Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Thoughts On Barack Obama's Candidacy

Random Thoughts on Barack Obama's Candidacy

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama took an important formal step on Tuesday toward a Democratic presidential campaign that would make him the most formidable African-American candidate ever, offering a call to common purpose as a remedy to bitter partisan divisions and marking a potential turning point in the nation's race relations.
By filing papers to form a presidential exploratory committee, the first-term Illinois senator signaled his intent to run for the presidency, a move that he has been publicly considering for months. Advisers said Obama and his family had made the personal commitment to a grueling, two-year presidential bid and the senator now would concentrate on assembling a campaign apparatus and testing support among financial backers and grass-roots activists.”,1,6709924.story

Negroes are all hyped up about Barack Obama’s announcement he will seek the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008. Most Africans in AmeriKKKa are clueless about real deal politics having been brainwashed to believe this is a “Democracy” of the people by the people and for the people. Alas nothing could be further from the truth. AmeriKKKa as we experience it in 2007 is an oligarchy essentially run by a small clique of families and their hatchet and bag men who pull the strings behind the scenes and call the shots for what will go down as public policy. This cabal is made up of international financiers, media moguls, bankers, heads of multinational corporations and a few religious and intellectual leaders. For them electoral politics is merely a means to carry out their long term business agenda. The AmeriKKKan social and mind shaping apparatuses are used to keep the masses duped and falling for the okey-doke of consumerism, imperialism, hedonism, distraction and cowardice.
Within this framework most politicians are the puppets and dummies of the ruling elites. The power elites pull the strings and provide the sound that appears to come out of the mouths of their dummies. AmeriKKKa provides the illusion the people elect their representatives when in reality the candidates have either sold their souls to these devils or the elites use their intermediaries (lobbyists, bag men and women, prostitutes and bribes) to buy the attention, votes and loyalty of the politicians.
Barack Obama is fresh meat. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt and say he is an honest man who wants to do the right thing. The AmeriKKKan system will change all that! In order to run for president of the United States of AmeriKKKa Obama will have to raise millions of dollars. Grass roots folks don’t have the kind of money to donate to his campaign given most are struggling just trying to keep their heads above water. We don’t control the local or national political infrastructures, the political machines and local ward politics that would facilitate Obama’s election. He will have to go out hat in hand asking for money. AmeriKKKan politics is not based on altruism or the love civics, it is based on the reality money talks, all else walks! He will have to canvass the various constituencies and ethnic blocks. Unfortunately for him black folks ain’t even seriously in the mix or the game. So he will have to depend on white folks, white folks who do not have our best interests nor the best interests of humanity at heart.
Race/color will be an issue as will the fact Obama is running as a so called “critic” of the Iraq war (he voted to give Bu$h the authorization to invade Iraq). Keep in mind the monied class wants to continue the occupation in Iraq indefinitely (the US still has troops in Germany, Japan and Korea almost sixty years after WWII and there is no oil an any of these places. Plus the US is building permanent bases in the Persian Gulf and Central Asian region). Not only do they want the occupation to continue, they want to expand the war into Iran! Obama will be fighting an uphill battle against the warmongers and fascists. Black folks wouldn’t be able to help even if we had the political organization, sophistication and savvy, which we don’t. For him to “win” he must depend on whites.
Each ethnic and business group has their own agenda. If Obama is unresponsive or is perceived to be insensitive to a particular group’s interests and agenda, it gives that group a ready excuse to dis him. For example, the Zionist and their pro-Israeli US lobby want war with Iran, but if Obama is genuinely anti-war, he risks raising the ire of the Zionists, the Christian Zionists (Christian religious fanatics) and military industrial complex. Not only won’t they give him any money they will actively and aggressively oppose him. Can you say Cynthia McKinney?
Because he is of mixed parentage, color (race) will be an issue. While he currently enjoys wide recognition, media celebrity status and gets props for his eloquence, Obama will still be painted as an upstart wanna be with no real foreign policy experience (that didn’t stop George W Bu$h but Obama doesn’t have the political connections Bu$h had.). The color and race issue will be pivotal. If you don’t think so, look at what happened to Harold Ford in his bid to be elected US Senator from Tennessee last year. Ford’s family is big in politics in Tennessee in Memphis, they are nonthreatening light complexioned Negroes, who never go out of their way politically to do anything risky or controversial on behalf of the masses of black folks. To garner white votes during his US Senate bid, Ford openly bragged his grandmother was white, he parroted the mantra of the religious right, and as a Congressman he voted for the Iraq war, but he still lost because his opponents used his race/color against him.
While it makes for good copy and discussion, AmeriKKKa is not ready for a black man who is thoughtful, who says he is for peace, who talks a “common ground” populous game. It’s still way too early but as this thing unfolds look for his Democratic opponents to gang up on him, take pot shots at him on his positions and lack of experience while stealing some of his ideas and rhetoric. Look for the Republicans to be more vicious if his candidacy gains traction. But in the final analysis it’s all a sham, a contrived show. The ruling oligarchy will never allow Barack Obama to advance unless he totally sells his soul and becomes like Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice or Alberto Gonzales, a melanated shill for global white supremacy and war.



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