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9-11 The Crime of The Century


                                                    From The Ramparts
                                                   Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                     9-11, The Crime of The Century

            Nine-eleven wasn't a surprise terrorist attack on the United States by a small group of fanatical Muslims. It was a false flag operation, a multifaceted and complex criminal operation perpetrated by elements within the US government like Vice President  Dick Cheney with the assistance of  the NeoCons, influential financiers and operatives from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It wasn't a surprise because it is now a known fact the US CIA Director personally warned President George W. Bu$h as did Russian President Vladimir Putin and governments such as: Argentina, Germany, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.
            Despite being warned, the Bu$h administration chose to do nothing. Nine-eleven was a false flag operation. A false flag operation is a crime perpetrated by individuals, groups or nations where disguises, other nation's flags and/or false clues are left to make people think someone else did the crime. A classic example of  a false flag operation was the Boston Tea Party where whites dressed up as Native American and threw English tea into the harbor.
            The notion that a terminally ill Osama bin-Laden living in a cave using a laptop and satellite cell phone could circumvent the US intelligence and defense systems, major airport security, NORAD, Air Force and the FAA is preposterous. Nine-eleven was a multilayered criminal enterprise abetted and obscured by the Bu$h administration, their cabal of warmongers, Wall Street bankers and thugs. Various cliques and elements within the government, Wall Street and foreign capitals plotted and planned 9-11 or used it for their own nefarious ends whether to launch a global military campaign for resource expropriation and US dollar hegemony or as a cover for massive theft and fraud here at home.
            For example the Afghanistan government at the time was not responsible for 9-11, but the Taliban had shut down the opium growing that was/is part of the US CIA's money making and money laundering monopoly and they refused to go along with plans to construct transit pipelines across Afhganistan that would carry Eurasian oil and gas to the Indian Ocean to Western markets. So for being uncooperative, they had to be deposed. Plans for this were made way before 9-11 happened, 9-11 was just the pretext for the invasion and occupation!
             After years of stonewalling demands for a formal investigation into 9-11 by the victims' families, the Bu$h administration finally relented and convened the "9-11 Commission".  It was a total sham just like the Warren Commission that investigated the JFK assassination which the perpetrators convened to cover up JFK's murder. Even the two co-chairs of the 9-11 Commission admitted it was designed to fail, that the government failed to provide the needed resources and truthful information!
            The 9-11 Commission obfuscated the facts to reinforce the government's disingenuous fairytale about Muslim fanatics. Every crime creates and leaves evidence that must be scrutinized, analyzed, evaluated and discussed if it is to be solved. But within days, the US government literally scooped up all the critical evidence: the scrap metal and debris from the twin towers and Building 7, carted it off and sold it overseas to China without any forensic examination whatsoever! No attempt was ever made to examine the debris to verify or discount the governments preposterous claim three buildings fell (when only two were hit by planes) because of the heat and fire from airplane fuel! No tangible evidence was ever offered to prove Osama bin-Laden was the culprit, nevertheless government and media sycophants kept repeating it over and over until it became accepted "fact".
            On the international level, nine-eleven was used to expand the resource theft and destabilization of a region stretching from North Africa into the so called Middle East and Eurasia; all rich in oil and other natural resources that just happened to be under the feet of Muslims and enemies of Israel! The War on Global Terrorism is a total fraud. It is based on the criminal act of 9-11 which was an inside job! Most of the major US advocates and architects of the invasion of Iraq we now know was based on lies, were dual citizens and supporters of Israel, rabid supporters of the military industrial complex, the police security state and big oil.
            There were additional aspects of 9-11 we never heard about such as the fact building 7 which was not hit by a plane but collapsed in free fall just like a controlled demolition, housed offices of the IRS, EEOC, Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission which was investigating thousands of securities fraud cases like Enron and Worldcom, many linked to prominent Wall Street investment firms and government officials. Investigative Reporter Tom Flocco reported in 2005  several other "coincidences" such as the Securities and Exchange Commission was in the midst of massive investigations into securities fraud. One investigation involved "Brady Bonds" worth hundreds of billions of dollars that had been fraudulently purchased which were scheduled to come due on September 12th. Coincidently one of the firms that held the bonds, Canter-Fitzgerald had offices on the 101-105 floors of the North Tower and it suffered major loss of life and supposedly all their records. How convenient for the perpetrators. Remember building 7 was not hit by a plane! Check out to glean just how deep and intricate this crime was.
            On this fifteenth anniversary of 9-11 don't go for the okey-doke. There are enough anomalies, inconsistencies and evidence  that provide a concrete prima facie case  9-11 was not a terrorist attack but the crime of the century executed by rogue elements within the US government and their international corporate crime network patrons.



At 9:12 AM, Blogger New Clear Reactor said...

considering the lack of detailed research into the reasons, companies, personnel, job lists(day to day reports of the "work" carried out) etc; it would be unwise to accept any statements about a warning prior to this abominable act.Where is the FORENSIC research carried out on the so-called "power-downs".Everything else that follows hinges Directly on who did what(including the stock market activity), who occupied those buildings,what information the agencies that occupied it held that might pertain to the "attacks", in fact, a whole area of active research has been glossed over in favour of the bloody aftermath.That would be most interesting.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Junious Ricardo Stanton said...

We do know the US FBI had prior knowledge of not only a similar plan (Operation Bojinka) but the Bu$h administration knew of also of 9-11 because it was subsequently revealed the CIA Director Tenet warned Bu$h himself as did Israel, Russia and several other countries contact US intelligence agencies to warn them. As for the insider trading the Brady Bonds and other insider scams there is ample evidence to suggest massive fraud and criminality. The, cliues and information are out there we just need dedicated researchers to piee the puzzle together..


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