Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day of Reckoning

Day of Reckoning

Today is November 7, 2006; election day in AmeriKKKa. Today is a day of reckoning for all of us whether we believe in this system or not. For many, today’s vote is a referendum on our belief system. Today is a test. it is a test of what you believe about AmeriKKKa. Do you believe AmeriKKKa is the land of the free and the home of the brave, do you believe AmeriKKKa is a pristine and shining example of participatory government or do you believe AmeriKKKa is morphing into a fascist plutocracy that only offers the illusion of citizen inclusion? I suggest you check out http://www.tvnewslies.org/YOU_SHOULD_NOT_VOTE_IF.pdf and read their commentary about voting because whatever your beliefs; today is a day of reckoning in AmeriKKKa.
The ruling elites have high-jacked this country and are driving it into an abyss of immorality, imperialism and oppression. Their class insanity and their hubris border on psychopathology and the evidence of this is all around us and it is overwhelming. Their will to power is madness and the consequences will/is bankrupting this nation. Bu$h and his handlers are like a reverse King Midas; everything they touch crumbles into ruin for regular folks. Every time they attempt regime change it goes wrong and chaos results. Their callousness is wrecking the social fabric of AmeriKKKa, what’s left of it. Their hypocrisy and criminality are obvious. Take a look around the world Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq; each is a testament to their bungling attempt at empire. Look at AmeriKKKa, remember Katrina! That was deliberate,! Perhaps this is divine retribution or KARMA for all the havoc, social disruption and devastation they have caused. The ruling oligarchy; if they stay the present course will inevitably ruin this country and take not only this present generation but future generations down with them!
What can we do about it? Plenty! We can begin by realizing we have the power to think for ourselves, we can define reality for ourselves and we can act in our own best interests. We can stop being mental slaves, we can stop going for the lamest okey-doke imaginable and begin thinking for ourselves. We can turn off the corporate media or if we watch it say to ourselves while we watch it: liar, liar pants on fire. We can approach the media by viewing it as the prime tool for global white supremacy and act accordingly. We can take action. We can be mind full of truth (as opposed to corporate media induced lies and nonsense), we can see things as they are and act proactively instead of merely reacting to a fixed con game set up by the ruling oligarchy.
Today is a day of reckoning in AmeriKKKa. Election 2006 will determine the fate of AmeriKKKa for years to come. Will the Bu$hites be able to hack and steal another election? Will the people stand passively by and allow this to happen. Will people go to the polls with the express purpose of turning the liars, crooks and murderers out? Will you go to the polls with a well thought out follow up plan in case this election is stolen too? We have seen the Bu$hites are cold blooded liars and murderers. Over 600,000 innocent people have been killed in Iraq alone and this doesn’t count the souls in Afghanistan and Haiti who have suffered and died because of the greed and insanity of a small cabal of individuals who in their dementia want to own all the world’s resources and put humanity in permanent economic and cultural serfdom, slavery or lockdown.
Today is a day of reckoning in AmeriKKKa. Will Joe and Jane Sixpack do the right thing or will they be like their ancestors who stood passively by and allowed the ruling elites to wage a campaign of extermination and genocide against the indigenous inhabitants of this land? Will we be like many of our ancestors and passively acquiesce to evil and wrongdoing? Will we be like the people of Germany who refused to stand up to and check Adolph Hitler? Go out and make it a point to vote today, even if you don’t believe in this system. Give it one more opportunity to prove you are right and have a concrete plan B if things don’t turn out the way you know is right. Whatever you do, don’t sit back and do nothing! Today is a day of reckoning. Stand up and be counted for right, justice and peace. Stand up and have the courage of your convictions. Say no to perpetual war! Not in our name. Say no to wage peonage and serfdom. Say no to debt servitude and reject the AmeriKKKan prison/gulag system. We cannot endure more of the same. It will only get worse. Go out and vote like your future depends upon it because it does!



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