Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beware Heightened Racial Tensions

Beware Heightened Racial Tensions

“This is just some of the recent reports on the return of the painful symbol of the past. Jack and Jill has also been tracking these incidents that have been occurring across the country. So why is it that people feel the can display the noose whenever they feel like it? The answer is easy, the incidents have one thing in common. They are often downplayed and are often labeled a prank. But calling the local incidents the work of pranksters it allows a conspiracy of silence to continue among White people. Regardless if it is a racist ‘ghetto fabulous/south of the border’ type party or hanging nooses, racism isn’t that it offends some people, it supports and strengthens an unjust social system that hurts people.”

The corporate mind control apparatus has it hands full rationalizing the insanity that passes for AmeriKKKan fiscal and foreign “policy” while simultaneously suppressing the truth about what is really going on around the world. So it is no surprise the corporate media has not bothered to mention the rash of hangman’s nooses being sighted around the country. As we know the hangman's noose is a vile symbol of lynching/murder and terror. Africans in AmeriKKKa have lived with the abhorrent and savage reality of torture and terror ever since our kidnapped ancestors were forcibly brought to this hemisphere and subjected to unspeakable atrocities, abuse and degradation. (In my study/studio within eye level on one of my bookshelves I have a copy of Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography In America documented pictorial evidence of the madness and barbarism that permeated this culture for hundreds of years.) Now the specter of this detestable symbol of AmeriKKKan psycho-pathology is rearing its ugly head again.
We should not be surprised at the resurgence of the hangman’s noose or any other symbols of racial enmity and oppression. Deep seated animosity within the psyche of white AmeriKKKa percolates under the surface of their consciousness just waiting for some stressor or some seemingly “isolated” incident, real or imagined, to provide the pretext for its expression. Even if these noose hangings were being reported in the news, why would we be surprised at the rash of nooses at universities, high schools, in trees and places of employment around the country? (For an update on all the latest noose hangings go to ). The noose and lynching are as AmeriKKKan as cherry pie. It is a symbol of Euro-AmeriKKKan psychopathy. It is a manifestation of their own subconscious inadequacies and inferiority complexes, but to justify their psychosis they invented the notion that their pale skin provides a natural entitlement, it legitimatizes violence against melanin endowed people no matter where we are found, under any and all circumstances. A few days ago I wrote and posted a piece entitled The Columbus Legacy, it is this legacy of rapine, pillage and plunder that is being played out in Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home every day by trigger happy police and psychotic yahoos who hang nooses in public places.
We can expect even more demonstrations of white angst as the US economy worsens, as Joe and Jane Sixpack wake up and discover their homes are worth less and less, when they come to the realization they can’t pay their bills nor their mortgages. Their stress levels will mount as they scrimp and strain to make ends meet only to discover the ends are getting farther and farther apart. As they experience downsizing, default, foreclosure and find themselves living in the street or back with relatives, their ire will rise and they’ll want to take it out on someone. They’ll want to blame someone, anyone other than themselves for the foolish decisions they made to keep up with the proverbial Jones that have landed them in this predicament. If past patterns hold true, they will be easily duped and manipulated into taking their frustrations and angst out on Black folks, Latinos and the proverbial “other”. These whites will be prime candidates to join groups like the Klu Klux Klan or be set up by government agents and paid provocateurs to be used to further the government’s nefarious agendas.
AmeriKKKan white folks have never been too swift discerning how the ruling elites use the notions of religion, race and “national interests” to bamboozle them into fighting other poor people and people of color here and around the world, which is the only way the plutocrats can enrich themselves and remain in power. Talk about being dummied down, brainwashed and subject to the herd mentality, clueless Joe and Jane Sixpack, Booboo and Shanaynay make the mindless automatons in the Stepford Wives movies look like Einsteins.
The Bu$h-Cheney cabal have put AmeriKKKa at grave risk with their imperialistic resource and geo-strategic wars on behalf of multi-national corporations, international bankers and the Zionist lobby, yet the very people with the most to lose, are sitting at home playing video games, watching TV (they don’t call it the idiot box for nothing) or out shopping (running up more debt). They are not holding teach-ins, discussions or planning how to survive the coming economic collapse and US police sate. They are at home or in the malls eating rather than in the streets demonstrating, boycotting and planning protests or civil disobedience demanding the impeachment, trial and sentencing of Bu$h and Cheney as war criminals!
The passivity and cowardice of the AmeriKKKan people with regard to knowing what’s going on and being aware of the criminal activities of the Bu$h-Cheney cabal makes the acquiescence and capitulation of the German people to Hitler’s Nazi Party in the 1930's look tame by comparison; especially given the 20/20 hindsight history provides. If Joe and Jane Sixpack awaken from their media induced stupor look for their anger to be deliberately misdirected at the wrong targets, us. The ruling oligarchy and their puppets in the media and government are very adroit at this; defining the enemies they want us to hate while they laugh all the way to the bank tightening the nooses around our necks as they go. 9-11 and Osama bin-Laden and the Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh are classic examples of this. Both of them were patsies and stooges for the CIA and FBI. There is not one scintilla of serious evidence either one of them did what the government claims they did. Do the research yourself and you will discover how they were created as pawns, scapegoats and bogeymen by US police and intelligence agencies. The media then hyped the government accounts to create sensationalism and our fears provided the pretext for the government to ramp up the police state.
The rash of hangman’s nooses appearing around the country could very well be part of a government plot to stir up racial animosity and tension to justify the implementation of Marshall Law, as a pretext to sic Blackwater type goons on the AmeriKKKan people like they did in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I won’t put it past the Bu$h cabal to be behind this rash of noose hangings to create a distraction and diversion from all their failures and crimes or as an excuse ratchet up the police state another notch. It would be similar to how Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon ordered the FBI to implement COINTELPRO and the CIA to initiate Operation Chaos against dissent and the AmeriKKKan people. Keep your eyes and ears open, think critically, question everything and in the absence of any strong evidence to the contrary always view current events as a logical progression, the continuation of AmeriKKKa’s real history and legacy of violence.



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