Monday, October 26, 2015

Playing God US Creating Cyber GMO Robot Soldiers

                                      From The Ramparts
                                     Junious Ricardo Stanton
                    Playing God Creating Cyber GMO Robot Soldiers

            "The elite hidden powers that be, the architects of darkness, have got the idea that the more understood about DNA the closer they get towards holding the keys to immortality. While it has indeed been known for some time that they want a population reduction and have intentions to incorporate people with robotics, one of the greatest threats on the transhumant agenda is GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) the greatest threats to life New federal guidelines continue to be made granting further research into GMO regardless of ethical issues, safety or public consent. This allows giant corporations like for example big agriculture carte blanche control over any GMO they want, which includes allowing the creation of human/ animal chimeras."  Beware Of The Transhumanism Agenda And Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) -by Paul A Philips

            The functions of the mass media are: brainwashing, brain entrainment,  programming to prepare us to accept and acquiesce to the fiendish agenda of the psychopathic elite who want to own and control the entire world and selling their products. Often called the Illuminati or the New World Order these depraved megalomaniacs have the funding, resources and wherewithal to engage in research and development of the most dastardly and disruptive technologies beyond the imagination of most people. There is a method to their madness. We are constantly bombarded with subliminal images and messages along with plot themes to create a "reality" or worldview the ruling classes want us to believe or accept.
            We are seeing more TV shows and motion pictures with the theme of terra-transformation meaning the altering of the earth's natural environment. For example in the last two Superman movies that was a prominent theme. In Superman Returns Lex Luthor's character tried to alter the Earth using Kryptonian technology and the recent Man of Steel movie  plot featured General Zod and his cohorts trying to turn Earth into a Kypton friendly environment.
            Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence are two other themes we are increasingly being exposed to. For example we were first introduced to the idea/theme of transhumanism or cyborgs (half human half robotic) in the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman TV shows and the Robo Cop movies. Artificial Intelligence is being pushed as human consciousness being localized and infused into machines. Most recently we saw artificial intelligence and robots merged. The plot in The Avengers: Age of Ultron was about sentient robots going rogue and taking over the earth while the movies Transcendence, Lucy and Elysium dealt with advanced technology and the melding of human consciousness, machines and its impact on society at large.
            The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is reported to have once said, "The rich are not like us." The  person he supposedly said it to Ernest Hemmingway replied, "they have more money." Well we can say for certain the ruling classes are not like us. Not only do they have more money and resources they have a wholly different consciousness and  operate from a vastly differing value system.  They are psychopaths who see themselves as larger than life, they have a distorted view of their importance, they are remorseless and have no conscience. Many people are starting to realize the United States is now a pathocracy a nation ruled by the insane. Our rulers plan to remake the world into their own image. The Last Poets were right when they said, "The White Man Has a God complex." 
            As we speak the US Department of Defense's  Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) are working on creating a whole army of Robo-soldiers cyborgs or GMO humans! They have moved beyond science fiction into science fact. "You’ve seen it as science-fiction on TV or in the movies, but now it’s science-fact. I’m talking about the Pentagon’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) creation of a super soldier army with super human abilities achieved through genetic modification. Going on for some years, shrouded in secrecy, these mutants will make future wars totally different games. The genetic modification of specific human genes will give these soldiers certain characteristics advantageous on the battlefield, giving rise to the most amazing abilities and performances. Smarter, sharper, more focussed and more physically stronger than their enemy counterparts these soldiers will be capable of telepathy, run faster than Olympic champions, lift up record-breaking weights through the development of exoskeletons, re-grow  limbs lost in combat, possess a super-strong immune system, go for days and days without food or sleep… Then there’s the emotional side. These soldiers will have the empathy genes deleted and show no mercy, while devoid of fear… Even more disturbingly, the “Human Assisted Neutral Devices program” involving brain controlling allows the ‘joystick’ remote operation of soldiers from some far away control centre. –All this has been revealed, even in mainstream media. In spite of the secrecy fiction writer Simon Conway was allowed into the Pentagon’s DARPA and given a guided tour… Doesn’t this suggest that DARPA are well into the final stages and they want us to get use to the idea of a genetically modified super soldier army?" DARPA Genetically Modified Humans For A Super Soldier Army
            DARPA is no joke, it totally reflects the insane consciousness of the ruling elites. The roots of this go back to after WWII when the United States secretly brought Nazi scientists, spies and higher ups to the United States and South America to work on projects for the USA's Shadow Government. It was called Operation Paperclip and it was approved by President Harry Truman. "Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.
Of particular interest were scientists specializing in aerodynamics and rocketry (such as those involved in the V-1 and V-2 projects), chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. These scientists and their families were secretly brought to the United States, without State Department review and approval; their service for Hitler's Third Reich, NSDAP and SS memberships as well as the classification of many as war criminals or security threats also disqualified them from officially obtaining visas. An aim of the operation was capturing equipment before the Soviets came in. The US Army destroyed some of the German equipment to prevent it from being captured by the advancing Soviet Army. The majority of the scientists, numbering almost 500, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama to work on guided missile and ballistic missile technology. This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program. Much of the information surrounding Operation Paperclip is still classified."
            The Nazi scientists and doctors who were working on Mind Control, personality altering, torture and other heinous projects were given money, laboratories, jobs and free reign to work out their dastardly plans often on unsuspecting military personnel and civilians! " While many were involved with rockets, propulsion and nukes, other scientists were involved with radical experiments in the concentration camps. For years, these Nazi “doctors” did bizarre, violent and grotesque torture/experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners. There is a very good chance Josef Mengela (aka Dr Green) was involved in Operation Paperclip. The CIA realized that these scientists could be very valuable in interrogating enemy prisoners. However, the CIA soon learned that these sadistic Nazi experiments could be very useful to them. So, they not only condoned them, they put one of the Nazi scientists in charge of the operation!
It went by a few names at the beginning and whenever it was “found out” it promised to stop and simply morphed into another name with the same people. An early project was called project Artichoke which eventually morphed into one of the most nefarious CIA projects ever; Project MK Ultra. ... As MK ULTRA was advanced, the CIA found various ways to test their experiments on the populace at large without them knowing. Prisoners and soldiers were used in many experiments without even knowing it. As this mental programming continued, the Nazi scientists stumbled onto something that changed mind control forever. They discovered that the Monarch butterfly passed along it’s mental DNA to it’s offspring. That gave them an idea that was so disturbing it worked perfectly. The Nazi scientists somehow discovered that if you “program” someone and they have children, and you brutalize these children before the age of 7, they will break off into many different personalities that can all be easily controlled by a handler. Using the correct “trigger” words, the scientist could effectively change the slaves’ personality and access each one. This is called “Monarch Programming” and it has been proven to exist to this day."CIA/Nazis/MK ULTRA
            Today the US government is continuing and ratcheting those advances to create the perfect killing machines, devoid of conscience, ethics, morality or memory. This is real, it is being done as we speak, "The type of super human characteristics that have been developed (or in the development stages) in the soldiers is indicated by funding allocations. For example, DARPA has handed out a $40 million grant to California and Pennsylvania Universities to develop memory-controlling implants. It has also been revealed that DARPA awarded $9.9 million to the Institute for Preclinical Studies Texas A and M University to develop a means of surviving significant blood loss. This would overcome the normal difficulties in requiring life-saving medical treatment immediately after combat injury which is known to be difficult to give during the complications and dangers encountered on the battle field. Another characteristic in development is having the soldiers genetically modified to hibernate throughout winter. There is a gene in squirrels that produces an enzyme in the pancreas which enables this ability. This gene can be taken from the squirrel and inserted into solders…" DARPA Genetically Modified Humans For A Super Soldier Army
            Truth is stranger than fiction and often more fiendish and evil than what we read in books or see on TV and in the movies.




Monday, October 19, 2015

The War on Terrorism Is A Scam

                                               From The Ramparts
                                                Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                     The War On Terrorism Is A Scam

            "Boko Haram is an Islamic sect in northern Nigeria that rejects Western-style education, secular governance, the authority of the Nigerian state, and Islamic interpretations that run counter to its own teachings. Muhammad Yusuf, the group’s leader until his death in 2009, could potentially be labeled a “Wahhabi” – except that other “Wahhabis” in northern Nigeria rejected many of Yusuf’s ideas and were horrified by Boko Haram’s use of violence. "

            On October 14th President Obama notified Congress he was sending 300 troops to Cameroon along with his beloved aerial killing drones to counter the influence of the fanatical Islamic group Boko Haram. This was barely covered in the corporate mind control apparatus, the few outlets that did cover it parroted the government narrative that the troops plus a ninety man advance force are being sent to Cameroon to assist the Yaounde government and will remain in that country quote "until their support is no longer needed."
            The problem with this scenario is the US has been trying to get its claws into Africa since the Bu$h administration under the guise of "fighting terrorism" in their bogus global war on terror. Boko Haram and the assorted "terrorist organizations" operating in Africa are merely pretexts for the US to set up bases and military operations on the continent. It is all part of a nefarious scam to enable the US and its allies to bum rush the world under the auspices of being the world's police going after terrorists.
            The truth is, the "terrorists" are part of a long running Western scam used to further the ambitions of Western governments dating back to before WWI when the British used a fanatical Muslim sect to destabilize and undermine the Turkish-Ottoman Empire in what would become known as the "Middle East". The sect known as Wahhabi after their fanatical founder Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Wahhab was born around 1703 and he attempted to purge Islam of ideas and practices that arose after the third century  that Wahhab considered heresy, secular and un-Muslim. "Wahhab was further dismayed at the widespread laxity in adhering to traditional Islamic laws: questionable practices like the ones above were allowed to continue, whereas the religious devotions which Islam did require were being ignored. This created indifference to the plight of widows and orphans, adultery, lack of attention to obligatory prayers, and failure to allocate shares of inheritance fairly to women. Wahhab characterized all this as being typical of jahiliyya, an important term in Islam which refers to the barbarism and state of ignorance which existed prior to the coming of Islam. Wahhab thus identified himself with the Prophet Muhammad and at the same time connected his society with what Muhammad worked to overthrow." Wahhabism and Wahhabi Islam: How Wahhabi Islam Differs from Sunni, Shia Islam
            What made Wahhab so radical was his solution to Muslim apostasy was murder. "Because so many Muslims lived (so he claimed) in jahiliyya, al-Wahhab accused them of not being true Muslims after all. Only those who followed the strict teachings of al-Wahhab were truly Muslims because only they still followed the path laid out by Allah. Accusing someone of not being a true Muslim is significant because it is forbidden for one Muslim to kill another; but if someone is not a true Muslim then killing them (in war or in an act of terrorism) becomes licit. It would be hard to underestimate the importance of this principle to modern terrorists and extremists." ibid
            Wahhab forged an alliance with Muhammed Ibn Saud, a chief of a tribe of desert raiders (thugs and robbers) in Najd, Ibn Saud. The deal protected Wahhab from various local leaders and Wahhab's followers pledged loyalty and tithes to Al Saud. Later Saud's descendants allied themselves with the British prior to and during WWI to undermine the Turkish Ottoman Empire and take over the territory the Ottoman Empire held.
             The British took over the lands formerly occupied by the Ottoman Empire and set up the House of Saud as their puppets and proxies in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud continued their alliance with the Wahhabi fanatics to the present day. The British hit the jackpot when oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1933. The Wahhab -Saud relationship continued to flourish even today.
             Following WWII the United States became the major heir to European imperialism. The US struck a deal with the House of Saud. In exchange for protection of the Kingdom, its Saud rulers and Wahhab supporters (protection formally provided by the British) the House of Saud agreed to sell oil in US dollars only; thus creating today's Petrodollar.
             Meanwhile the Wahhabist fanatics who took up arms in support of the House of Saud and their British backers to oust the Turks (remember the movie Lawrance of Arabia?) maintained their tight relationship with the royal family to this very day. The US and its Western allies turned to the House of Saud and its Wahhab cohorts when they were looking for proxies and patsies against Russia during the Cold War. The Wahhabi had already spread their fanatical form of Islam into Eastern Europe and Asia centuries before.
            The US recruited Osama bin-Laden who was a Wahhabi and many like him to form the Mujahedeen and the US CIA funneled money arms and training to them through the Saudi and Pakistani governments as they used them to fight Russia in Afghanistan. With the success of the Russian campaign, the US CIA stepped up the use of Wahhabi fanatics to destabilize regimes by funding, arming and training them. Radical Islam has also been used to traffic drugs and destabilize sovereign states. "The International Community has stated on numerous occasions that organized crime groups originating from the Balkans pose one of the main security threats to the Union (Council of the EU, 2003; Europol, 2006; UNODC, 2008). Moreover, the fast expansion of radical Islamist networks in the Balkans has become another point of concern after 1991. In weak post-conflict states Wahhabis have been using radical Islam as a platform for political ideas and activities as well as to legitimize political, economic and social behavior. " Globalization and Transnational Crime  Globalizing the Western Balkans: Transnational Crime, Fundamental Islam and Unholy Alliances
            The US helped the radical Islamic fanatics cause mischief in Central Russia, Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Bosnia. Which explains why Putin drew a line in the sand against ISIS, ISIL and Daesh fanaticism in Syria. He knows what they are capable of.
            "In over 100 pages of testimony, filed in a federal court in New York earlier this week, Moussaui drops several House of Saud-related bombs. Not least that among leading al-Qaeda donors prior to 9/11 we find former Saudi intel chief Prince Turki al-Faisal (also a former great buddy of Osama bin Laden); notorious former ambassador to the US and failed sponsor of hardcore jihadis in Syria, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, aka Bandar Bush; darling of Western markets (and Rupert Murdoch) Prince al-Waleed bin Talal; and a who's who of Saudi Arabia's top Wahhabi clerics. None of this is any novelty for those among us who since Afghanistan in the 1980s have been following the extraordinarily murky adventures of Wahhabi-sponsored/derived jihadism. 
            The information is even more relevant when compared to an upcoming book by Michael Springmann - the former head of the US visa section in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World, Springmann essentially details how, "during the 1980s, the CIA recruited and trained Muslim operatives to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Later, the CIA would move those operatives from Afghanistan to the Balkans, and then to Iraq, Libya, and Syria, traveling on illegal US visas. These US-backed and trained fighters would morph into an organization that is synonymous with jihadist terrorism: al-Qaeda." The Dirtiest Secret of the War on Terrorism Pepe Escobar
            When the US and its thug allies used  fanatical Wahhabi foot soldiers to overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in Libya many of the fanatics left Libya and migrated into other areas. This brings us to Obama sending US troops into Africa. Many of the fanatics spread their radical fundamentalism to Africa. Keep in mind they are being supplied, protected, funded and used by the West to destabilize countries that have resources the US/West covets, pose a threat to US, Western or Israeli hegemony or as a pretext to pump up the US arms manufacturers contracts, and the US police warfare state.
             Boko Haram is one such case. Even though they are not Saudi or Arab they subscribe to the radical tenants of Wahhabism. " Similarly to ISIS, Boko Haram bases its ideology on the Sunni faction of Wahhabism. Its core mandate to oppose Westernisation and, principally, Western education, now has a more general aim to quash and humiliate the Nigerian government  . Boko Haram’s non-subordinate attitude towards the government or laws is typical to Wahhabism, placing itself far above the kafirs’ span of influence. Just like in the case of ISIS, Boko Haram is led by a charismatic and powerful persona – Abubakar Shekau, who, in 2015, was listed in Time magazine as one of world’s 100 most influential people.  Since the start of Boko Haram by its founder Mohammed Yusuf, the organisation is believed to have killed  over 10,000 people. Today, the audacity of Abubakar Shekau only escalates the degree to which Boko Haram is feared in the region."  Back to basics: What ISIS, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram have in common, and how they preach water and drink wine
            Oh, by the way Cameroon has large deposits of petroleum (oil).  That's all you really need to know about this situation.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Putin 2, US/NATO 0

                                                From The Ramparts
                                               Junious Ricardo Stanto
                                             Putin 2, Obama/ NATO 0

            "In a bid to strengthen the Russian air campaign, another Syrian ally -- China -- is now planning to deploy Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter aircraft, in Syria
Several reports have stated that Beijing has agreed to join the Russian air campaign. The development has come mere days after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a UN Security Council meeting that the world can no longer afford to stand by and look on with folded arms but must also not 'arbitrarily interfere' in the Syrian crisis."

            Shorty after addressing the United Nations General Assembly Russian President Vladimir Putin asked for and received a vote by the Russian Parliament to begin operations to oust fanatical jihadists in Syria most of whom were trained, armed, funded and supported by the US and its allies. The US and NATO's aim is to toppled the Bashar al-Assad regime. Putin and his allies Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and soon China have drawn a line in the sand and indicated they will no longer stand idly by and allow the West and its Wahhabi fanatic surrogates to wreck havoc in Syria.
            Unlike the US and their jihadist pawns and patsies who have been trying to destabilize and oust Al-Assad for going on five years, the Syrian government formally asked Putin for help. Syria is a trading partner and ally of Russia and Putin has been supplying support to al-Assad in the form of tactical intelligence which has helped Assad's forces thwart the efforts of the US and its allies to implement regime change in Syria like they did in Libya, Iraq, Ukraine and Yemen
            In its arrogance hypocrisy and hubris the US tried to create a No Fly Zone in Syria like they did in Libya. But Putin stepped in and undermined the Americans' reason to take Assad out for supposedly gassing his citizens. Where have we heard claims like that before? Remember Saddam Hussein and WMDs?  Putin stepped in and convinced the Assad government to destroy all of its poison gas. Assad agreed thereby averting what the US and its NATO thug allies did to Iraq and Libya. But that did not stop the Western imperialists
            It turned out the jihadist fanatics in the employ of the US and its Western allies were the ones who used the poison gas on Syrian civilians but in the meantime Putin was able to temporarily derail the West's crime rampage in the region. Undeterred Obama increased US aid and support to his jihadist puppets just like the US did to Osama bin-Laden in the 1980's. The US found itself giving money and support to al-Qaida and with a straight face called them "moderate rebels". Meanwhile ISIS, ISIL and a bunch of other stooges were wrecking havoc in Syria, Iraq and parts of Turkey. The goal is to destabilize the whole region so the US and its regional allies Israel and the feckless Gulf States like: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and  the United Arab Emirates would hold sway as vassals of the West and Israelis.
            But Putin intervened and prevented the West from making Syria a No Fly Zone. Score one for Putin and give Obama and the Axis of Evil zero. Now that Putin has sent ships into the Mediterranean Sea, set up a forward airbase in Syria and  started bombing the crap out of ISIS, ISIL and the other jihadists; the US is having conniptions. The corporate mind control apparatus right on cue has ratcheted its demonization of Putin, obfuscating the facts on the ground even showing bogus footage of civilian deaths and damage , pictures that were taken hours before Russian planes ever took off on their missions.
            Meanwhile the US has to scramble to explain and spin the fact US and NATO airstrikes hit a hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan killing and wounding innocent civilians, which is a bona fide war crime!  Obama complaining about Russian attacks on his jihadist stooges while killing innocent sick and wounded people in Afghanistan is like the kettle calling the pot black.
            Putin has sent advisors, troops planes, ships and tactical support to Syria. He is waging war from the air while Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi and Hezbollah troops on the ground do the mop up work to roust, kill or capture ISIS, ISIL and the other jihadist fanatics. Putin just dispatched his elite Special Ops troops to Syria. Remember how Obama and his lapdogs took it upon themselves to supposedly go after  ISIS? Well Putin has accomplished more in less than a week then the US and its allies have been able to do in years! And now China is entering the fight on the side of  Assad and Syria. Chalk another one up for Putin, put down another slap at the US Axis of Evil.
            Putin is not a poseur or pretender. He is a legitimate leader who is tired of US belligerence and bullying. His actions in Syria, his restraint in Ukraine and his attempts to form a real coalition to go after terrorists are a stark contrast to the US jingoism and hypocrisy. Putin told the world when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly last month there has to be openness and cooperation rather than coercion. "In fact, the Islamic State itself did not come out of nowhere. It was initially developed as a weapon against undesirable secular regimes. Having established control over parts of Syria and Iraq, Islamic State now aggressively expands into other regions. It seeks dominance in the Muslim world and beyond. Their plans go further. The situation is extremely dangerous. In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make declarations about the threat of terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the channels used to finance and support terrorists, including revenues from drug trafficking, the illegal oil trade and the arms trade. It is equally irresponsible to manipulate extremist groups and use them to achieve your political goals, hoping that later you’ll find a way to get rid of them or somehow eliminate them.
            I’d like to tell those who engage in this: Gentlemen, the people you are dealing with are cruel but they are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. So, it’s a big question: who’s playing who here? The recent incident where the most “moderate” opposition group handed over their weapons to terrorists is a vivid example of that. We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European ones, gaining combat experience with Islamic State. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception. Now that those thugs have tasted blood, we can’t allow them to return home and continue with their criminal activities. Nobody wants that, right?
            Russia has consistently opposed terrorism in all its forms. Today, we provide military-technical assistance to Iraq, Syria and other regional countries fighting terrorist groups. We think it’s a big mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities and government forces who valiantly fight terrorists on the ground. We should finally admit that President Assad’s government forces and the Kurdish militia are the only forces really fighting terrorists in Syria. Yes, we are aware of all the problems and conflicts in the region, but we definitely have to consider the actual situation on the ground."  Go to  to read the full text of Putin's UN speech. Putin told it like it was for the whole world to see.
            Things are looking up for Assad but the banksters and warmongers in New York Washington London, Tel Aviv and Riyadh are not liking these developments one bit. But there is little they can do about it because the Syrian government invited Putin to come in and help his beleaguered  forces maintain order. Keep in mind al-Assad was overwhelmingly reelected in 2014 by his people even in the midst of a US backed attempt to oust him!  
            Obama and his handlers talk about Assad violating the human rights of his people?! How can Obama say anything to anyone about human rights violations, he is the mad bomber using drones and missiles to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?!  What about Obama reigning over the largest gulag system in the world? What about the indigenous North American people the US government still keeps locked up in concentration camps they call "reservations"? What about Ferguson, what about the systemic racism that is endemic within US culture?
            Don't depend on the corporate mind control apparatus for your news about the world, seek other sources. Don't believe the hype about Putin. While he is no saint he's not the Hitler the Western press is painting him out to be. Remember  the top US industrialists and bankers financed and backed Adolf Hitler and his fascist regime in Germany! The Russian people made major sacrifices during WWII and were the real reason the allies won the war.  The US press is dogging Putin just like they dogged Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and anyone else who decides he or she is no longer going to go along with the 1%'s  and their flunkies' okey-doke.
             So if you're keeping score on Syrian situation it's Putin, sovereignty and peace 2, Obama destabilization and the warmongers 0.



Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Blatant American Hypocrisy

                                                From The Ramparts
                                               Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                            Blatant American Hypocrisy

            “For years I labored with the idea of reforming the existing institutions of society, a little change here, a little change there. Now I feel quite differently. I think you’ve got to have a reconstruction of the entire society, a revolution of values.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Inconvenient Hero, p. 98 -

            President Obama's remarks at the United Nations on September 28th  demonstrated how depraved and psychopathic the rulers of this nation are. Posturing and justifying policies of invasion, rapine, pillage and plunder Obama's message of American Exceptionalism set for all the world to see just how hypocritical, insane and megalomaniacal this nation is.
            The United States of America is by far the most imperialistic nation on the planet, bar none! The American Empire has over six hundred sixty military bases in thirty eight counties not counting the covert ops stations and positions the number of which are not public knowledge.  These bases and covert ops do not exist as "A global force for good" like the TV commercials for the US Navy proclaim. Rather they are there to impose US hegemony, intimidate foreign governments, facilitate the extraction of raw materials, give US corporations unfettered access to minerals and markets and control crucial geostrategic areas.
            But in his delusion or hubris Obama stood before the United Nations General Assembly on September 28 and had the audacity to utter lies such as these, "Indeed, I believe that in today’s world, the measure of strength is no longer defined by the control of territory.  Lasting prosperity does not come solely from the ability to access and extract raw materials.  The strength of nations depends on the success of their people -- their knowledge, their innovation, their imagination, their creativity, their drive, their opportunity -- and that, in turn, depends upon individual rights and good governance and personal security.  Internal repression and foreign aggression are both symptoms of the failure to provide this foundation."
            This was uttered by the man who allowed, facilitated and covered up the plunder of the US economy by the largest banks, hedge funds and special interests. Where is his concern for the US people's prosperity who lost trillions of personal wealth because of Wall Street greed and fraud?
            Those words were actually said with a straight face by the man who uses drone technology to kill more innocent people around the world than any other leader on the planet, like the hospital the US and NATO just bombed in Afghanistan!  Under Obama the US has destabilized whole swaths of territory in Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, Ukraine and now Syria. Obama the consummate puppet of the 1% actually formed his mouth to say Russia annexed Crimea and call Russia an aggressor nation.  "That same fidelity to international order guides our responses to other challenges around the world.  Consider Russia’s annexation of Crimea and further aggression in eastern Ukraine.  America has few economic interests in Ukraine.  We recognize the deep and complex history between Russia and Ukraine.  But we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated.  If that happens without consequence in Ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered here today.  That’s the basis of the sanctions that the United States and our partners impose on Russia.  It's not a desire to return to a Cold War. 
            Now, within Russia, state-controlled media may describe these events as an example of a resurgent Russia -- a view shared, by the way, by a number of U.S. politicians and commentators who have always been deeply skeptical of Russia, and seem to be convinced a new Cold War is, in fact, upon us.  And yet, look at the results.  The Ukrainian people are more interested than ever in aligning with Europe instead of Russia. Sanctions have led to capital flight, a contracting economy, a fallen ruble, and the emigration of more educated Russians.  Imagine if, instead, Russia had engaged in true diplomacy, and worked with Ukraine and the international community to ensure its interests were protected.  That would be better for Ukraine, but also better for Russia, and better for the world -- which is why we continue to press for this crisis to be resolved in a way that allows a sovereign and democratic Ukraine to determine its future and control its territory.  Not because we want to isolate Russia -- we don't -- but because we want a strong Russia that’s invested in working with us to strengthen the international system as a whole."
            This from the man who gave the okay to spend over five billion dollars of US taxpayers money to topple the elected government of Ukraine! This from the country where corporate and government propaganda rule where telling the truth is a criminal act almost. Obama was so brazen with his lies he overlooked the fact that in this day of Internet access and fact checking, the truth can be secured and discerned within minutes with little or no effort. Russia did not annex Crimea, the Crimean people voted to rejoin the Russian federation! The fact of the matter is the US was behind the 2014 coup that put Neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine.
            Go to  to hear the leaked audio of US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Geoff  Pyatt the US Envoy to Ukraine going over the details of which puppet they wanted to install in power.  Keep in mind, Nuland and Pyatt were not acting or speaking on their own, they had the tacit backing of Obama and his handlers!
            Obama had the audacity to call out Vladimir Putin and lie about Putin's attempts to broker peace in Ukraine and Syria when the US and NATO  unilaterally bombed Libya without a formal declaration of war or UN mandate and the US has been working to undermine the cease fire Russia, Germany and France brokered in Ukraine to further destabilize that country. The results of this and US policies in Yemen and Syria are directly responsible for the suffering, trauma and the refugee situation in Europe now.
            We need to wake up and see our government as the vampires, psychopaths and thugs they are. What Malcolm X and Martin Luther King said over fifty years ago about US oppression and imperialism still ring true. In a speech in Ghana in 1964 Malcolm said, "Anytime you think that America is the land of the free, you come there and take off your national dress and be mistaken for an American Negro, and you will find out you’re not in the land of the free. America is a colonial power. She is just as much a colonial power in 1964 as France, Britain, Portugal, and all these other European countries were in 1864. She’s a twentieth-century colonial power; she’s a modern colonial power, and she has colonized twenty-two million African-Americans. While there are only eleven million Africans colonized in South Africa, four or five million colonized in Angola, there are twenty-two million Africans colonized in America right now on May 13, 1964. What is second-class citizenship if nothing but twentieth-century colonialism? They don’t want you to know that slavery still exists, so rather than call it slavery they call it second-class citizenship." Malcolm knew the real deal about America and he boldly spoke truth to power.
            Martin Luther King Jr also was well aware of US imperialism around the world. He said, " God didn't call on America to engage in a senseless, unjust war in Vietnam.  And we are criminals in that war. We've committed more war crimes almost than any other nation in the world and I'm going to continue to say it. And we won't stop it because of our pride and arrogance as a nation."
            Their words are a stark contrast to the lies and fabrications of Barak Obama at the UN but their words are just as true today as they were when they uttered them over fifty years ago. Don't go for the okey-doke or fall for the US flim-flam.