Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The NeoCons Have Totally Lost Their Minds

The NeoCons Have Totally Lost their Minds

“Bush has been under pressure from some members of the U.S. Congress to cultivate alternatives to Musharraf. Critics contend the 63-year-old general, installed by a 1999 coup, has resisted democratic changes and failed to combat al-Qaeda's resurgence. Nuclear-armed Pakistan has been governed by the army for more than half the years since the Muslim nation won independence in the 1947 partition of colonial India. The longest period of democratic rule was between 1988, when Benazir Bhutto was elected prime minister, and 1999, when Nawaz Sharif was overthrown by Musharraf.” Pakistan Tells U.S. to Avoid Raids on Its Territory (Update1) By Paul Tighe http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087

Just when you though the NeoCon cabal couldn’t say or do anything more insane, they are now calling on their sock puppet Dubeyah to launch a preemptive attack on Pakistan supposedly to quell the resurgence of the Taliban and “al-Qaeda” (or more correctly al-CIA-MI6-ISI-Mossad-duh) in Pakistan. (al-Qaeda is a creation of the US CIA the Pakistan ISI, Saudi money and a sundry assortment of Muslim stooges and lackeys. See http://www.oilempire.us/qaeda.html for a real eye opening report.) As if the US doesn’t have enough problems. The NeoCon instigated invasion/occupation of Iraq is not going well at all, despite their protestations to the contrary. Violence is pandemic. US forces have been totally unable to pacify the Sunni resistance and anti- US and anti-occupation sentiment is spreading to the South.
Meanwhile in Afghanistan US and NATO forces are attempting to do what they did in Kosovo: conduct an indiscriminate aerial bombardment foolishly thinking they will defeat the Taliban that way. Alas for them Afghanistan is not Kosovo, in logistics, geography or temperament. Now the psychopathic NeoCon warmongers are attempting to inflame Muslims everywhere as they openly call for an attack on another sovereign Muslim nation, this time a nation that sided with them in their bogus War on Terrorism. “Earlier this month, the boy wonder of the neocons, Bill Kristol, told Fox News the neocons will ‘take military action [against Pakistan] … over the next few weeks or months…. Bush has to disrupt that sanctuary.’ In fact, according to Kristol, ‘we won’t even tell Musharraf…. We’ll do what we have to do in Western Pakistan and Musharraf can say, ‘Hey, they didn’t tell me.’ ’ In other words, Kristol and the neocons will not lose any sleep over the Pakistani military deposing Musharraf or the fact hundreds, possibly thousands of Pakistanis will be slaughtered, the latter just another day in the neocon neighborhood. Kristol’s bright idea ‘would lead to major riots throughout Pakistan and the Arab world, and it would lead to certainly a major insurgency against US forces,’ Seth Jones, a South Asia specialist at the RAND Institute, told Australian Broadcasting Corporation last week, according to Jim Lobe.” http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=935
Keep in mind the Bushites’ plan to exploit the mounting discord in Pakistan to either directly take out Pakistani “President” Pervez Musharraf a Muslim “ally” who sided with them against the Taliban in the invasion of Afghanistan or allow Pakistani Islamic radicals to do the job for them. People like Musharraf, Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noreiga never learn, you can’t trust the New World Order boys. Keep in mind Pakistan unlike Iraq and Iran actually has nuclear weapons. Also remember it was Pakistan that gave North Korea the technology to produce nuclear weapons. That’s right, Pakistan gave the technology to the North Koreans which allowed them to further their nuclear ambitions. Keep this in mind also, and this is key, Uncle Sam did absolutely nothing to Musharraf or Pakistan in any way. We’re being set up for more regional wars or WW III (or IV depending on your geo-political perspective) . That is the total hypocrisy of Bu$h’s invasion of Iraq and the NeoCon war cries to attack Iran, neither country has/had nuclear weapons while Pakistan, Israel, India and North Korea do!?
“In 1985, North Korea signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which led to the opening of most of its nuclear sites to international inspection. By the early nineteen-nineties, it became evident to American intelligence agencies and international inspectors that the North Koreans were reprocessing more spent fuel than they had declared, and might have separated enough plutonium, a reactor by-product, to fabricate one or two nuclear weapons. The resulting diplomatic crisis was resolved when North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Il, entered into an agreement with the Clinton Administration to stop the nuclear-weapons program in return for economic aid and the construction of two light-water nuclear reactors that, under safeguards, would generate electricity.
Within three years, however, North Korea had begun using a second method to acquire fissile material. This time, instead of using spent fuel, scientists were trying to produce weapons-grade uranium from natural uranium—with Pakistani technology. One American intelligence official, referring to the C.I.A. report, told me, ‘It points a clear finger at the Pakistanis. The technical stuff is crystal clear—not hedged and not ambivalent.’ Referring to North Korea's plutonium project in the early nineteen-nineties, he said, ‘Before, they were sneaking.’ Now ‘it's off the wall. We know they can do a lot more and a lot more quickly.’
North Korea is economically isolated; one of its main sources of export income is arms sales, and its most sought-after products are missiles. And one of its customers has been Pakistan, which has a nuclear arsenal of its own but needs the missiles to more effectively deliver the warheads to the interior of its rival, India. In 1997, according to the C.I.A. report, Pakistan began paying for missile systems from North Korea in part by sharing its nuclear-weapons secrets. According to the report, Pakistan sent prototypes of high-speed centrifuge machines to North Korea. And sometime in 2001 North Korean scientists began to enrich uranium in significant quantities. Pakistan also provided data on how to build and test a uranium-triggered nuclear weapon, the C.I.A. report said.” NUCLEAR NORTH KOREA: NERVOUSNESS IN PAKISTAN http://www.saag.org/%5Cpapers21%5Cpaper2004.html
Now the NeoCrazies want to attack Pakistan. Such a move would cause all hell to break loose in the Islamic world. It would be the catalyst for the fabled Clash of Civilizations the West longs for, or perhaps set off the Armageddon fanatics in Zionism, Christianity and Islam envision. The corporate mind control apparatus is beating the drum now for a strike on Pakistan. An article in the Daily Times a leading Pakistan newspaper dated July 20, 2007 said, “The Washington Post has urged the United States government to militarily strike Pakistan’s tribal agency areas since the Pakistani government has been ‘unable to flush out terrorist groups from their sanctuaries’. The shock editorial, advocating the unilateral bombing of a sovereign state which is a close Washington ally, proves, according to a political observer who wanted to remain unnamed, that when it comes to perceived US security interests in the world, ‘no holds are barred and no principles of international law apply.’ The lead editorial said, ‘If Pakistani forces cannot – or will not – eliminate the sanctuary, President Bush must order targeted strikes or covert actions by American forces, as he has done several times in recent years. Such actions run the risk of further destabilising Pakistan. Yet those risks must be weighed against the consequences of another large-scale attack on the US soil. ‘Direct intervention against the sanctuary in Afghanistan apparently must have seemed . . . disproportionate to the threat,’ the Sept 11 commission noted. The United States must not repeat that tragic misjudgment.’
The editorial captioned ‘Facing al Qaeda’ said with the terrorists growing stronger, their sanctuary in Pakistan must be eliminated. Basing its surprise recommendation on the recent National Intelligence Estimate which claimed that Al Qaeda had found sanctuary in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the newspaper, which was a strong and vociferous supporter of the invasion of Iraq, said ‘If there is one decision that seems most urgent in light of the intelligence reports, it is what to do about the Al Qaeda base in , which is allowing the group’s senior leadership to coordinate with what the NIE calls ‘operational lieutenants’ and to train militants for operations in and the United States.” The newspaper also charged the Bush administration with ‘ducking this critical problem for too long, despite the clear lesson of .’” US media wants strikes against Waziristan Taliban By Khalid Hasan http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2007/07/20/
Yesterday the Bu$h administration regrouped and announced it would not unilaterally attack Pakistan because in their words, “Pakistan was a sovereign nation.” Oh really? So are Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq that didn't stop them from doing their mega-mischief in those countries! The good news is, the crazies have chilled out for a minute and have scurried back to their drawing boards. You cannot put anything past these psychopaths. This is only a small consolation given these savages never sleep.



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