Monday, March 26, 2007

We're Being Set Up For Another War!

We’re Being Set Up For Another War!

“The Mexican government had established the border between Mexico and Texas at the Nueces River. Texas, however, set the border at the Rio Grande, giving Texas more land. A dispute over the territory between the rivers would lead to the Mexican-American War. President James K. Polk had sent General Zachary Taylor and 1,500 American troops to the border along the Nueces River. Taylor arrived in July 1845 with his forces, but then was ordered by President Polk to cross into disputed territory. Taylor, with his army, marched to Corpus Christi, and later to north of the Rio Grande. A month later, the Mexicans attacked. Taylor's forces were too much for the Mexicans and drove them back beyond the Rio Grande River. President Polk took advantage of the skirmish and asked Congress for a declaration of war against Mexico.
Declaration of war. By then, Polk had received word of the Thornton Affair and added this to the rejection of Slidell as the casus belli. A message to Congress on May 11, 1846, stated that Mexico had "invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil". A joint session of Congress overwhelmingly approved the declaration of war, mostly because Democrats strongly supported the war. 67 Whigs voted against it on a key amendment, but on the final passage only 14 Whigs voted no, including Representative Abraham Lincoln. The United States declared war on Mexico on May 13, 1846, and Mexico declared war on July 7 (sometimes the manifest from President Paredes on May 23 is taken as the declaration of war, but only the congress had that faculty). Whigs in both the North and South generally opposed the war, while Democrats mostly supported it. Whig Abraham Lincoln contested the causes for the war and demanded to know the exact spot on which Thornton had been attacked and U.S. blood had been shed. He was quoted as saying ‘Show me the spot.’” Mexican–American War

The United States has a long history of fabricating pretexts to invade and expropriate other people’s lands, labor and resources. Every war and “police action” the US has engaged in with the exception of the war of 1812 was based upon ruling elite warmongering, covetousness and deception: the Mexican American war, the US Civil War (a war over who would control the government the Northern financial establishment or the Southern land barons couched in nationalistic, sectional and moral verbiage), the Spanish American War (an explosion in the USS Maine was the rallying cry for a war the elites already wanted), WWI (the sinking of the British ship Lusitania which was carrying armaments bound for England and a few US citizens), WWII (Roosevelt’s deliberate set up of Pear Harbor for attack), Korea (an undeclared war), Vietnam (US supporting imperialist France and the bogus Gulf of Tonkin attack) and both Iraqi wars ( Bu$h The First’s approval of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and Debeyah’s fictitious WMD). Now the Zionist supporting US opinion shaping media is ratcheting up the propaganda for another war, this time with Iran. Just like 1845 when US President Polk deliberately sent US troops into Mexican territory knowing an incident would give him a pretext to press for war because his diplomatic efforts proved unfruitful, the US is using the same ploy by Britain as the excuse to heighten the tensions against Iran. On Friday March 23rd Iranian sailors captured fifteen British sailors and marines in Iranian waters. The UK naturally is saying their sailors were “kidnapped” and are demanding the Iranians release them immediately.
“Of course, for the neocons, these developments are welcome, as they are on a fishing expedition for a pretense, a refashioned Gulf of Tonkin event, and they may as well troll the disputed waters of the Shatt al-Arab in search of it. In fact, the Associated Press more or less admits this is the case, as it reports the United States and Britain ‘have bolstered their presence in the Persian Gulf… to confront an ascendant Iran flexing its muscles throughout the region and developing nuclear technology.’ It should not be considered a coincidence the Brits were ‘kidnapped’ prior to a U.N. Security Council meeting to impose sanctions of Iran for exercising its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. ‘The developments coincide with United Nations deliberations over possible sanctions against Iran over its refusal to abandon work on producing enriched uranium needed to build a bomb,’ reports the Scotsman, following the neocon script diligently, as it should be assumed the Iranians will nuke Israel the moment they patch together a crude bomb or two.’” Corporate Media Grooms “Diplomatic Row” Over “Kidnaped” Brit marines
Just like in 1845 when Polk sent US troops into Mexico, Bu$h is building up US naval and military presence in the Persian Gulf. Just as the Americans did in 1812 when British sailors violated US territorial waters and shanghaied their sailors, the Iranians have responded aggressively to the violation of their waters. Just like 1812 and1885 Britain and the US are spinning the recent incident in the waters of the Shatt al-Arab as a provocation for military action against Iran. For recent history buffs this is the exact same scenario that occurred last year in Lebanon. Israeli tank corps deliberately crossed into Lebanon and two Israeli soldiers were captured after a brief skirmish with Lebanese forces. The Israelis used this preplanned “incident” as a pretext to invade Lebanon. The arrogant Israelis got their butts kicked and were subsequently forced to withdraw but not before inflicting massive havoc and devastation on the Lebanese infrastructure and population.
The Anglo-AmeriKKKan-Israeli axis of evil are determined to instigate a war with Iran. Regime change throughout the region is the primary goal of the Zionists. This is an arrogantly ambitious bit of imperialism on the part of the Khazar impostors. Rather than doing it themselves the Israelis plan to manipulate their Anglo-AmeriKKKan lapdogs into serving as their surrogates. “The dramatic similarities between the ‘Clean Break’ scenario and actual Bush II administration Middle East policy are evident not only in the results but also in the sequence of events. Notably, the ‘Clean Break’ report held that removing Saddam was the key to weakening Israel's other enemies; and after removing Saddam in 2003 the United States would indeed quickly threaten Iran and Syria, and talk of restructuring the entire Middle East. Evident, too, is a similarity between actual events and the Yinon proposal of 1982, which also saw regime change in Iraq as a fundamental move in destabilizing Israel's enemies. To reiterate the central point of this essay: the vision of ‘regime change’ in the Middle East through external, militant action originated in Israel, and its sole purpose was to advance the strategic interests of Israel. It had nothing to do with bringing ‘democracy’ to Muslims. It had nothing to do with any terrorist threat to the United States. Those latter arguments accreted to the idea of regime change as the primary military actor changed from Israel to the United States. But the Israeli government would continue to be a fundamental supporter of the regional military action, even as the ostensible justifications for action changed. The Sharon government advocated the American attacks on Iraq and has preached the necessity of strikes on Iran.” The Israeli origins of Bush II's war By STEPHEN J. SNIEGOSKI
We are being set up for war again, just like AmeriKKKa was in 1845, 1898, 1917, 1941, 1990 and 2003. Someone once said, “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”. Another relevant axiom is “ the best predictor of current and future behavior is past behavior.” Europeans love war, pillage, plunder and rapine. Their history is replete with examples of their warmongering. Violence is the main entertainment theme in modern AmeriKKKa. AmeriKKKa is the most violent nation on the planet. So we shouldn’t be surprised they are warmongers. Look at the past, discern the patterns, then project the various scenarios. The only way another war will be prevented is if the AmeriKKKan people mobilize en mass to prevent it. If the historical pattern holds that won’t happen.



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