Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Al Qaeda Bogeyman

The Al Qaeda Bogeyman

“But there was substantial evidence showing that, up to 9/11, Al Qaeda could barely hold its act together, that it was a failing group, hounded from every country it tried to roost in (except for the equally lunatic Taliban-run Afghanistan). That it didn't represent the mainstream view even in the jihadi community, much less the rest of the Muslim world. This is the reality of the group that the Bush administration has said would engage us in a "long war" not unlike the cold war—the group that has led to the transformation of U.S. foreign policy and America's image in the world. The intelligence community generally agrees that the number of true A-list Al Qaeda operatives out there around the time of 9/11 was no more than about 1,000, perhaps as few as 500, most in and around Afghanistan. It is also fairly well established that bin Laden and his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, were engaged in a fierce pre-9/11 struggle with their own meager band of followers over whether it was wise to take on the ‘far enemy’—the United States—when many jihadis really wanted to engage the ‘near enemy,’ their national regimes, like Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak.” - The Myth of Al Qaeda Michael Hirsh

The ruling plutocrats and their elected lackeys need an enemy they can demonize so the military-industrial-technological hydra can continue to suck funds to justify the continuance of policies both overt and covert that maintain and expand the predatory hegemony that benefits the plutocrats. Behind the scenes the plutocrats and their “intelligence agencies” with help from a compliant mass media labor to create these bogeymen so the permanent war machine can continue to grind human rights into the dust around the world in the name of freedom and democracy and tighten the noose of heretofore “benign” fascism in AmeriKKKa. Al Qaeda is such a project. By now most people, thanks to the mass media, actually believe there is a global organization named Al Qaeda with the capacity and wherewithal to wreck havoc on their enemies; namely the West and its flunky regimes in the Muslim world. The fact of the matter is Al Qaeda is a creation of the US CIA with help from their British and Israeli partners and their Saudi and Pakistani puppets.
The common myth promoted by the corporate media is that Muslim jihadists flocked to Afghanistan to help repulse the Soviet invaders. But what Zbigniew Brezinski the former National Security Advisor to President Carter revealed is the Carter administration recruited, funded and trained a group of Islamic radicals and funneled them into Afghanistan through Pakistan prior to the Soviet invasion. In fact according to Brezinski, this was a deliberate move knowing full well the Soviets would intervene and thus the US could provoke Russia into a costly Viet Nam style no win debacle that would drain their resources and create problems at home. Brezinski’s strategy called for securing a hard core group of radical Muslims to go to Afghanistan to challenge the existing Afghani government which was under the influence of the Soviet Union. The Jihadists who poured into Afghanistan from across the region included one Osama bin-Laden. The US supplied the Mujahedeen with arms, training, money and materiels allowing the CIA to concentrate on more important things like running the opium trade out of Afghanistan. The US armed and funded Jihadists made life miserable for the Russians and eventually the Ruskis suffered their equivalent of AmeriKKKa’s humiliating defeat in Vietnam.
Buoyed by their success against the Soviets some of the Jihadists began to think on more global terms. But there was no global organization or global Islamic terrorist network at that time. The US used the contacts they made in Afghanistan to do their dirty work in Kosova, the Balkans and other places around the world. Osama bin-Laden has long been a CIA asset/agent. But there never was any global Islamic terrorist organization named Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda the US corporate media incessantly talks about is a figment of the CIA and their media cohorts’ imaginations. “In summary, ‘al-Qaeda’ never existed in the form now claimed by the Bushites and the corporate media, ‘al-Qaeda’ was in fact a database of CIA recruited and trained Mujahedeen and an email connected to that database, Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with that database and thus all references in the corporate media claiming he is the leader of ‘al-Qaeda’ the fantastical terrorist organization are false (if not deliberately contrived lies), terrorists falsely attributed to ‘al-Qaeda’ were organized by the U.S. military and NATO and financed by a CIA front bank in Washington (connected to two principal Straussian neocon criminals) and unleashed in Bosnia (assisting the drug-running KLA mafia), and the CIA front bank later shared a connection with prominent Saudi Arabians who are suspected of financing the nine eleven hijackers (since the hijackers did not actually exist, this money was probably used elsewhere in the nine eleven operation). All of this information was predictably discarded by nine eleven whitewash commission.”
Now some segments of the corporate mind control apparatus are breaking ranks and beginning to see Al-Qaeda as a US bogeyman, an equivalent of Dracula or some other phantom creature. Not only doesn’t Al-Qaeda exist on the level the US media and government says it does but even those who are part of it, aren’t as fiendish as the US makes them out to be. “One doesn't have to graduate at the top of one's class to set off explosives in a satchel on a subway. Were most of them capable of hatching a minutely timed scheme to obtain and detonate a nuclear bomb in a city, or launch a biowarfare attack? No. ‘In an open system like a network, the bumbler level is always going to be high because of the ease of entry,’ says John Arquilla, an intelligence expert at the Naval Postgraduate School. ‘That's how someone like [American Taliban supporter] John Walker Lindh can walk into the high councils of Al Qaeda and meet bin Laden. And recently the bumbler factor has gone up considerably.’ Ironically the most competent ‘Al Qaeda’ leader in recent years, at least since the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003, was Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who came close to subverting the American project and creating a sectarian war in Iraq. But he did that largely on his own, facilitated by the fortuitous conjoining of Iraq with the war on terror. Before the Iraq war Zarqawi was a nobody, hiding out in northern Iraq, largely unconnected to Saddam's regime even though Colin Powell, in his infamous Feb. 5, 2003, United Nations Security Council speech, claimed that Saddam had given Zarqawi ‘harbor.’ And he was not part of bin Laden's group.” The Myth of Al Qaeda
Before 9/11, Osama bin Laden’s group was small and fractious. How Washington helped to build it into a global threat.
The object of all this is to keep AmeriKKKans petrified, bamboozled and afraid of our own shadows so the ruling elites can impose a fascist police state on us, for our “protection” and “security” and bum rush the world to steal it resources. Most people now realize the Pentagon and their media sycophants created the legend of supper terrorist and Al Qaeda in Iraq “leader” Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. The situation in Somalia is another example of CIA intervention gone awry. What the mainstream media is not telling us of course is the US armed both sides. The fact that an Islamic group, the Union of Islamic Courts routed the non Islamic faction helps the Bu$hites’ anti-Islamic propaganda and sets the stage for US military intervention in the Horn of Africa. They will go to fight Muslim extremist and terrorism and bring “Democracy”.
Domestically, the recent story about seven brothers in Miami supposedly plotting to join Al Qaeda and start a domestic jihad is another bogus bogeyman story. Those sorry Negroes were not Muslims, they had never met any real Arab Muslims nor did they possess the wherewithal to execute what the government is claiming they were plotting to do. This is a classic is psy op to keep Joe and Jane Sixpack on edge, petrified and gullible. In some cases it’s working. In other cases, the Bu$hites are being seen for what they are, pathetic psychopaths hellbent on destroying the world in their quest to dominate it. The only question remaining is, what are we going to do about it?


Friday, June 23, 2006

Demonic Psy Op On AmeriKKKans Continues

The Demonic Psy Op on AmeriKKKans Continues

“MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Seven men concocted a plot to "kill all the devils we can," starting by blowing up Chicago's Sears Tower, according to charges in a federal indictment revealed Friday. But the federal grand jury indictment also painted a picture of a group that had no weapons or other supplies for their alleged "jihad," that was intended to be "as good or greater than 9/11."

CNN a mouthpiece for the ruling plutocracy propaganda and disinformation is carrying a story about an FBI raid on the headquarters of a supposedly domestic terrorist group. The interesting thing about this group is they are not Arab Muslims but rather “AmeriKKKan Black Muslims” The Bu$h administration needs more bogeymaen and a potential “threats” to keep their scam/sham War on Global Terrorism going. The fascist cabal needs fake terrorists, sensational headlines, phoney terrorists plots and government false flag operations (where the US or its operatives/stooges commits an atrocity and leaves bogus clues to make people think it was someone else or some other group or nation who did it. The Boston Tea Party is an early example of a false flag operation) to make the masses think the sky is falling and we are in imminent danger. The latest scam is a group of African-Americans were arrested and indicted by a federal grand jury for supposedly plotting to wage a “jihad against” AmeriKKKa on the scale of or greater than 9-11. The CNN Website is carrying the piece. Perusing it, if you know the game you can see this is a classic COINTELPRO white op psychological operation to blame some black dudes for plotting against the US and to ratchet up the fear factor using the mass media. The Bu$h administration is touting this as an example of “home grown terrorism”. “Also at the conference, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales described the men as examples of ‘homegrown terrorists’ who ‘may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al Qaeda’ and who have come ‘to view their home country as the enemy.’ Gonzales said there never was an immediate threat. ‘We felt that the combination of the planning and the overt acts taken were sufficient to support this prosecution and that's why we took this action,’ Gonzales said. ‘There is no immediate threat ... part of the reason for that is because they didn't have the materials they requested, they didn't receive the weapons, at least we don't know of.’ FBI Director Robert Mueller warned about homegrown terrorists Friday during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, that was scheduled before Thursday's arrests of the six suspects in Miami and another earlier in Atlanta, Georgia.”
Yeah right. If you believe this I have the deed to an imaginary bridge I will sell you real cheap. Keep in mind the Bu$hites need this kind of “news” to bolster their program for complete surveillance, invasion of our privacy and an all pervasive police state based on lies and unchecked fear mongering by the government and the media. The key to a psy op is it is psychological, meaning the perpetrators (in this case the government and media), plant ideas and images in the minds of the masses and like Chicken Little we magnify them and believe we are in danger and beg the government to do something, anything, to protect us. At this point the AmeriKKKan sheeple still aren’t gullible enough to fall for anther 9-11 major “terrorist attack” on Bu$H’s watch. After 9-11, with all the discrepancies and improbabilities in the official government version, the subsequent color coded alerts the government used to keep the gullible anxious and afraid, and the lies to justify the invasion of Iraq, most people are leery of anything the Bu$hites say. But they are still giving it the ol’ college try, “‘One law enforcement official, who requested anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, said the arrests illustrated how federal authorities were rooting out threats at their earliest stages,’ reports the Los Angeles Times. ‘Televised images of FBI agents swarming a warehouse in the Liberty City area of Miami highlighted the possibility of an unusual homegrown case of domestic terrorism.’ Of course, now that the ‘al-Qaeda’ threat is increasingly ‘homegrown,’ such staged events will become less ‘unusual’ and will in fact become cours de rigueur.”
Couple the natural 9-11 skepticism with the loathing the Bu$h administration and FEMA engendered last year when they used Hurricane Katrina as a dry run to lock down and impose their brand of martial law on a major urban area when it was obvious the Bush administration was not concerned about protecting the New Orleans since FEMA’s own 2001 report warned of just such a disaster. During that time they displaced and relocated large numbers of residents, mostly poor and black folks and turned what should have been a routine multi jurisdictional co-ordinated rescue operation into a war on the people of the area. So now you can see their dilemma. In order to push the fascist police state envelope, they need for the AmeriKKKan people to be afraid! If they order another false flag 9-11 type operation, the people would be justified in tarring and feathering all of Washington D.C. for their gross maleficence, treason, ineptitude and criminality. So rather than raise the ire of the people even further, the Bu$hites merely rounded up a bunch of Miami brothers, displayed them in the media in handcuffs and proceeded to famed them ala J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO. Even the story in CNN says this is essentially much ado about nothing. According to the media, the so called terrorists were so inept, the Justice Department didn’t even view them as a real threat, “At a Justice Department news conference Friday in Washington, Deputy FBI Director John Pistole described their plan as ‘more aspirational than operational.’”
What does that mean? It means they had no explosives, they had no plans, they had no weapons and they weren’t a serious threat to anyone. The Bu$hites hoped to get a lot of milage out of the killing of their media created bogeyman Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi recently but that didn’t reap the dividend they thought it would because most demythologized Bu$h/NeoCon critics knew Al- Zarqawi was someone the Bu$h administration used to tie Iraq to Al Qaeda when no such ties existed. Now we have “home grown” Muslim terrors, black Muslims at that. Time and again we’ve seen if you want to garner instant empathy for a false flag operation in AmeriKKKa, blame a black man. They were supposedly “Black Muslims” but one suspect’s sister says he’s a Catholic! “The family of Stanley Grant Phanor, who also is named in the indictment, said Friday that Phanor is innocent of all charges and is a practicing Roman Catholic -- not a Muslim. ‘They all call themselves brothers and they are well-mannered,’ his older sister, Marlene Phanor, said. ‘All they were trying to do was clean up the community. We are Catholic. He's Catholic.’ Gina Lemorin, a sister of Lyglenson Lemorin, another of the seven indicted men, said her brother was involved with the group to study religion. She said her brother had been with the group in Miami doing construction work but once the group began practicing ‘witchcraft,’ he left and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, about four months ago. Lemorin has children who live in Atlanta, she said, and he ‘is not a terrorist.’” The FBI and in Justice Department had hoped to get major leverage from this story, but just like with the recent Ottawa sting, it is starting to stink to high heaven. “In a repeat of the Ottawa theatrical event, the alleged terrorists, with ‘possible ties with Al Qaeda’ (of course), are ‘teenagers and young adults,’ according to the International Security Research & Intelligence Agency, billed as ‘analysts and experts at your service to identify, analyse and assess any issue related to your safety and your entreprise’s and/or institution’s (sic).’ In short, it appears the FBI has exploited the naiveté of kids, more accustomed to blowing up skyscrapers in video games than in real life. According to the aforementioned ‘source,’the dupes in Miami are possibly ‘Black Muslims,’ although this was not mentioned by the corporate media as of this writing (AG Gonzales is scheduled to hold a press conference). ‘Sources say the arrests reflect the government’s concern about so-called ‘homegrown terrorists.’ It’s a threat FBI Director Robert Mueller discussed during a recent speech in New York,” ABC News continues. Translation: increasingly, the ‘threat’ is domestic, thus a police state becomes more palatable at home, with ‘Black Muslims’ (i.e., the Nation of Islam) and other boogiemen replacing distant and less hysteria-inspiring cave-dwelling terrorists.”
The North AmeriKKKan media is doing its best to scare us to death, but if we keep our cool, use our discernment and analytic thinking to critique and decode the media messages, like most shadows bombarded with intense light, their fearmongering agenda vanishes into thin air. Don’t go for the Bushites’ okey-doke, think for yourself and always ask yourself “who benefits” from this?


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coming To Grips With AmeriKKKa's Insanity

Coming To Grips With AmeriKKKa’s Insanity

“As people who recognize the insane nature of our situation, which is to be sane in a world gone mad, it is our job to come to terms and deal with the collective psychosis that is wreaking havoc on our planet. It is our job, our calling, our vocation to deal with the indisputable fact that we are being ruled by people who have fallen into a state of collective madness. It is our responsibility to deal with the fact that everyone who supports Bush in his madness: his administration, the corporate, congressional, judicial, military industrial complex, the media, the voters that allegedly put him into office, and ourselves as well if we are doing nothing about our situation, have all fallen prey to a psychic epidemic that threatens the entire planet. If we continue to insist on being under-employed by not stepping into our power and creatively speaking our true voice to the abuse of power, we have no one to blame but ourselves.” Where Is The Voice Of Sanity By Paul Levy

“The most insane people on the earth today are used as the models for sanity. The sanity of the racist Europan itself is not questioned. The insanity of European normality is not questioned. The possibility that what we call normal is itself insane is not questioned; that the organization of this society, the nature of its human relations, the structure of its economic systems, the values that motivate it, are the result of the madness of a people... We must look at the psychopathology of everyday life and must recognize we cannot have it both ways. We cannot talk about a people who have enslaved us, who discriminate against us, who insult us, who do all manner of other things against us, and use them as models of normality.” Dr. Amos N Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy pages 70-71

How long will we continue to go about our daily activities pretending not to know what we already really know, the ruling elites of this country and most of their elected official flunkies are insane, mad, I mean truly psychotic. We know it, because it is the height of insanity to engage in war crimes and call it “liberation”. It is hubris and psychopathology to the nth degree to wax lies and propaganda about spreading freedom and democracy when the modern legacy of the US has been the overthrow of democratically elected leaders and a wholehearted support of ruthless, repressive dictators around the world. AmeriKKKan terrorism abroad, is merely an extension of domestic state sanctioned repression, violence and terrorism. As I write this, I’m glancing at a book on one of my shelves titled, Without Sanctuary a pictorial documentation of lynching in AmeriKKKa. This was just one form of violence and abuse employed by whites against Africans in AmeriKKKa under direct sanction and protection of the state. The government used all kinds of repressive tactics to squash dissent and any threats to the status quo. For years many KKK members were also prominent members of the Euro-American community. Remember the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the CIA’s Operation Chaos, MK ULTRA and the current NSA spying on all AmeriKKKans were/are all state approved operations.
The Zionist/NeoCon cabal’s bogus war on terrorism is merely an international extension of the psychosis that produced the lynchings, COINTELPRO, Operation Chaos domestically and the atrocities of Mi Lai, Operation Phoenix in Viet Nam and the myriad death squads in Latin America. The tortures of Abu Ghraib were standard operating techniques taught at the US Army School of The Americas, now called the Western Hemispheric Institute For Security Cooperation in Fort Benning Georgia. This place was notorious for training Latin American military, police and paramilitary officials in the vilest forms of abuse and torture. “The United States Army School of the Americas, located at Fort Benning, adjacent to Columbus, Georgia, trains commissioned and non-commissioned officers from Latin American militaries. Many of its graduates have returned to their home countries and committed such atrocities as rapes, disappearances, torture, and assassination; they have organized death squads and paramilitaries to counter insurgencies and maintain power. The SOA is accused of including torture in its curriculum, an accusation its defenders deny, although such a torture manual was released to the public in 1991. The ‘Hall of Fame’ at the SOA includes dictators and human rights abusers, and a number of guest instructors were invited to the school's faculty after they had committed atrocities.” “Scores of SOA’s graduates eventually became Latin America’s military dictators or their servitors, as well as becoming prime human rights abusers. They put their U.S. acquired military training to demoniac use in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Violations included detaining civilians indefinitely, employing torture tactics, ‘disappearing’ victims and engaging in an entire range of unspeakable abuses, which blatantly violated fundamental human rights. Its critics therefore insisted that the SOA be closed down, but sanitized by a name change, the facilities remained open. Critics argue that such torture facilities are un-American, and are not consonant with the best aspects of U.S. military tradition.”
What the US Army School of The Americas did in Latin American to bolster fascism and squash dissent, the CIA has long been doing around the world. “Washingtom: ,The Central Intelligence Agency's 'rendition' of suspected terrorists has spiraled 'out of control' according to a former FBI agent cited in a report by The New Yorker magazine. The magazine examined how CIA detainees are spirited to states suspected of using torture. Michael Scheuer a former CIA counterterrorism agent told the magazine ‘all we've done is create a nightmare,’ with regard to the top secret practice of renditions. In an article titled 'Outsourcing Torture' due to hit newsstands this week, the magazine claims suspects, sometimes picked up by the CIA, are often flown to Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Jordan, ‘each of which is known to use torture in interrogations.’ The report said suspects are given few, if any, legal protections. Despite US laws that ban America from expelling or extraditing individuals to countries where torture occurs, Scott Horton -- an expert on international law who has examined CIA renditions -- estimates that 150 people have been picked up in the CIA dragnet since 2001. The New Yorker report said that suspects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East 'have been abducted by hooded or masked American agents' and then sometimes forced onto a white Gulfstream V jet. The jet, marked on its tail by the code N379P which has recently been changed to N8068V -- ‘has been registered to a series of dummy American corporations ... and has clearance to land at US military bases,’ it said.”
Keep in mind the CIA was doing this prior to 9-11 and when it didn’t outsource the torture, the agency used its own people to torture targets. The US corporate media, more so to see what the reaction of the masses would be; has softly exposed AmeriKKKa as a fascist police state domestically, and a ravaging wolf internationally. The sad fact is even the few of us who object to this sort of thing, take the easy way out. We write letters, we blog, we may protest or march but we most of us don’t do anything to directly confront or stop the madness. A few folks annually picket the Western Hemispheric Institute For Security Cooperation (the former US Army School of The Americas), they get arrested, they may fast or pray which are all helpful but thus far critical mass from raised consciousness has not happened.
The corporate media works around the clock to dummy us down, distract us, lie, spread disinformation and government propaganda to fool and befuddle the masses. Will AmeriKKKa go the way of Nazi Germany weakly acquiescing to a fascist takeover of the government and the institution of a police state? Keep in mind, Adolph Hitler didn’t do anything to the Slavs, Gypsies, the handicapped, homosexuals, political dissidents or the Ashkenazim that whites in the US hadn’t done to Native Americans, Africans, Chinese immigrants, Mexicans or the Japanese Americans. The same type people who backed George W Bu$h backed Hitler and created the conditions that led to their rise in power ! They are insane, they are psychopaths. We need to accept this fact and conduct ourselves accordingly. Remember a rabid animal doesn’t care who or what it attacks. Just as Adolph Hitler attacked the trade unionists, communists and certain clerics the NeoCons will demonize anyone who opposes their fascist agenda. That being the case we should expect to be attacked but gird up to take the spiritual, psychological moral high ground. If we are to survive we must mount an offensive to restore sanity and Ma’at to our lives and the planet.


Monday, June 12, 2006

US Media Escalates Fear Mongering Psy Op Campaign

US Media Escalates Fearmongering Psy Op Campaign

“At the time of his death, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was still trying to transform his organization from one focused on the Iraqi insurgency into a global operation capable of striking far beyond Iraq's borders, intelligence experts here and in the West agree. His recruiting efforts, according to high-ranking Jordanian security officials interviewed Saturday, were threefold: He sought volunteers to fight in Iraq and others to become suicide bombers there, but he also recruited about 300 who went to Iraq for terrorist training and sent them back to their home countries, where they await orders to carry out strikes.”

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is being used by the Anglo-AmeriKKKan propaganda machine to strike additional fear into the already effeminate psyche of their people. The media and the military used al-Zarqawi as a poster boy for psychopathic terrorism. They attributed to him beheadings, cold-blooded killings, indiscriminate car bombings and a ruthlessness that served their purposes quite well. Now that Zarqawi(or a person purported to be Zarqawi) has been murdered, the media and their government cohorts are set on embellishing his image as terrorist number one. AN al-Zarqawi was needed by the Bu$hites in order to give credence to their vicious lies that Iraq was a training ground for Al-Qaeda terrorists and Saddam Hussein and Iraq were involved in 9-11. Remember the claims about Iraqi WMD, the mushroom clouds and ties to 9-11, all of which have turned out to be total fabrications to justify an imperialist invasion of Iraq? Well in an attempt to cover their lies, the Bu$hites needed a bogeyman they could demonize and show to the world a psychopathic monster, an Osama bin-Laden in Iraq. Viola, up pops Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was the face of terrorism in Iraq, the only recognisable figure among the numerous groups operating in the country, whose members are usually seen masked and hooded in propaganda videos. He was a symbol of terrorism in Iraq and its ringleader - at least for the Americans, who raised the price on his head to 25 million dollars - the same as that for Osama bin Laden. The first time that the wider world heard the name Zarqawi was in 2003 at the UN Security Council. In the run-up to the Iraq war, US Secretary of State Colin Powell named him as the link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, who Powell claimed had given him refuge.”
Remember Colin Powell’s performance at the UN has since been thoroughly discredited and proven to be a total lie, even Powell himself, unlike the rest of the Bu$hite liars, admits it is a blight on his record.
Just as the US propaganda apparatus working on behalf of the ruling elites used Osama bin-Laden as a poster boy for Islamic fanaticism and terrorism in Afghanistan, to justify their invasion of that country, the Bu$h cabal knew they needed someone in Iraq to blame the insurgency on. Osama bib-Laden was never in Iraq and had no ties to Saddam Hussein. In fact bin-Laden repudiated and hated Hussein for his coziness with the US and his lack of religious fervor. So the Bu$Hites adroitly crafted a myth about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi coming to Iraq in 2003 depicting him as Osama bin-Laden’s second in command, a pretty neat trick since the real Osama bin-Laden had been dead for a year or so. “Zarqawi was blamed for some of the first big insurgency attacks to shake Iraq. As well as the occupying forces, fellow Iraqis - particularly the Shi'ite community became his target. Said to have been the mastermind of the Hila attack - the bloodiest seen in Iraq - Zarqawi succeeded in sowing the seeds of hate between the two communities, blurring the line between resistance and terrorism
At the end of 2004 Osama bin Laden confirmed that Zarqawi was al-Qaeda's representative in Iraq.”
Not one to miss a chance to employ psy op on a gullible and susceptible AmeriKKKan public, the mind control apparatus is now claiming al-Zarqawi planned to export his brand of terrorism around the world. Today’s edition of the US’s paper of record, that long time bastion of CIA disinformation and lies, the New York Times features a piece by Michael Slackman and Scott Shane with the banner headline: Terrorists Trained by Zarqawi Went Abroad, Jordan Says. Keep in mind, Jordan is one of several Arab nations whose leaders have long been on the CIA payroll so reports like this by their “intelligence experts” should be viewed with skepticism. The point is they are trying to set us up for a potential “terrorist attack” and blame it on Zarqawi’s followers.
The Bu$hites desperately need such an event because Bu$h’s credibility, support and poll numbers are in the toilet and it will take a miracle to revive them. Their problem is how to pull off another “attack” without generating even more suspicion, derision and an all out populous revolt. The AmeriKKKan people are starting to wake up (that’s why Bu$h is up to his old tricks with this anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment sham). After 9-11 and Katrina, people would hold him personally responsible and accountable if another attack or disaster, real or a false flag, happened on AmeriKKKan soil during his watch. But the key to psy ops is, it’s a mental thang. There doesn’t have to be an actual attack as long as the people think one is coming Once the people are afraid the government can do whatever they want to “solve” the problem or make them feel “secure”. Remember how the media and military-industrial complex frightened us about nuclear bombs and missiles in the “50's and 60's? Same principle now only instead of global communism or nuclear Armageddon, it’s al-Zarqawi and Osama bib-Laden exporting Islamic terrorism. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t go for the okey doke. Most importantly don’t allow them to punk you about al-Zarqawi like they did with their bogus color code warnings two years ago.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Musings On Current Events in AmeriKKKan Insanity

Musings on Current Events

“US forces also sometimes found it convenient to feed the Zarqawi myth. Most experts believe his foreign fighters make up only a fraction of the insurgency, but the US military portrayed Zarqawi as its most dangerous foe in Iraq. The $US25 million ($33.79 million) price put on his head matched the bounty on bin Laden. The Washington Post reported this year that internal military documents showed the US military mounted a psyops (psychological operations) campaign to magnify the role of Zarqawi in the insurgency. ‘Our own focus on Zarqawi has enlarged his caricature, if you will, made him more important than he really is,’ military intelligence officer Colonel Derek Harvey was quoted as saying.” - Zarqawi 'more powerful as a myth' From correspondents in Dubai 09jun06,5478,19414553%255E1702,00.html

The only good news the Bu$h administration has been able to muster recently is the alleged killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the Jordanian Al CIA Qaeda “terrorist”. After touting Zarqawi as second only to Osama bib-Laden as international public enemies and not being able to capture or kill Zaqawi, his death via betrayal and US air strikes in my opinion is one more fishy incident that begs critical examination. The US Global War on Terrorism is as real as a three dollar bill and that takes into consideration the fact US legal dollar bills are barely worth the paper they are written on.
Al-Qaeda the supposedly world wide Islamic terrorist network is a creation of the US CIA and the corporate media mind control apparatus. The Mujahideen guerilla Islamic radicals who battled Russians during their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan during the 1980's was promoted , armed and funded very generously by the United States funneled through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as part of AmeriKKKa’s proxy war against the Soviet Union. Out of this hodge-podge of radicals funded and encouraged by the US CIA evolved Osama bin-Laden and his followers. bin-Laden and his cohorts, buoyed by their success in Afghanistan, embarked upon a wider war against the “infidels” and what he called “The Great Satan” meaning the United States of AmeriKKKa. The illegal and ruthless US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq caused negative reaction to AmeriKKKan imperialism throughout the Muslim world and rightly so. As the resistence to the Anglo-AmeriKKKan occupation of Iraq grew, a figurehead emerged promoted by US mainstream media to symbolize the barbarism of the resistence fighters named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi was supposedly Osama bib-Laden’s main man in Iraq, the leader of the Al-Qaeda insurgency on Iraq.
The Western propaganda apparatus portrayed Zaqawi as a ruthless and bloodthirsty maniac in juxtaposition to the good Anglo-AmeriKKKa “liberators” and promoters of Democracy (despite the fact bringing Democracy to Iraq was not the original reason Bu$h gave for invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein.) But then again AmeriKKKans have very short memories. Al- Zarqawi was just what Bu$h and Co needed absent any real connection or relationship between Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda or Osama bin-Laden who the US seemed to have given up on capturing “dead or alive” as Bu$h famously uttered in the early days prior to the Afghanistan invasion. As there is virtually no good news coming out of Iraq for the Bu$h administration Zarqawi’s death (or someone they are claiming is Zarqawi) can be touted as “progress”, much like the enemy body counts the Pentagon announced during the Viet Nam era to prove AmeriKKKa was “winning” that war. Perhaps Zarqawi was a real man but as a terrorist, he may have been a mere pawn in the Anglo-AmeriKKKan intelligence and media psy-op chess game. An article on the Blog by Justin Raimondo suggests essentially the same thing, “Remember that deal with the Iranians, which was supposed to have Tehran handing over a group of al-Qaeda operatives in exchange for the heads of the Mujahideen al-Khalq? A son of Osama bin Laden was said to be one of the al-Qaeda operatives; another was reportedly Zarqawi. The neocons nixed the deal, however: that was purportedly the purpose of a meeting of Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin, and a group of Iranians held in Rome before the war. Zarqawi subsequently found his way into Kurdistan, where he was reportedly identified and targeted by the U.S. military, which wanted to take him out then and there. The response from higher-ups in the administration, however, was negative: they needed Zarqawi as a convenient propaganda icon, living proof that ‘we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here.’
An important part of Powell's infamous presentation to the UN, you'll remember, was focused on the alleged connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, embodied by Zarqawi. The terrorist leader, said Powell, supposedly established two dozen ‘al-Qaeda affiliates’ during his two-month stay in Baghdad. Powell also touted a satellite photo of a camp he claimed Zarqawi set up in northeastern Iraq devoted to the mass production of poison. The camp turned out to be bogus, and the Zarqawi connection proved equally dubious. But the propaganda war – the one directed at the American people – was more important to this administration than the real war on the ground, and that is why an earlier opportunity to kill the Mad Bomber was lost.”
Many people think Zarqawi and Osama bib-Laden are both dead and have been dead for a long time. “Al-Qaida's leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead but Washington continues to use him as a bogeyman to justify a prolonged military occupation, an Iraqi Shia cleric says in an interview. Sheikh Jawad al-Kalesi, the imam of the al-Kadhimiyah mosque in Baghdad, told France's Le Monde newspaper on Friday: ‘I don't think that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi exists as such. He's simply an invention by the occupiers to divide the people.’” Saturday 17 September 2005, 8:12 Makka Time, 5:12 GMT
For rank and file Iraqis, reports of Zaqawi’s demise are no bg deal, more of a “good riddance to bad rubbish” thing. In fact the mainstream media is saying Iraqis sold Zarqawi out. “Tips and intelligence, authorities said, helped pinpoint al-Zarqawi's whereabouts. Some of that information may have come from a senior al Qaeda in Iraq figure arrested in Jordan on May 22; more came from Iraqi civilians in and around Baquba; and Special Forces troops tracking al-Zarqawi's spiritual adviser developed still more, with help in at least one instance from those inside al Qaeda in Iraq, authorities said.” It appears a confluence of factors were responsible for Zarqawi’s demise this time: his usefulness as a propaganda tool ran out, he was a liability to the resistence and his ruthlessness turned off even supporters fighting against the Anglo-AmeriKKKan occupation. So in true US fashion they offed Zarqawi or someone they are claiming is Zarqawi to gain maximum press and Washington jubilation from his death.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Same Ol' Tricks

Same Ol’ Tricks

“WASHINGTON, June 7 — A covert effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to finance Somali warlords has drawn sharp criticism from American government officials who say the campaign has thwarted counterterrorism efforts inside Somalia and empowered the same Islamic groups it was intended to marginalize. The criticism was expressed privately by United States government officials with direct knowledge of the debate. And the comments flared even before the apparent victory this week by Islamist militias in the country dealt a sharp setback to American policy in the region and broke the warlords' hold on the capital, Mogadishu. The officials said the C.I.A. effort, run from the agency's station in Nairobi, Kenya, had channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past year to secular warlords inside Somalia with the aim, among other things, of capturing or killing a handful of suspected members of Al Qaeda believed to be hiding there.” -

The Euro-AmeriKKKan plutocratic elites are up to their usual tricks and plots, fomenting strife, war, social disruption and sowing seeds of destabilization and chaos; this time in the Horn of Africa. Recent news flashes have indicated “Islamic” factions have taken the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. These Al (CIA) Qaeda Islamic “warlords” supposedly routed the faction supported by the US CIA according to Western press sources like the nefarious New York Times a long time CIA propaganda and disinformation conduit. In today’s edition we read, “Officials say the decision to use warlords as proxies was born in part from fears of committing large numbers of American personnel to counterterrorism efforts in Somalia, a country that the United States hastily left in 1994 after attempts to capture the warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid and his aides ended in disaster and the death of 18 American troops. The American effort of the last year has occasionally included trips to Somalia by Nairobi-based C.I.A. case officers, who landed on warlord-controlled airstrips in Mogadishu with large amounts of money for distribution to Somali militias, according to American officials involved in Africa policy making and to outside experts. Among those who have criticized the C.I.A. operation as short-sighted have been senior Foreign Service officers at the United States Embassy in Nairobi. Earlier this year, Leslie Rowe, the embassy's second-ranking official, signed off on a cable back to State Department headquarters that detailed grave concerns throughout the region about American efforts in Somalia, according to several people with knowledge of the report”
Don’t believe the hype. The Times and the Western press want to create the impression the bogeyman terrorist organization Al Qaeda actually exist and is flourishing in Somalia. What the Times is not telling us is, the whole of East Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique and the island of Madagascar are rich in oil and natural gas deposits. The major Western oil consortiums and transnational oil companies desperately want to get their hands and drills on the oil and natural gas in the region. Not only are Peak Oil and their greed major factors they must now compete with China a bourgeoning oil consuming nation that is aggressively trading in Africa. As per their five hundred plus year legacy of rapine, pillage and plunder, the European trading companies and their Euro-AmeriKKKan corporatist heirs will instigate internecine wars to divide the people, stir up animosities and foment war so they can come in with their military, covert forces and “humanitarian” legions (the modern day equivalent of their religious missionaries) to secure up the region and gain access to the oil and natural gas. Hence the AmeriKKKan CIA is spreading mad money arming all sides but interestingly has not dealt directly with the government of Somalia. The Somali government which is attempting to reestablish stability following the collapse of the government of Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 has also had to deal with the break away rebellion of the Northwestern region of the country which calls itself Somaliland. But to date, Somaliland has not been officially recognized by the rest of the world. The CIA, by arming antagonistic warlords throughout Somalia is exacerbating the situation which is exactly what they want. The Western countries are arming the warlords via proxy agents in Ethiopia, Eritrea two neigboring countries that have also been subjected to Western arms sales and geopolitical intrigue. “In May, the United Nations Security Council issued a report detailing the competing efforts of several nations, including Ethiopia and Eritrea, to provide Somali militias and the transitional Somali government with money and arms — activities the report said violated the international arms embargo on Somalia. ‘Arms, military matériel and financial support continue to flow like a river to these various actors,’ the report said. The United Nations report also cited what it called clandestine support for a so-called antiterrorist coalition, in what appeared to be a reference to the American policy. Somalia's interim president, Abdullahi Yusuf, first criticized American support for Mogadishu's warlords in early May during a trip to Sweden.‘We really oppose American aid that goes outside the government,’ he said, arguing that the best way to hunt members of Al Qaeda in Somalia was to strengthen the country's government."
President Yusuf doesn’t realize the West has no intention of strengthening nor assisting his government. The so called anti-terrorist coalition the Times refers to are really shock troops designed to destabilize Somalia by arming all comers and instigating conflict. Especially the “Islamic” factions so they can demonize them and say they are part of a global Islamic terrorist network. The Times and the rest of the media mind control apparatus will make people think Somalian Muslims are terrorists to create a pretext to launch an intervention campaign, either a supposedly “humanitarian” one like Clinton did in 1994 or a military one like the Bu$hites are itching to do in Sudan. Their real goal is to gain access to the oil and natural gas there. These devils don’t have a humanitarian bone in their bodies and we should always sniff and scratch beneath the surface to discern their real motives. Most of the time it will be their quest for their god, gold (or other mineral resources) gas another g word, oil or drugs.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

African Oil, The New Variable In The Global Energy Game

African Oil, The New Variable In The Energy Game

“According to IHS statistics, African discoveries in the period 2000 to 2004 have contributed nearly 25 % in the international liquids reserves (exclusive of onshore US and Canada) and 12 % of the discovered gas. Approximately 300 bn barrels of oil equivalent, two-thirds of them liquids, have been discovered in Africa through 2004, 85 % of which has been found in just 10 basins, with Libya's Sirte Basin yielding the largest resources (22 % of Africa's total). At the end of 2004, the estimated remaining liquids resources in Africa are nearly 105,000 mm barrels of oil: Nigeria (35,651 mm bbl); Libya (26,842 mm bbl); Angola (13,619 mm bbl); Algeria (14,169 mm bbl) and Egypt (3,428 mm bbl). Africa's remaining sub-Saharan and Saharan countries account for an additional 11,173 mm bbl). Sudan, currently a political wildcard, is also rapidly expanding both its production and reserves. Additional forecasts by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), an IHS company, show that Africa will add 38 % in oil production, contributing an additional 4 mm barrels of oil per day by 2010. A substantial portion of this growth will be from new giant fields in Nigeria, Angola and Algeria. This growth represents 30 % of the projected 13,650 mm bpd global capacity growth. Giant deepwater discoveries in sub-Saharan Africa are expected to add more than 2,200 mm bpd, with Angola and Nigeria being the major contributors. Africa's contribution to the world energy supply however is not limited strictly to oil. The continent's new LNG capacity will be a growing source for natural gas. At the end of 2005, Africa had 50 mm tpy of the world's online LNG capacity of 173 mm tpy, with Algeria and Nigeria leading the way. Egypt opened a new train that will accommodate 3.6 mm tons of LNG per year, while Equatorial Guinea and Angola have announced their first LNG projects”. Africa’s Role In Meeting Energy Demand

While the world is focused on the Persian Gulf via the corporate mind control apparatus, the ruling plutocrats are gleefully wringing their hands in anticipation of bum rushing Africa not only for the gold and other mineral resources there but also for the massive amounts of oil and natural gas the continent holds. We have been brainwashed to believe the Gulf region and Central Asia (along with Venezuela) contain the largest reserves of oil and natural gas. Interestingly the Anglo-AmeriKKKan oil companies are now engaged in stiff competition with China for access to the African oil and natural gas resources. Notice I said African oil. Africa not Central Asia ( as Zbigniew Brezezinski claims) holds the trump card in the high stakes geopolitical maneuvering game to control the world’s supply of black gold. As we speak China and the West are jockeying to position themselves to gain access to oil all over Africa. Bu$h’s State of the Union address where he shed crocodile tears over the situation in Sudan, was a total sham; his real concern was about gaining access to the oil in Sudan!
All of Africa is a hotbed of exploration and negotiations to gain access to the crude in our motherland. I happened across on of the best Websites on oil, oil exploration and the geopolitical implications/ machinations of the global oil industry, Alexanders Gas and Oil Connections Click on their sidebar tab on Africa and you will be shocked at the number of notices and articles on African oil and energy. Use the Alexanders Gas and Oil Website as a launchpad to research just how rich in oil and natural gas Africa is. Make no mistake about it, the corporate mind control apparatus is suppressing the fact that countries like Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania contain both abundant oil and natural gas reserves. Africa is a major continent for potential oil and natural gas reserves. “EXPERTS ARE expecting big oil discoveries in East Africa that could significantly alter the region's economic fortunes. Results of recent geological surveys suggest that East Africa may soon become one of the world’s hottest oil exploration zones, with data analyzed last year by Jebco Seismic, a UK-based geophysical contractor, showing major oil deposits off the coasts of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar. In addition, the same rock formations now yielding large quantities of oil in Sudan are known to stretch into Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, says Jebco marketing director Chris Machette-Downs.”
Slick Willie Clinton sent US troops into Somalia not on a humanitarian mission, but to protect AmeriKKKan oil interests the US oil conglomerates were attempting to develop in that country. “Geologists have speculating about the possibility of oil in Somalia since the last century, but it took the US military Operation Restore Hope to bring this possibility to popular attention. The widespread notion that US troops are sent to Somalia to protect the interests of US oil companies, and their supposed huge oil finds, has been treated with amused derision in oil industry circles. But US military presence which aims to stabilise events in a region increasingly regarded as the backyard of its regional ally, Saudi Arabia, has not been discounted . Over the past l0 years most of the oil industry interest has focused on areas in the north, today the self-declared Republic of Somaliland, which troops have avoided. Any future oil exploration here will depend largely on the international community's recognition of the aspirations of the breakaway state. Oil seeps were first identified by Italian and British geologists who surveyed the area during the colonial era. These predicted the presence of a sizable oil field just south of Berbera. But it took until the 1960s for the first wells to be drilled here. Three wells known as the Daga Shabell series, registered oil shows, but there was no real discovery . There were further small gas discoveries along the east coast and just offshore of Socotra, but nothing of commercial proportions.”
Thus we see the geopolitical implications of the infighting (which whites have fomented by arming both sides) currently going on in Somalia as we speak. Don’t be surprised if the so called Islamic militias that have taken over the Somalian capital of Mogadishu are really false flag operatives working on behalf of US interests in the area; just as the Janjaweed or Islamic militias are being used to depopulate and destabilize areas in Sudan and its neighbor Chad both who have recently emerged as oil producing exporting nations. In this case the oil companies, their agents and their governmental sock puppets get a twofer: they destabilize and depopulate Sudan, Chad and Somalia and they can blame the chaos and disruption on Arab- Islamic terrorists or corrupt African leaders which further fuels US’s racism and their bogus War on Global Terrorism!
The world covets African oil and they will do anything to get it. Keep this in mind as you see the mind control apparatus propaganda about terrorism in Somalia, Sudan or corruption in Chad (or other African nations) repeated daily in the media. Look beyond the headlines and begin to discern the truth. “Over the past year, African oil has leapt into international attention as world demand increases and price hikes. Along with ever enlarging exploration, extraction and sale, African producers, while gaining considerable profits, also see a series of problems such as environmental pollution, farmland damage and grain shortage. So, people here always show mixed feelings when talking about oil. With a proven reserve over 95 bn barrels, about 8 % of the world total, Africa is the world third largest oil producing area following the Middle East and Latin America. Currently, its daily production of crude oil exceeds 8 mm barrels, about 11 % of the global amount and is expected to reach 15 % by 2020. In the coming decade, oil production from this continent will rise sharply, with a daily output expected to reach 13 mm barrels. Before, major producing countries gathered along the Mediterranean such as Algeria, Libya, Egypt and the Gulf of Guinea such as Nigeria, Angola, Gabon and the Republic of Congo. In recent ten years, producers from Africa south of the Sahara increased in number, including Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Sudan, Sao Tome and Principe, and Mauritania.” Africa, Pleased and Tortured By Oil


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spying on All AmeriKKKans Is A Pervasive Affair

“CALEA required that telecommunications carriers ensure that their equipment, facilities, or services provided the following four capabilities (assistance capability requirements): 1 . expeditiously isolate the content of targeted communications transmitted within the carrier's service area; 2. expeditiously identify information regarding the originating and destination numbers of targeted communications, but not the physical location of the targets, except as could be determined by the phone number; 3. transmit to law enforcement intercepted communications and call-identifying information to a location away from the carrier's premises; and 4. carry out intercepts unobtrusively, so that targets of electronic surveillance were not made aware of the interception and in a manner that did not compromise the privacy and security of other communications. According to the FBI, CALEA was intended to bring about a fundamental shift in how the telecommunications industry viewed its electronic surveillance responsibilities. Although Title III and FISA required telecommunications carriers to provide any assistance necessary to accomplish an electronic interception, the question of whether telecommunications carriers had an obligation to design networks that facilitated an authorized interception had not been decided. In short, CALEA sought to ensure that the telecommunications industry considered law enforcement’s need and authority to conduct electronic surveillance as a basic element in developing its telecommunications products and in providing service.” -

Most of us have heard about Bu$h ordering the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on AmeriKKKans in blatant disregard and violation of the US Constitution and existing FISA laws. What most AmeriKKKans don’t know is that their government has been secretly spying on them for decades under the trumped up rationale of “national security”. This pervasive surveillance has been conducted, to protect us from a myriad of bogeymen and illusionary threats such as: anarchists, communists, organized crime, militant radicals and the newest demon, the omnipresent “terrorists” in our midst. We know about the USA PATRIOT Acts I and II the nefarious excuse to trample constitutional rights and privacy under the guise of Bu$h’s phony “Global War on Terrorism”. The plutocratic elites are using 9-11, which most thinking people have long since educed was a government false flag Black Op job, to usher in their coveted corporatist fascism. The corporate media, doing the bidding of their plutocratic cohorts, initiated a multi-faceted campaign of fear mongering, Arab xenophobia and crass militarism to accompany the draconian public policies enacted by their elected sock puppets. All this is designed and destined to turn AmeriKKKa into a sophisticated corporatist police state.
This is not merely a Republican NeoCon initiative. As George Wallace astutely pointed out back in 1968; there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties. The Clinton, Carter, Kennedy and Johnson administrations were all part of the fascist program too. The only difference is their “Democratic Party” agenda was not as obviously fascist to the naked eye of a naive observer. Their assignment was to alter the social landscape enough to keep the illusions and veneer of liberalism, “democracy and freedom” alive. The Republicans: Nixon, Reagan, Bu$h I and Dubeyah et al assignments were to accelerate the shift to a more right wing corporatist-government partnership, widen the class divisions and wealth gaps and usher in a more reactionary and repressive environment. Under Bu$h II this program expanded to the point George W Bu$h and his cronies have taken on an heightened arrogance given their successful theft of two straight presidential elections. Now he and his NeoCon co-conspirators think they can get away with anything!
One of the things Bu$h intends to make operational, is the wholesale spying on all AmeriKKKans, tracking our phone calls, E-mails, text messages, cellphones and soon, all our movements. Plans for national ID cards (using driver’s license) will soon be actualized and as soon as they can create an environment of acceptance, they will implement their program of Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID). Keep in mind, spying on AmeriKKKans it is not just a Bu$h NeoCon prerogative. This has been on the drawing board for years. Go to and check out the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General Audit Division’s report on THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANCE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT. You will be surprised to see how the FBI and US Justice Department (Injustice Dept?) have been pushing for implementation by telecommunication carriers the inclusion within their skeletal systems, special equipment that will allow the FBI, DEA and a host of other alphabet agencies to easily spy on all of us unbeknownst to the masses. “In the early 1990s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked Congress for legislation to assist law enforcement agencies to conduct electronic surveillance. The FBI argued that advances in the telecommunications industry such as cellular telephones, call forwarding, and speed dialing challenged the ability of law enforcement agencies to fully perform electronic surveillance. In response, Congress passed the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) in 1994 to enable law enforcement to conduct electronic surveillance despite the deployment of new technologies and wireless services that have altered the character of electronic surveillance. In short, CALEA requires telecommunications carriers (carriers) to modify the design of their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that law enforcement can perform electronic surveillance (for purposes of this report, the term electronic surveillance is used only in the sense of the real-time interception of information). To facilitate CALEA implementation, Congress appropriated $500 million to reimburse carriers for the direct costs ofmodifying systems installed or deployed on or before January 1, 1995. Effective implementation of CALEA relies heavily on the shared responsibilities of the FBI, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), telecommunications carriers, and telecommunications equipment manufacturers. CALEA also required the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to conduct biennial audits of the progress of CALEA implementation.”
Don’t you wish our congress critters were as responsive and generous in their support of our needs as they have been to Executive Branch? Keep in mind this was prior to 9-11 and has been going on at a time when violent crimes statistics have been going down. Perhaps the FBI needs CALEA to track down all these white collar criminals and corrupt politicians we have seen in the news lately? Or maybe they want this system in place so they can spy on ordinary AmeriKKKans round the clock absent any probable cause? A cynic would point out the FBI’s Carnivor system and the NSA’s Echelon global spy system didn’t prevent 9-11 from happening so why go to all the expense and trouble to set up another form of spying?
The good news is that despite the fact the FBI has been paying to reimburse the telecommunications and ISP companies since 1995 to install the switching and monitoring equipment, compliance has not been enthusiastic. Just as Qwest turned down the NSA’s request for their records and to allow the NSA to monitor their customers phones, cellphones and Internet traffic, many telecommunications companies, according the DOJ’s own OIG report have not complied with securing the equipment for a variety of reasons. We should let our congress critters know we are opposed to any further intrusions and violations of our privacy and Constitutional Rights!! We should make this issue one of the key themes in the upcoming elections; along with fiscal sanity, anti-imperialism and ethics. Let the politicians and their plutocratic puppeteers know we’re not going to accept their fascist police state! Maybe if enough people raise a ruckus, things will change. If we make enough noise, maybe we can force the fascists to regroup and go back to their drawing boards.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Condoleezza Rice A Total Disgrace to Africans Everywhere

Condoleezza Rice A Disgrace to Africans Everywhere

“Fourteen countries were represented by a plethora of ambassadors when the conference opened in Berlin on November 15, 1884. The countries represented at the time included Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), Turkey, and the United States of America. Of these fourteen nations, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Portugal were the major players in the conference, controlling most of colonial Africa at the time.
The initial task of the conference was to agree that the Congo River and Niger River mouths and basins would be considered neutral and open to trade. Despite its neutrality, part of the Congo Basin became a personal kingdom for Belgium's King Leopold II and under his rule, over half of the region's population died.”

The other day, I saw an Associated Press photo of Condoleezza Rice with a bunch of white men and one German woman touting their agreement to offer Iran a set of perks and incentives to discontinue its alleged nuclear weapon program and I almost throw up. Really, the photo was that sickening. The thought of this woman, this sock puppet for global white supremacy going around the world bogarting, brow beating and attempting to force sovereign nations like Iran to heel to a fascist NeoCon Zionist agenda is utterly disgusting. The first though that came to my mind when I saw it was, Rice was a sleazy hooker, plying her trade on behalf of her warmongering pimp George W. Bush. But I began thinking about all the inhumane and dastardly consequence of her consorting with a bunch of crackers and I thought about the Berlin Conference of 1884. At that conference a bunch of greedy, blood thirsty white men from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden-Norway, Austria-Hungary and the U.S. came together to divide the continent of Africa for themselves ushering in a heightened era of European imperialistic rapine, slaughter, exploitation, human and ecological disruption and devastation. Rice’s trip to Europe was in effect the modern equivalent of that conference, whereby Europeans came together to make the world think these imperialists and warmongers were actually trying to avert war and peacefully resolve a “crisis” they’ve created so they can attack Iran in the first place.
Most people who have been following the rush to attack Iran can readily see the same pattern that was used to rationalize the invasion of Iraq: lies about threats of WMD and links to “international terrorists” are being used against Iran. The problem is that Iran, just like Iraq does not possess nuclear weapon capabilities, but as a signer of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, Iran has the right to develop non-military nuclear energy programs and facilities. The irony of all this is Israel which is the prime instigator of an attack against Iran has nuclear weapons and is the one country in the region (along with AmeriKKKa outside the region) who would actually use nuclear weapons against it’s neighbors. Every time Israel is brought up before the United Nations as a violator of international nuclear policies and or treaties, the US or Britain comes to their aid by squashing debate or vetoing any resolutions against Israel in the Security Council. The other fact we need to remember is the United States is the first and only nation to actually employ nuclear weapons against civilians. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not military targets they were bustling Japanese cities! The US bombed millions of innocent Japanese civilians in 1945 in the name of peace!??
Given this reality, given our history at the hands of whites before and after the Berlin Conference of 1884 in Africa and here in the good ol’ U S of A, given the terror and violence visited against Native Americans, Africans and people of color around the world by Europeans in general and the US in particular; does anyone in their right mind think anything good is going to come out of Condoleezza Rice’s recent trip to Europe? For me the really tragic thing is the psychopathic ruling elites, are using this automaton, this willing worker for global white supremacy, war and exploitation to do their dirty work.
When I see pictures of Rice and I look at her eyes, she looks like she is possessed. She looks like a soulless demon! I fear her efforts will lead to more war destruction and devastation. At least her predecessor, Colin Powell tried to give the impression he had some common sense and personal integrity (his performance at the UN regarding Iraq’s alleged WMD not withstanding). I’m not saying he actually had any (Powell was a key player in the attempted cover up of the Mi Lai massacre in Vietnam). I’m saying, at least he gave the impression he did! Rice on the other hand has no scruples whatsoever. She’s like some drunken college chick gone wild at a beach party or Mardi Gras. Rice like Clarence Thomas another prominent sell out, benefitted from the liberation struggles of our ancestors but neither participated in the struggle when they had the option and opportunity. Now they are agents for the ruling elites’ fascist agenda. While there are a plethora of politically unconscious/treacherous Africans I could direct my ire towards, Condoleezza Rice is a total disgrace to African people everywhere.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

From GODS to dogs and Back to GODS

From GODS to dogs and Back

“In the Egyptian Mysteries the Neophyte was required to manifest the following soul attributes: (1) control of thoughts and (2) control of action, the combination of which Plato called justice (i.e. the unswerving righteousness of thought and action) (3) Steadfastness of purpose, which was equivalent to Fortitude, (4) Identity with spiritual life or the higher ideals, which was equivalent to Temperance an attribute attained when the individual had gained conquest over the passional nature. (5) Evidence of having a mission in life and (6) Evidence ofa call to spiritual Orders or the Priesthood in the Mysteries: the combination of which was equivalent to Prudence or a deep insight and graveness that befitted the faculty of Seership. Other requirements in the ethical system of the Egyptian Mysteries were: (7) Freedom from resentment, when under the experience of persecution and wrong. This was known as courage. (8) Confidence in the power of the master (as teacher) and (9) Confidence in one’s own ability to learn; both attributes being known as Fidelity. (10) Readiness or preparedness for initiation. There has always been this principle of the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt: ‘When the pupil is ready, then the master will appear.’ This is the equivalent to a condition of efficiency at all times for less than this pointed to a weakness”- George G.M. James Stolen Legacy p 30-31

To those of us who have even a hint of the real glory, legacy and tradition of African metaphysics, spirituo-social pedagogy and development; the current condition of our people worldwide can be quite disheartening, if we lose sight of certain principles. The wholesale clinical depression, sense of defeat, hopelessness, nihilism, lack of purpose, lack of vision, gumption re-enforced by the myriad self-destructive forms of ideation and lifestyle we see in our families and communities are symptoms of a deliberate program of menticide and destruction targeted at us by our enemies. These barbarians are determined in their psychotic and psychopathic way, to rule (ruin) the planet and subjugate humanity by dummying us down and orienting us to the vilest and basest vibratory levels of consciousness, action and behavior. They do that via their all pervasive mass media which now is a form of global hegemony Sistah Warrior Marimba Ani defines as cultural imperialism, “The systematic imposition of an alien culture in the attempt to destroy the will of a politically dominated people. The mechanism of cultural imperialism causes cultural insecurity and self doubt within the dominated group. Separated from their ancestral legacy, they lose access to their source of political resistance.” (From Yurugu An African Centered Critique if European Cultural Thought and Behavior XXVI ). Eurocentric cultural imperialism posits and foists the notions Indo-European (Aryan) predatory culture and racist worldview are superior to First World people’s longer, more profound and humane cultural legacies. Their ultimate goal to paraphrase Sistah Ani is the imposition of their Eurocentric culture in a vile attempt to destroy our will to resist and thrive independently of their rapacious domination. To accomplish this they have created values instilling institutions and social systems designed to confuse, discombobulate, falsify our consciousness, undermine our very purpose for living and create a perverted “reality” we will think is normal and emulate.
The ancient African system of personal development was called the Mystery System by foreigners, invaders and curious wanna bes who were initiated into the various lower levels but who could not grasp from a holistic point of view, the essence of the teachings. They failed to experience the higher initiations that guided the student into an innerstanding of his or her spiritual nature. The Greeks for example were not allowed to experience the teachings, training and initiations that showed them how to employ the divine intelligence within and how to actually utter and actualize the transforming words of power Anuk Ausar. Anuk Asar means “I am Ausar”, the righteous ruler/teacher, I have attained self-mastery and am one with the Divine Intelligence within. This was a lengthy process taking many years, trials, errors and experiences but at the end the initiates who persevered and were able to utter Anuk Asar were indeed divine entities, attaining at-oneness with Infinite Intelligence/Divine Energy (God) . This was our African legacy. You can see this from an historical perspective by reading George G.M. James seminal work Stolen Legacy. You can work at experiencing this transformation yourself by reading and applying the teachings of Ra Un Nefer Amen’s Metu Neter Vol I and II any of Muata Ashby’s books and workbooks or exploring the various African culturo-spiritual traditions.
We do not have to remain ignorant and bamboozled. We have a choice. We don’t have to go around calling ourselves dogs, bitches, hos, degrading and debasing ourselves for a few dollars more. Nor do we have to deliberately pattern our thinking and behavior to fit the vile stereotypes created by our enemies. We can do and be better!!! We can stop wasting our lives in pursuit of the things the West deems valuable but the pursuit of causes us to lose our humanity, our minds and our souls. We can stop being Zombies, pathetic caricatures, mindless drones and sock puppets for the ruling elites’ program of global domination and enslavement of humanity. We can choose life. We can decide to pursue a higher calling and purpose (mental decolonization) as opposed to self and group negation. We can cast off the grave clothes of Eurocentric values, world view and lifestyles and substitute the life affirming teaching and practices of our African ancestors. We can complete the circle going from Gods to dogs back to Gods again. It will take hard work but the rewards will be great: mental liberation, spiritual empowerment, political freedom and an improved environment.