Sunday, August 14, 2016

Massive Fiscal Irresponsibility


                                                From The Ramparts
                                               Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                         Massive Fiscal Irresponsibility

            "While the Department of Defense can’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, in 2014 there were 47 million people, including over 15 million children, living in poverty in the U.S. – 15% of the U.S. population, which is the largest total number in poverty since records began being kept 52 years ago."

            You probably won't see this on the front page of your local newspaper, or see/hear it repeated incessantly by the corporate mind control apparatus, but an Inspector General audit revealed the US Department of Defense cannot account for $6.5 trillion that's trillion with a "T" of US Army general fund transactions and data. According to the report released on July 26th the US Army cannot account for "$6.5 trillion in adjustments made to its year end 2015 financial statements." This is not a one time occurrence, the military has not been able to track, account for or comply with standardized accounting procedures in reporting their transactions for decades!
            Remember on September 10, 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to announce the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion dollars.  Of course the very next day 9-11 the "new Pearl Harbor" catalyst the NeoCons needed to jump start their bogus war on terror occurred. Nine-eleven was the instigator of perpetual war, no bid contracts worth billions to administration crony insiders and campaign contributors, it spurred the creation of  new government departments like Homeland Security, TSA and expanded the police spy state apparatus that grows larger every year.
            Fiscal irresponsibility is the norm in this country. We forget this is our hard earned taxpayer dollars being spent on wars started based upon lies!!  How many new bridges, roads, schools, sewage systems, humanitarian research and development projects could have been built, started and created with the trillions of dollars the US spends to kill innocent civilians? $8.5 trillion dollars from 1996 to 2014 has not been accounted for!
            If you handled your personal finances or your business and tax returns like the Department of Defense handles its accounting, you'd be wearing an orange jump suit now. Here are some examples of Pentagon mismanagement: "$300 Million a Year Unaccounted for in Afghanistan. In the latest example of lax oversight, a blistering new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) reveals the Pentagon isn’t keeping sufficient tabs on the $300 million in tax dollars each year that are supposed to help fund the payroll of the Afghan National Police (ANP). U.S. Weapons Worth $500 Million Vanish in Yemen. Pentagon officials cannot track the whereabouts of $500 million worth of military equipment the U.S. donated to Yemen since 2007 – raising alarms that the hardware may have ended up with al-Qaeda or Iranian-backed rebels.$1 Billion Paid for Loose Bolts and Damaged Aircraft. It’s bad enough that federal contractors hired to perform routine maintenance work on Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) airplanes dodged their work hours and shirked important safety requirements. It’s even worse that they overcharged the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars for their 'work' – and agency officials didn’t notice any of it."
            Not one person has been held accountable, demoted or punished! "Consider that politicians of both major political parties are demanding accountability for every penny spent on welfare, including demanding that recipients of welfare prove that they are trying to find work. Ditto for people receiving unemployment compensation. Consider the amount of money and time spent on testing students in public schools in a vain effort to make teachers accountable for student 'performance.' And yet the military doesn’t have to account for any of its trillions of dollars of spending on manpower and weapons — even though Congress fully a generation ago passed a law requiring such accountability."
            Wow, the military industrial complex is really powerful.



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