Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miss Ann Strikes Again

Miss Ann Strikes Again

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tactic of undermining Barack Obama’s squeaky clean, non-threatening Negro image by linking him to Minister Farrakhan and his pastor Jeremiah (Buddy) Wright was an act of desperation, nevertheless it worked. Miss Ann strikes again. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a white woman of privilege with tons of negative baggage, who has turned off many white voters. So in order to win, she is running her trump suits in this political game. She is using the race and gender cards in her quest to win the Democratic nomination. The most tragic aspect of her mendacity is Black folks still fall for her okey-doke. It’s so typical of white people and it is an ongoing historic pattern. One way the ruling elites undermine threatening populous coalitions that challenge the status quo is by injecting the specter of race. Check it out. What happened to the Southern populous farm movements, or the more progressive labor movements when they attempted to galvanize a coalition of blacks and whites for socio-economic change? When you do your research, you will discover these movements were easily derailed when the ruling elites played the race issue to drive a wedge between poor whites who had been duped and exploited by the ruling class and the black and brown people the poor whites had more in common with then ruling elites. They used wanton violence to discourage the movements’ leaders and intimidate the membership. It worked every time. So Clinton and her handlers keep plopping the race card on the table like a pinnocle player runs his or her trump cards to win the hand. The violence, in this case, is psychological. The demonization and vilification of Rev. Wright is similar to what the red necks did years ago. Only this time they used the media to lynch him instead of a rope! These tactics also serve as warnings to other “uppity Negroes” to stay in their places.
Of course this non issue would never have had such a rippling impact if the corporate media had not picked it up and made it the prime topic on every electronic newscast and newspaper headline. The fix is in, the Clinton’s and the media are using the race issue to destroy Obama’s candidacy as well as his person hood. Is any one surprised? Despite Obama’s smooth and well thought out speech in response to the firestorm raging around him caused by the constant replaying of out of context sound bytes and snippets of Rev Jeremiah Wright’s sermons; the damage has been done. Serious doubt has been cast upon Obama in the mind of white folks. “Is he one of them?” That’s the question in the back of many white folks’ minds. The proverbial “them” is us. The “them” are people they consider the rabble, the “other” the ones they deem “less than” or subhuman. Clinton knew exactly what she was doing. She triggered the hot button issue of race and it is working on a deep psychic level. She has set in motion deeply rooted psychological patterns that impact all of us, black and white.
The Black Muslims warned us about the white man’s tricknology. Malcolm X taught us how whites always flip the script to make the criminal the victim and the victim the criminal. Clinton and the white media have made Rev. Jeremiah Wright an unpatriotic miscreant because he dared speak the truth about AmeriKKKa and Clinton cunningly tarred Obama by association. Whites have always resented black people who saw them for who and what they were and spoke up. They hate Rev. Wright for telling the truth and Clinton is no different. Miss Ann strikes again. Think about all the black men who were beaten and lynched over the years simply because Miss Ann was having a bad hair day or if Black men rebuffed her advances; she took out her frustrations out on them.
If you read slave narratives or you talk to older black folks who lived through the Jim Crow era, they will tell you white women were just as mean spirited, just as ruthless and violent as their fathers, husbands, brothers, nephews and sons when it came to lording it over black people. Miss Ann was no joke. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a modern day Miss Ann. She is a white woman of privilege, an influential member of the establishment who has shown her true colors and her true sentiments. She will do any and everything to win. Her strategy is short term, slash and burn, win at all costs. She thinks once she’s won the nomination, she can say and do enough to fool folks into voting for her. She doesn’t care what type of damage her campaign is causing. Why should she, she’s got the typical Miss Ann arrogance working for her. Hillary Rodham Clinton has pulled out all the stops to win. Look at her body language and the look in her eyes. Is that the image of someone you would want to lead you? How is she any different than a white man? If she is this unscrupulous during a campaign, how will she act under the stress of the Oval Office at 3 o’clock in the morning?



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