Friday, June 23, 2006

Demonic Psy Op On AmeriKKKans Continues

The Demonic Psy Op on AmeriKKKans Continues

“MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Seven men concocted a plot to "kill all the devils we can," starting by blowing up Chicago's Sears Tower, according to charges in a federal indictment revealed Friday. But the federal grand jury indictment also painted a picture of a group that had no weapons or other supplies for their alleged "jihad," that was intended to be "as good or greater than 9/11."

CNN a mouthpiece for the ruling plutocracy propaganda and disinformation is carrying a story about an FBI raid on the headquarters of a supposedly domestic terrorist group. The interesting thing about this group is they are not Arab Muslims but rather “AmeriKKKan Black Muslims” The Bu$h administration needs more bogeymaen and a potential “threats” to keep their scam/sham War on Global Terrorism going. The fascist cabal needs fake terrorists, sensational headlines, phoney terrorists plots and government false flag operations (where the US or its operatives/stooges commits an atrocity and leaves bogus clues to make people think it was someone else or some other group or nation who did it. The Boston Tea Party is an early example of a false flag operation) to make the masses think the sky is falling and we are in imminent danger. The latest scam is a group of African-Americans were arrested and indicted by a federal grand jury for supposedly plotting to wage a “jihad against” AmeriKKKa on the scale of or greater than 9-11. The CNN Website is carrying the piece. Perusing it, if you know the game you can see this is a classic COINTELPRO white op psychological operation to blame some black dudes for plotting against the US and to ratchet up the fear factor using the mass media. The Bu$h administration is touting this as an example of “home grown terrorism”. “Also at the conference, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales described the men as examples of ‘homegrown terrorists’ who ‘may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al Qaeda’ and who have come ‘to view their home country as the enemy.’ Gonzales said there never was an immediate threat. ‘We felt that the combination of the planning and the overt acts taken were sufficient to support this prosecution and that's why we took this action,’ Gonzales said. ‘There is no immediate threat ... part of the reason for that is because they didn't have the materials they requested, they didn't receive the weapons, at least we don't know of.’ FBI Director Robert Mueller warned about homegrown terrorists Friday during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, that was scheduled before Thursday's arrests of the six suspects in Miami and another earlier in Atlanta, Georgia.”
Yeah right. If you believe this I have the deed to an imaginary bridge I will sell you real cheap. Keep in mind the Bu$hites need this kind of “news” to bolster their program for complete surveillance, invasion of our privacy and an all pervasive police state based on lies and unchecked fear mongering by the government and the media. The key to a psy op is it is psychological, meaning the perpetrators (in this case the government and media), plant ideas and images in the minds of the masses and like Chicken Little we magnify them and believe we are in danger and beg the government to do something, anything, to protect us. At this point the AmeriKKKan sheeple still aren’t gullible enough to fall for anther 9-11 major “terrorist attack” on Bu$H’s watch. After 9-11, with all the discrepancies and improbabilities in the official government version, the subsequent color coded alerts the government used to keep the gullible anxious and afraid, and the lies to justify the invasion of Iraq, most people are leery of anything the Bu$hites say. But they are still giving it the ol’ college try, “‘One law enforcement official, who requested anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, said the arrests illustrated how federal authorities were rooting out threats at their earliest stages,’ reports the Los Angeles Times. ‘Televised images of FBI agents swarming a warehouse in the Liberty City area of Miami highlighted the possibility of an unusual homegrown case of domestic terrorism.’ Of course, now that the ‘al-Qaeda’ threat is increasingly ‘homegrown,’ such staged events will become less ‘unusual’ and will in fact become cours de rigueur.”
Couple the natural 9-11 skepticism with the loathing the Bu$h administration and FEMA engendered last year when they used Hurricane Katrina as a dry run to lock down and impose their brand of martial law on a major urban area when it was obvious the Bush administration was not concerned about protecting the New Orleans since FEMA’s own 2001 report warned of just such a disaster. During that time they displaced and relocated large numbers of residents, mostly poor and black folks and turned what should have been a routine multi jurisdictional co-ordinated rescue operation into a war on the people of the area. So now you can see their dilemma. In order to push the fascist police state envelope, they need for the AmeriKKKan people to be afraid! If they order another false flag 9-11 type operation, the people would be justified in tarring and feathering all of Washington D.C. for their gross maleficence, treason, ineptitude and criminality. So rather than raise the ire of the people even further, the Bu$hites merely rounded up a bunch of Miami brothers, displayed them in the media in handcuffs and proceeded to famed them ala J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO. Even the story in CNN says this is essentially much ado about nothing. According to the media, the so called terrorists were so inept, the Justice Department didn’t even view them as a real threat, “At a Justice Department news conference Friday in Washington, Deputy FBI Director John Pistole described their plan as ‘more aspirational than operational.’”
What does that mean? It means they had no explosives, they had no plans, they had no weapons and they weren’t a serious threat to anyone. The Bu$hites hoped to get a lot of milage out of the killing of their media created bogeyman Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi recently but that didn’t reap the dividend they thought it would because most demythologized Bu$h/NeoCon critics knew Al- Zarqawi was someone the Bu$h administration used to tie Iraq to Al Qaeda when no such ties existed. Now we have “home grown” Muslim terrors, black Muslims at that. Time and again we’ve seen if you want to garner instant empathy for a false flag operation in AmeriKKKa, blame a black man. They were supposedly “Black Muslims” but one suspect’s sister says he’s a Catholic! “The family of Stanley Grant Phanor, who also is named in the indictment, said Friday that Phanor is innocent of all charges and is a practicing Roman Catholic -- not a Muslim. ‘They all call themselves brothers and they are well-mannered,’ his older sister, Marlene Phanor, said. ‘All they were trying to do was clean up the community. We are Catholic. He's Catholic.’ Gina Lemorin, a sister of Lyglenson Lemorin, another of the seven indicted men, said her brother was involved with the group to study religion. She said her brother had been with the group in Miami doing construction work but once the group began practicing ‘witchcraft,’ he left and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, about four months ago. Lemorin has children who live in Atlanta, she said, and he ‘is not a terrorist.’” The FBI and in Justice Department had hoped to get major leverage from this story, but just like with the recent Ottawa sting, it is starting to stink to high heaven. “In a repeat of the Ottawa theatrical event, the alleged terrorists, with ‘possible ties with Al Qaeda’ (of course), are ‘teenagers and young adults,’ according to the International Security Research & Intelligence Agency, billed as ‘analysts and experts at your service to identify, analyse and assess any issue related to your safety and your entreprise’s and/or institution’s (sic).’ In short, it appears the FBI has exploited the naiveté of kids, more accustomed to blowing up skyscrapers in video games than in real life. According to the aforementioned ‘source,’the dupes in Miami are possibly ‘Black Muslims,’ although this was not mentioned by the corporate media as of this writing (AG Gonzales is scheduled to hold a press conference). ‘Sources say the arrests reflect the government’s concern about so-called ‘homegrown terrorists.’ It’s a threat FBI Director Robert Mueller discussed during a recent speech in New York,” ABC News continues. Translation: increasingly, the ‘threat’ is domestic, thus a police state becomes more palatable at home, with ‘Black Muslims’ (i.e., the Nation of Islam) and other boogiemen replacing distant and less hysteria-inspiring cave-dwelling terrorists.”
The North AmeriKKKan media is doing its best to scare us to death, but if we keep our cool, use our discernment and analytic thinking to critique and decode the media messages, like most shadows bombarded with intense light, their fearmongering agenda vanishes into thin air. Don’t go for the Bushites’ okey-doke, think for yourself and always ask yourself “who benefits” from this?



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