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Make Mental Decolonization A Priority

Make Mental Decolonization A Priority

“A part of the problem of mental illness is what people do to each other and not what mama or daddy or somebody else does to a child. A part of it is also how what mama does is reacted to on the part of the child. It is not so much that the European says we are inferior and that we are this and that, and that the European maligns our character et cetera: It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that drives us crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what he says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains this craziness.” Amos Wilson The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness Eurocentric History Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy page 95

As we prepare to enter a new year, many of us will make the customary annual New Year’s resolutions, we will subsequently fail to keep because we won’t replace old or negative habits with consistent new, healthier, more proactive patterns. We must keep in mind we are being programmed and subjected to mind numbing techniques and propaganda that not only induce us to buy and spend, but has an insidious design to construct our world view and “reality”. This alien world view and reality have at their core the pernicious notions of global white supremacy, African subjugation, menticide and externally induced self-negation. For the past five centuries coinciding with the rise of European hegemony over much of the world, Africans have been the prime targets of the rapacious barbarism of whites.
We see how they operate with their so called Global War on Terrorism which even most white AmeriKKKans know is nothing more than a bogus pretext for genocide, ethnic cleansing, Neocolonialism, perpetual war, pillage and plunder. They do it using lies and noble sounding phrases such as “bringing democracy and freedom” to the world to justify their onslaught of murder, theft and degradation. If the brainwashed majority of AmeriKKKans had any sense at all they would easily comprehend that when an outside entity like the US, one antithetical to the culture and ways of life of Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other places around the world, forcibly dictates the type of government they operate, then the victims are not really free and the US is really not their benefactor. But no one has ever said AmeriKKKans had any sense.
Just as the fifteenth century Europeans said they were bringing civilization to non-whites who had stable well organized societies that just happened to have gold, vast mineral resources and exotic foodstuffs by using missionaries spouting tales about a mean spirited, capricious and vindictive giant white man god but backed by mercenaries and armies ready to kill and maim to steal those resources; their modern descendants say they are bringing freedom and democracy to benighted masses who just happen to live over millions of barrels of crude oil and the mineral resources the West needs to run their modern technology.
Once the pale faces revealed their true nature and motives, first world people valiantly fought the European invaders as they tried to exert and extend Eurocentric hegemony over them. The resistance was fierce but Europeans, revealing their true nature, introduced advanced weaponry and a jubilant willingness to use weapons of mass destruction to steal what they wanted. These advanced weapons and the Europeans’ inborn blood lust enabled them to wage ongoing wars of conquest and subjugation to subdue indigenous people all around the globe.
But in order to hold the ground they conquered and keep the natives docile and compliant the Europeans cunningly introduced mind control, fear (terror) and menticidal policies that induced a pathological self-hatred and insanity that have produced generations of mental illness and exocentric behaviors and orientation. As Steven Biko the South African freedom fighter keenly noted, “The most potent weapon in the arsenal of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” In effect for over five hundred years non-Europeans have been subjected to mental colonization, a psychological enslavement whose goal is the negation of indigenous identity and the squashing of all resistence to alien ideologies and hegemony.
This Eurocentric mental subjugation is demonstrated in a myriad of ways. “It entails every essential component of the concept/ideology of white supremacy, or the European paradigm. The current tide of globalization reinvents and reinforces the relations of exploitation and domination with the Western Caucasian world in the dominant position, a relationship that was initially concretized in the genocidal land and resource grabs of the 15th through 20th centuries. It further involves a strict ranking of national cultures and histories with the European at the apex and center of world development. It involves both and explicit and implicit demand of conformity to European/white social, psychological, intellectual, technical aesthetic and moral norms.” The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization and the Reality of War by Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto page7.
This demand for conformity to an alien, anti-life, aspiritual, repressive psychological and socio-political European paradigm is the root cause of the mental illness of the victims of this lethally oppressive system. “The central themes of the dominant schools of Greek thought: the will to power, male female and human nature alienation, conflict, materialism and an amoral despiritualized world view, would become the intellectual foundation for the western world view. The nobler path for humanity that shone forth from the Kemetic Mystery systems, was progressively reduced to the realm of the invisible in the western world; the invisible realm has become the realm of superstition. This despiritualized, alienated, materialistic, cerebral, intellectual orientation toward life was to continue in the thoughts of so called modern Western man.” Return To The African Mother Principle of Male Female Equality Volume 1 Oba T’Shaka pages 80-81.
The European males’ actualization of their pathological will to divide, dominate and oppress has been the legacy of over five hundred years of interaction between humanity and the European. Their aspiritual orientation has resulted in the continuation of their legacy of ruthless intra and inter tribal bloodletting as they spread this cultural pattern all over the globe. Ironically today these barbarians try to disguise their pillage, plunder and oppression using the noble sounding words and phrases of freedom and liberation. Obviously it would not behoove them to reveal their true motives. But as a wise man once said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”
Their fruits/actions/consequences reveal their true intent and motivation. Their real objectives are to rob, steal and kill. The sooner we wake up and accept this reality the better off we will be. I say better off because then we will be impelled an inner drive for survival to act in our own best interests. The animating spirit within each of us longs to be free, actualized and unfettered. To be our true and best selves we must be free to develop and use our minds, our imaginations and our talents freely and in an unlimited fashion. To be our true selves we must be free to actualize our full potential unencumbered by dehumanizing lies, propaganda and stifling social systems as we are now.
The key to our true liberation and actualization as human beings is freeing our minds from this lethal Eurocentic psychological and socio-political paradigm. Not only must we de/reprogram our minds by casting out the Eurocentric values, world view and behaviors, we must replace them with life affirming, life enhancing values, spiritual and metaphysical principles. Where do we get these values? From our African ancestors. Our scholars have led the way by researching and sharing the rich cultural legacy of Africa with us. We now have access to books, CDs and videos that share African values, social organization and reality from an African perspective. We must ingest them, internalize them and apply them to our lives so that our lives and our reality are changed for the better. By better I’m not talking about getting more bling, I’m talking about self actualization, freedom to be our true selves, on point and on purpose being who and what INFINITE WISDOM created us to be. We must begin to model what it means to live in integrity with our divine purpose and actually evolve into the person(s) and community the CREATOR planned us to be.
This will not be easy, it will be painful and awkward, yet it will be natural! The oppressor wants to control us, but we cannot allow their domination to continue. Look at what their system and hegemony are doing to the planet. No one in their right mind believes Europeans hold the key to a better world. The operative words here are, right mind. We must begin to regain our right mind. We must be about the business of mental decolonization. It will be an arduous task but one that will reap huge rewards for us, our children and the world. Freedom is not free, it will be very costly. Non conformity in this lethal system usually means the nail that sticks out gets hammered. However we must stick out, we most demonstrate courage, conviction, continuity and be willing to accept the consequences of our choices. The good news is most of the work will be done in secret, in our minds. Freedom and transformation will take place in our ideation first. We must mentally reinforce our desire to live free, and be our true selves. This begins by thinking. Energy follows thought. Link with like minded folks, share and support their liberating energy and actions. It will soon spread.
So far the oppressors cannot read our minds, so they will not know until they see our actions anything is going on that threatens their status quo. They cannot put you in jail for not watching television, consuming their media, buying their junk, going deeper in debt or spending quality time with your family and like minded folks. These are the first steps. The next steps are taking collective action like silently boycotting the corporate media, minimizing shopping in their stores and not buying into their culture. Freedom comes to those who think about it, believe in it and manifest in their lives, in their behavior and actions. Free your mind the rest will follow.



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