Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jedi Mind Tricks and The AmeriKKKan Psyche

Jedi Mind Tricks and The AmeriKKKa Psyche

“ Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were.’ I will never forget the shock of recognition I felt when I first read those words several years ago, nor my first thought when I looked up from the page: ‘This happens to me all the time.’ It wouldn't be surprising if many of you reading this now have just had the same thought. This would be particularly true for those among you whom the American media, with increasing frequency, describe as ‘conspiracy theorists:’ those who suspect that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have more to do with oil than with any humanitarian or security motives; or those who question the omissions in the 9/11 Commission's report, and think that the 9/11 tragedy had more to do with the Bush/Saudi connection and neoconservative imperial ambitions than with America being "hated for its freedom"; or those who believe that American media are the finely-tuned propaganda organs of the military-industrial complex which, rather than failing their journalistic responsibilities, are doing an excellent job of keeping the American public confused and uninformed; or even the overwhelming majority of Americans who subscribe to the event that made the term ‘conspiracy theory’ mainstream: that the CIA was directly involved in the assassination of JFK.”Michael Hasty Establishment Media Plagued By “Coincidence Theorists” Propaganda Matrix 09-27-04

In the George Lucas motion picture Star Wars serial, we were introduced to a band of mystical warriors called the Jedi Knights who had the ability to influence the thoughts of weak minded individuals by causally waving their hand in front of the person’s face while conversing with them. Subsequently the weak minded would assent to the Jedi Knight’ mental mastery. In a brilliant analogy a writer at Online Journal referred to the corporate media’s propaganda mind control agenda/apparatus as “Jedi Mind Tricks”; inferring the masses of AmeriKKKans are unsuspecting dolts being manipulated at every turn. This manipulation however is not being done by courageous spiritual warriors out to save the universe from the Evil Empire but by a cabal of psychopathic megalomaniacs and crooks hell bent on controlling (destroying) the planet. The New World Order elites don’t of themselves possess the power to mold minds, but they do control the mass media; the tool by which they hope to lobotomize the masses. Thus far they have done a masterful job. Anytime seventy per cent of the AmeriKKKan public (according to public opinion polls the ruling elites control and manipulate as part of their mind control tricks) presumably believe Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11 when the CIA has said repeatedly he was not, you know folks have been bamboozled. Why do they believe the lies? Because the Bush administration said so. Because the Bush- Neo-Con accomplices in the corporate media kept repeating it uncritically over and over again and because the corporate media squashed dissenting views. Now Bush is like the ruler in the Hans Christian Anderson story The Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone knows he is naked but no one had the courage to speak up and tell him so, except for an innocent little boy. In this case the masses have been overwhelmed by the Jedi Mind Tricks of the NWO ruling elites. If you are looking for truth go to the Internet. Thank the Creator for the Internet, it is the one place a truth seeker can find the accuracy to refute the deceit and disinformation pumped out by the corporate media and their henchmen. This is not to say the fascists have not infiltrated the Internet because they have. However unlike mainstream media, the Internet offers greater ability to cross check and scrutinize the material that is out there. I personally was encouraged several months ago when a Zogby Poll (Zobgy International is the one polling organization that has not totally sold its soul to the NWO fascists, yet) came out with a survey revealing almost half of New Yorkers interviewed believed the US government had foreknowledge of 9-11 and “consciously allowed it to happen”. There is hope! This means people are thinking for themselves just like the little boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes, they can see things aren’t as they are being told. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the Bush administration’s version of 9-11 is as phony as a seven dollar bill. Interestingly the Zogby poll revealed sixty-three per cent of African-Americans believe the government knew about it and was in on it! Africans in America have had centuries of first hand experience with state sanctioned terrorism, violence and depravity so we know intuitively what the real deal is and we can cut through the BS.
It is sill not too late to take back our minds, our community and ultimately the world. We have a choice, we can fall for the okey-doke and march in lockstep to the fascists' NWO tune or we can critically examine the information being pumped at us and act in our own best interests. We can be fools and believe what the psychopaths who despoil the planet, who raped our grandmothers, lynched our grandfathers and abuse our parents and our children; who always blame the victim for what happened tell us, or we can think for ourselves. Make up your own mind and come to your own conclusions! Real empowerment is an internal process. It begins inwardly, it is inner motivated and directed continuum, that subsequently manifests outwardly. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into being outer directed, dependent upon or brainwashed by external forces. Consume media with a skeptical and critical attitude. Everything is interrelated and interconnected, connect the dots by integrating the facts, look for patterns to see the larger picture. Most importantly judge folks by what they do, not by what they say.


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