on us with a vengeance again. The sooner we wake up to this reality the better prepared to counter it we will be.



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