Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fear Mongering

Fear Mongering

“If you're a Republican, you're scared. So, you try to scare the country. For five years, President Bush and his party have tried to convince Americans that they know better than Democrats how to protect the country and seek revenge for 9/11. If that's the case, why did Mr. Bush say of Osama bin Laden in March 2002: I truly am not that concerned about him. Why did Mr. Bush shift the focus from Al-Qaeda, which carried out 9/11, to Saddam Hussein, who was not involved in 9/11?” When all else fails, GOP dials 9/11 By Randy Schultz Palm Beach Post Editorial Page Editor Sunday, August 13, 2006 www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/content/opinion

The Bu$h- Cheney cabal is ratcheting up another fear and scare campaign to position themselves for the 2006 elections that are fast approaching. If this were truly a legitimate Republic, these criminals would have been impeached and imprisoned long ago. Even so, even with the relative sycophancy of the corporate mind control apparatus on behalf of their agenda and to suppress their crimes, the NeoConmen are running scared. The handwriting is on the wall. One of their most ardent supporters, Senator Joe Lieberman who out Republicaned the Republicans on the Iraq issue, was defeated in the Connecticut primary last week by a political novice running primarily on an antiwar platform. At long last the antiwar movement is asserting itself, getting some backbone and is breaking through, gaining adherents and momentum. The warmongering fascists in both parties are petrified. They sense they are in deep trouble; especially since their plans for war in Syria and Iran just went down the drain as Hezbollah decisively derailed the Zionists’ pre-war tune up in Lebanon.
The NeoCon/Zionist warmongers are desperate. They need something to turn the tide in their favor, so look for more "terror plots" like we just saw in London. Keep in mind information is now coming out Bu$h and Co pressured the Blair government to make arrests and announcements about the alleged plot to benefit themselves. The plutocrats are so ruthless they will do any and everything to insure their agenda is carried out. So keep your eyes and ears open for another “October surprise” or another Osama bin-Laden tape (what ever happed to Bu$h’s “we’re going to track him down and bring him to justice dead or alive...” cowboy trash talk?). Look for this to happen right before the November elections. The good news is Bu$h and Co are reluctant to stage another 9-11 false flag operation now. Even they realize they dare not go to the well too often, their approval ratings would drop to minus numbers Bu$h never recovered from the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Now the AmeriKKKan people are hip to how insensitive and heartless they are; especially after Bu$h approved the invasion and wanton destruction of Lebanon by Israel. Another disaster, natural or political, would be the literal end for him. So the NeoCons know they can’t afford to put themselves out there during another disaster or major “terrorist incident”. Sooner or later even the most comatose AmeriKKKans would demand Bu$h and Cheney’s scalps for failing to protect the nation like they did on 9-11 and pre and post Katrina.
If you look at the record since 9-11, the Bu$h administration and the mass media have colluded to frighten and intimidate the AmeriKKKan people into going along with their bogus War on Terror, a scam that has whittled away the “liberties and freedoms” guaranteed in the US Constitution. Keep in mind Dubeyah himself is alleged to have called the Constitution “just a
God damned piece of paper.” Research has shown AmeriKKKans tend to rally around a standing leader during a perceived "threat" from an outside source. One study by Robb Willer of Cornell University showed a clear and direct relationship between government issued terror alerts and George W Bu$h’s approval ratings. “There is a clear pattern in these data supporting the central prediction that a tendency exists for people to support standing leaders after threats of external terror, and specifically President Bush after government-issued terror warnings. A series of regression models with various controls converged on this finding. The present research also found support for the claim that terror warnings can affect evaluations of the president that are largely irrelevant to terrorism, in this case evaluations of his handling of the economy. Evidence was mixed regarding the duration of these effects... The present research sought to evaluate whether the threat of terrorism increases support for standing leaders. To test this idea I investigated Gallup poll data on presidential approval to see if it increased following government-issued terror warnings. I found consistent evidence supporting the hypothesis that government-issued terror warnings led to increases in President Bush’s approval levels. Further, I found evidence that the threat of terror may lead to more positive evaluations of the president on a dimension largely irrelevant to terrorism, his handling of the economy. I was unable to establish how long these effects typically last. I leave that question, and further exploration of the empirical regularities observed, to future research.” THE EFFECTS OF GOVERNMENT-ISSUED TERROR WARNINGS ON PRESIDENTIAL APPROVAL RATINGS Robb Willer Cornell University http://www.uiowa.edu/~grpproc/crisp/crisp.10.1.html
I pointed this study out last year as well as the ongoing observations by MSNBC’s Keith Olberman that documented the exact same phenomena. The NeoCons are using psychological warfare to flummox and hoodwink AmeriKKKans into going along with their fascist imperialism under the guise of “national security” and their bogus “Global War on Terror”. Obviously the operative word here is global as we see in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and other geo-strategic locations around the world. All the Zionist and NeoCons had to do was call or insinuate someone or some group was a terrorist and presto, like Pavlovian dogs, the AmeriKKKan people would fall for their okey doke. But things are changing. The pendulum is beginning to swing to the side of TRUTH. The 9-11 Truth Movement, the Downing Street Memo and numerous books by former Bu$h administration cabinet members consistently reveal the Bu$h/NeoCon/Zionist junta planned to Invade Iraq even prior to being given the keys to the White House. The Valerie Plame outing, the revelations about illegal government snooping and spying on ordinary citizens have turned people off immeasurably. The mood of the country is changing. Recent polls show over fifty per cent of the AmeriKKKan people polled say, the Iraq war was a mistake and most feel AmeriKKKan troops should be brought home soon if not immediately
People are worried about the economy, the widening income gap between the rich and the poor despite government lies about an economic turnaround. Most folks don’t see any turnaround in their pay checks or standard of living They blame Bu$h Bu$h and Co are now swimming against a rising tide. They feel themselves going down to defeat and they are petrified. Even with rigged elections, the days of the NeoCons appear numbered. They are desperate, like trapped rats they will do anything to maintain their death-grip on the body politic. Like trapped rats they will fight to the death. The fight is not over, it is just beginning.


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