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Playing God US Creating Cyber GMO Robot Soldiers

                                      From The Ramparts
                                     Junious Ricardo Stanton
                    Playing God Creating Cyber GMO Robot Soldiers

            "The elite hidden powers that be, the architects of darkness, have got the idea that the more understood about DNA the closer they get towards holding the keys to immortality. While it has indeed been known for some time that they want a population reduction and have intentions to incorporate people with robotics, one of the greatest threats on the transhumant agenda is GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) the greatest threats to life New federal guidelines continue to be made granting further research into GMO regardless of ethical issues, safety or public consent. This allows giant corporations like for example big agriculture carte blanche control over any GMO they want, which includes allowing the creation of human/ animal chimeras."  Beware Of The Transhumanism Agenda And Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) -by Paul A Philips

            The functions of the mass media are: brainwashing, brain entrainment,  programming to prepare us to accept and acquiesce to the fiendish agenda of the psychopathic elite who want to own and control the entire world and selling their products. Often called the Illuminati or the New World Order these depraved megalomaniacs have the funding, resources and wherewithal to engage in research and development of the most dastardly and disruptive technologies beyond the imagination of most people. There is a method to their madness. We are constantly bombarded with subliminal images and messages along with plot themes to create a "reality" or worldview the ruling classes want us to believe or accept.
            We are seeing more TV shows and motion pictures with the theme of terra-transformation meaning the altering of the earth's natural environment. For example in the last two Superman movies that was a prominent theme. In Superman Returns Lex Luthor's character tried to alter the Earth using Kryptonian technology and the recent Man of Steel movie  plot featured General Zod and his cohorts trying to turn Earth into a Kypton friendly environment.
            Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence are two other themes we are increasingly being exposed to. For example we were first introduced to the idea/theme of transhumanism or cyborgs (half human half robotic) in the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman TV shows and the Robo Cop movies. Artificial Intelligence is being pushed as human consciousness being localized and infused into machines. Most recently we saw artificial intelligence and robots merged. The plot in The Avengers: Age of Ultron was about sentient robots going rogue and taking over the earth while the movies Transcendence, Lucy and Elysium dealt with advanced technology and the melding of human consciousness, machines and its impact on society at large.
            The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is reported to have once said, "The rich are not like us." The  person he supposedly said it to Ernest Hemmingway replied, "they have more money." Well we can say for certain the ruling classes are not like us. Not only do they have more money and resources they have a wholly different consciousness and  operate from a vastly differing value system.  They are psychopaths who see themselves as larger than life, they have a distorted view of their importance, they are remorseless and have no conscience. Many people are starting to realize the United States is now a pathocracy a nation ruled by the insane. Our rulers plan to remake the world into their own image. The Last Poets were right when they said, "The White Man Has a God complex." 
            As we speak the US Department of Defense's  Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) are working on creating a whole army of Robo-soldiers cyborgs or GMO humans! They have moved beyond science fiction into science fact. "You’ve seen it as science-fiction on TV or in the movies, but now it’s science-fact. I’m talking about the Pentagon’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) creation of a super soldier army with super human abilities achieved through genetic modification. Going on for some years, shrouded in secrecy, these mutants will make future wars totally different games. The genetic modification of specific human genes will give these soldiers certain characteristics advantageous on the battlefield, giving rise to the most amazing abilities and performances. Smarter, sharper, more focussed and more physically stronger than their enemy counterparts these soldiers will be capable of telepathy, run faster than Olympic champions, lift up record-breaking weights through the development of exoskeletons, re-grow  limbs lost in combat, possess a super-strong immune system, go for days and days without food or sleep… Then there’s the emotional side. These soldiers will have the empathy genes deleted and show no mercy, while devoid of fear… Even more disturbingly, the “Human Assisted Neutral Devices program” involving brain controlling allows the ‘joystick’ remote operation of soldiers from some far away control centre. –All this has been revealed, even in mainstream media. In spite of the secrecy fiction writer Simon Conway was allowed into the Pentagon’s DARPA and given a guided tour… Doesn’t this suggest that DARPA are well into the final stages and they want us to get use to the idea of a genetically modified super soldier army?" DARPA Genetically Modified Humans For A Super Soldier Army
            DARPA is no joke, it totally reflects the insane consciousness of the ruling elites. The roots of this go back to after WWII when the United States secretly brought Nazi scientists, spies and higher ups to the United States and South America to work on projects for the USA's Shadow Government. It was called Operation Paperclip and it was approved by President Harry Truman. "Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.
Of particular interest were scientists specializing in aerodynamics and rocketry (such as those involved in the V-1 and V-2 projects), chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. These scientists and their families were secretly brought to the United States, without State Department review and approval; their service for Hitler's Third Reich, NSDAP and SS memberships as well as the classification of many as war criminals or security threats also disqualified them from officially obtaining visas. An aim of the operation was capturing equipment before the Soviets came in. The US Army destroyed some of the German equipment to prevent it from being captured by the advancing Soviet Army. The majority of the scientists, numbering almost 500, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama to work on guided missile and ballistic missile technology. This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program. Much of the information surrounding Operation Paperclip is still classified."
            The Nazi scientists and doctors who were working on Mind Control, personality altering, torture and other heinous projects were given money, laboratories, jobs and free reign to work out their dastardly plans often on unsuspecting military personnel and civilians! " While many were involved with rockets, propulsion and nukes, other scientists were involved with radical experiments in the concentration camps. For years, these Nazi “doctors” did bizarre, violent and grotesque torture/experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners. There is a very good chance Josef Mengela (aka Dr Green) was involved in Operation Paperclip. The CIA realized that these scientists could be very valuable in interrogating enemy prisoners. However, the CIA soon learned that these sadistic Nazi experiments could be very useful to them. So, they not only condoned them, they put one of the Nazi scientists in charge of the operation!
It went by a few names at the beginning and whenever it was “found out” it promised to stop and simply morphed into another name with the same people. An early project was called project Artichoke which eventually morphed into one of the most nefarious CIA projects ever; Project MK Ultra. ... As MK ULTRA was advanced, the CIA found various ways to test their experiments on the populace at large without them knowing. Prisoners and soldiers were used in many experiments without even knowing it. As this mental programming continued, the Nazi scientists stumbled onto something that changed mind control forever. They discovered that the Monarch butterfly passed along it’s mental DNA to it’s offspring. That gave them an idea that was so disturbing it worked perfectly. The Nazi scientists somehow discovered that if you “program” someone and they have children, and you brutalize these children before the age of 7, they will break off into many different personalities that can all be easily controlled by a handler. Using the correct “trigger” words, the scientist could effectively change the slaves’ personality and access each one. This is called “Monarch Programming” and it has been proven to exist to this day."CIA/Nazis/MK ULTRA
            Today the US government is continuing and ratcheting those advances to create the perfect killing machines, devoid of conscience, ethics, morality or memory. This is real, it is being done as we speak, "The type of super human characteristics that have been developed (or in the development stages) in the soldiers is indicated by funding allocations. For example, DARPA has handed out a $40 million grant to California and Pennsylvania Universities to develop memory-controlling implants. It has also been revealed that DARPA awarded $9.9 million to the Institute for Preclinical Studies Texas A and M University to develop a means of surviving significant blood loss. This would overcome the normal difficulties in requiring life-saving medical treatment immediately after combat injury which is known to be difficult to give during the complications and dangers encountered on the battle field. Another characteristic in development is having the soldiers genetically modified to hibernate throughout winter. There is a gene in squirrels that produces an enzyme in the pancreas which enables this ability. This gene can be taken from the squirrel and inserted into solders…" DARPA Genetically Modified Humans For A Super Soldier Army
            Truth is stranger than fiction and often more fiendish and evil than what we read in books or see on TV and in the movies.





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