Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Major Corporate Media Cover Up

Another Major Corporate Media Cover Up

“ 10/06/08 Belfast Telegraph - Former Democratic presidential contender, Dennis Kucinich, has called for the impeachment of George W Bush claiming that the president set out to deceive the nation, and violated his oath of office with the Iraq war. The Ohio representative yesterday introduced 35 articles of impeachment against Bush on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Kucinich unveiled a list of alleged illegal and improper acts by Bush, including war crimes. He accused Bush executing a "calculated and wide-ranging strategy" to deceive citizens and Congress into believing that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States. He went on to say that Bush and Cheney lied to Congress and the American public about the reasons for invading Iraq in 2003 and abused their offices in order to conduct the ‘War on Terror’ following the 9/11 attacks.”

While the corporate mind control apparatus vainly attempts to make a case for Hillary Rodham Clinton being Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate, the biggest story since Scott McClellan’s new book revealed the Bu$h administration engaged in an ongoing and systematic propaganda campaign to deceive and dupe the AmeriKKKan public into going along with an illegal preemptive invasion of Iraq, the corporate media is deliberately ignoring an equally important story; the introduction of a thirty-five count articles of Impeachment against George W Bu$h. The so called “liberal media” (which is actually controlled by right wingers) either buried the story on the back pages or totally ignored it altogether. Dennis Kucinich considered by many of the cowards and crooks in Congress as a wild eyed idealist, has done what his colleagues should have done at least two years ago when the Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives. Back then Nancy Pelosi who became the first woman to be elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives arbitrarily took impeachment off the table even before she was sworn into her new position. ( I wonder what all the white feminists who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton a shout about female leadership have to say about that?)
While for me Kucinich’s actions are too little too late, and this is compounded by the fact he hasn’t received any backing or support from his spineless, morally deficient Congressional colleagues, at least one Congress person went on record saying enough is enough, its time Bu$h be held accountable for his crimes by the AmeriKKKan people. Even though Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the puppets, sell outs and cowards in Congress will not uphold their oaths, at least the Congressional record and history will reflect that one lone Congressman threw caution to the wind, obeyed his conscience and his sworn duty to defend and protect the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
It is quite telling that his colleagues are missing in action on this issue, even John Conyers who made such a big deal prior to the 2006 election about making impeachment proceedings one of his top priorities. The NeoCons and fascists within the Democratic Party got to Conyers early on threatening to withhold the Chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee from him if he didn’t stand down on the impeachment issue. Conyers acquiesced, shut up, took the position and rationalized his inaction by saying the votes weren’t there. So what if the votes weren’t there? At least let the people know you stand for something, let the citizenry know you know right from wrong that there are some members of Congress who have integrity and have put honor and doing the right thing above going along to get along!
I find it ironic the corporate media is now on their heels, awkwardly back peddling in a defensive posture because of Scott McClellan’s revelations about the media’s complicity in promoting the Iraq War. They spend their time gigglin’ and jivin’ trying to spin the story McClellan is the one who should be ashamed, that he is the money grubbing mercenary who sold Bu$h out for a lucrative book deal. Yet here is an important follow up story with all kinds of political implications staring them in the face and the corporate media is giving the Kucinich impeachment story no play or traction whatsoever. But anyone who says the media is part and parcel of an ongoing campaign of class warfare, disinformation, distraction and deceit is mocked and derided as a “conspiracy theorist”. Despite the fact the Pentagon recently admitted it employed retired military personnel to act as resource persons and talking heads to regurgitate their talking points to help sell the war and occupation of Iraq, anyone who points out this obvious collusion is dismissed as a nut.
If you bring up Operation Mockingbird a post WW II program whereby the newly created CIA schemed to infiltrate the media and have prominent journalists on their payroll, you are dismissed as a kook despite the fact Operation Mockingbird is now in full effect! There are some people who actually cannot connect the dots, who think the media doesn’t have a socio-political agenda, that “we the people” own the airwaves?! I beg to differ. The corporate media does the bidding of its owners and their shareholders. Their goal in this predatory capitalistic society is to make a profit, however; like their counterparts in totalitarian regimes, their job is to brainwash us, dummy us down and keep us bamboozled and discombobulated.
We are witnessing the results of a major conspiracy, to deceive, defraud and rob the AmeriKKKan people of our sons and daughters and our wealth via perpetual war. FYI, the legal definition of the word conspiracy is: “a combination of two or more persons to commit a criminal or unlawful act, or to commit a lawful act by criminal or unlawful means; or a combination of two or more person by concerted action to accomplish an unlawful purpose, or some purpose not in itself unlawful by unlawful means.” Barron’s Law Dictionary Fourth Edition. The mass media in concert with the Bu$h administration conspired either through verbal agreement or concerted action to dupe the AmeriKKKan people into supporting illegal invasions of Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Now the corporate media is engaged in a massive cover up of their culpability. To accomplish this they must trivialize, ignore or suppress the news, analysis and follow up of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s introduction of articles of impeachment against their co-conspirator George W Bu$h. The question is what are we going to do about it? I’ve done my part by bringing this to your attention. You can do you part by writing calling, faxing of E-mailing your Congressional representative and asking him or her to support Kucinich in this effort!



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