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2014 Predictions

                                                        From The Ramparts
                                                       Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                           2014 Predictions

            I don’t profess to be a fortune teller, an exotic Swami or professional prognosticator. I do know human beings are creatures of habit and if you discern people’s values, habits, patterns and/or proclivities you can reliably predict their future behavior. With that in mind, I am offering a few predictions for 2014 based upon past attitudes, values and behavioral patterns.
Looking at the West, especially the US with its history of open and clandestine invasion, genocide, neo-colonialism, neo-liberal imperialism and warmongering, we can safely say it will continue into 2014. The US will use even more drones to bomb innocent men women and children in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan as they continue the totally bogus War on Terrorism.
The US will stay in Afghanistan to continue to reap record opium crops (60% of the world’s opium supply) that make the CIA, organized crime and Wall Street banksters so rich. In fact the US CIA World Factbook lists opium as Afghanistan’s leading crop. But Afghanistan is also awash in mineral resources such as: iron, uranium, cooper, cobalt, lithium, natural gas and some oil. Don’t count on the US vacating Afghanistan in 2014.
The American government in cahoots with the international bankers and multi-national corporations will put an even deeper palm print on the continent of Africa in: the Central African Republic which has abundant resources of timber, diamonds and cotton. The US will create pretexts to send more troops, drones or “aid” to Mali to ensure they keep tabs on the uranium, phosphate and gold there, Nigeria will be a focal point because the elites want to protect the Anglo-American oil interests there. Libya will be on the Western imperialists clip board as the consequent societal collapse following the 2011 US toppling of Qadhafi worsens.  Of course the kleptomaniacs also want the oil and gold there. The vampire elites are looking at South Sudan and will attempt to destabilize it further to gain full access to the oil deposits there while Israel covets the water from the Nile River. South Sudan also has gold and diamonds as well as fertile land that make it irresistible to the corporate theives. South Africa will be in the cross hairs for several important reasons: one they have linked with Brazil, Russia, India and China to form the BRICS powerful trading and economic block. The BRICS are talking about establishing a global bank that would rival the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements. That’s a no no that could lead to war. The BRICS pose a nominal threat to the Western banking cartels. Look for the Western shot callers to attempt to destabilize these countries internally. You may see or hear about riots, demonstrations and clashes with police but know the West is behind most of this! The West views South Africa as a weak link in the coalition. South Africa is also being watched because there is turmoil in the platinum mines with workers demanding higher wages. The thugs in the corporate suites won’t tolerate that. As we close out 2013, news about what’s happening in Congo and Uganda is being suppressed. Look for incidents in that region to make news early in 2014.
Expect tensions to escalate between Japan its US ally and China over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Recently China initiated an Air Defense Zone in the East China Sea and requested other nations apprise them of their military flight plans and have their military planes identify themselves when approaching the area. Japan and the US immediately indicated their refusal to comply and within hours sent planes and bombers into the area without notifying China. There were no confrontations but the next time Japan and the US did it, China scrambled jets to intercept and shadow their aircraft. China recently sent its only aircraft carrier into the region. On another occasion China sent three ships to confront a US Navy guided missile cruiser supposedly in international waters. This has the potential to escalate into full scale hostilities. A war with China that also involves Japan, South Korea, Viet Nam and the US would be one way for the US to get out from under the trillions of dollars of debt it owes both China and Japan. Don’t think I’m using hyperbole, the oligarchs are really that sick.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.
The global economy will teeter back and forth on the brink of collapse as the insolvency of sovereign nations and the “Too Big To Fail” banks pose an ever growing threat. The unregulated over leveraged global derivatives trade took AIG and Lehman Brothers down in 2007. That situation has not been resolved despite the bailouts, and ominously the derivatives bubble has grown to between 600 trillion with a “T” and 1.5 quadrillion dollars. That gargantuan total is bigger than the total global GDP of all developed and developing nations put together!  If it comes unraveled like it did in 2007 it will mean the end of the Western economic system as we know it. This news is being suppressed by the corporate media. You won’t find it anywhere except on a few sites like and  The derivatives bubble will inflate even larger in 2014 bringing the world closer to financial Armageddon.
Keep your eyes on Detroit. In 2014 the one per cent vampires and vultures will pick that once great city clean leaving pensioners strapped, services cut to the bone and the poor in a lurch. This is the template the financial oligarchs plan to use on the state, local and federal levels. Keep in mind there are numerous municipalities, counties and states on the brink of insolvency. Over one hundred public worker pension funds are underfunded around the country by trillions of dollars. Politicians cannot raise enough tax money to cover the shortfalls. Keep in mind the US government is broke, it cannot pay its debts (that’s why they have to raise the debt ceiling). The federal government doesn’t have the money to pay for Social Security or Medicare!  In effect the US government is already in default to its own citizens!! So to forestall the inevitable, they will usher in austerity programs. For a preview, watch what they do to Detroit.  
In 2014 the Kleptocratic corporate elites and their cohorts in Congress will write and pass legislation that further undermines the social safety nets on the local, state and federal levels.  In 2014 more and more people will become knowledgeable about Frankenfoods the so called Bio-Technology industry that is destroying the global ecosystem. A grass roots movement will generate opposition to GMOs but the Obama administration will side with Monsanto and the other bio-tech giants.
Lastly there will be calls for Obama’s impeachment. Whether or not they will be successful is not clear. A certain foreign nation and their powerful lobby want to frighten Obama into following their “Middle East” war agenda. If he refuses they will sic their dogs in Congress and the media on him. 
The good news for 2014 is, more and more people will awaken to their/our divinity. Many more folks will discover and actualize their innate potential on a practical and meaningful level. Yes many will continue to live in ignorance and decadence; many will die prematurely but in 2014 more people will empower themselves in a mighty way. Many will dabble in urban gardening and organic farming. More people will live better, healthier happier lives. In 2014 many will wake up and empower themselves despite the collapse going on around them. Oh by the way, Happy New Year!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

US Police State, No Longer A Secret

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

The US Police State, No Longer A Secret

“Ethnic and religious 'profiling' is rife in all transport centers (airports, bus and train stations and on the highways). Mosques, Islamic charities and foundations are under constant surveillance and subject to raids, entrapment, arrests, and even Israeli-style ‘targeted’ assassinations... The second core group, targeted by the police state, includes African Americans, Hispanics and immigration rights activists (numbering in the millions). They are subject to massive arbitrary sweeps, round-ups and unlimited detention without trial as well as mass indiscriminate deportations.”

During the Civil Rights and Black Power movements the psychopathic oligarchy that rules this country decided to crack down on all dissent. Following the elites' directives, the US government unleashed illegal, wide scale covert insurgency programs called COINTELPRO, Operation CHAOS, Project Merrimac and numerous others designed to infiltrate, undermine and destroy dissent and opposition to US racist domestic and imperialistic foreign policies. The ruling elites were determined to maintain and expand their empire by eliminating all opposition to their global war machine and domestic colonialism.

One of the ideological platforms of militant activists during the '60's and '70's was the African-American community was a colonized area kept in subjugation by institutionalized racist police, judicial and terrorist organizations operating on behalf of a race, color and class based system. They equated urban ghettos with concentration camps similar to the oppression on Native American reservations. They postulated rural blacks in the South and Mid-West were bond to a vicious and stultifying caste system that need to be exposed and broken. They pointed to this country's long history of surveillance, monitoring, terrorism and oppression of blacks that was still going on in the '60's and '70's.

As the Civil Rights movement morphed into a broader more global movement embracing the liberation struggles of people of color around the world, the US government moved to protect their corporate masters by intensifying its attacks on the leadership of grass roots organizations of all stripes and persuasions. The assassinations of Medgar Evers NAACP, Malcolm X (EL Hajj Malik El Shabazz) Organization of Afro-American Unity, Martin Luther King Jr. SCLC, Fred Hampton The Black Panther Party and the infiltration of organizations like the Nation of Islam coupled with the systemic framing, slandering, persecution, round up and killing of not only blacks but members of La Raza Unida, The American Indian Movement, radical labor organizations, the anti-war and environmental movements signaled the commitment of the elites and their minions to squash all dissent.

This was the beginning of the so called “culture wars” that are still raging today. The culture wars are really proxy fights by the fascist establishment using their media, institutions and personalities to demonize and rail against anyone who doesn't go for their okey-doke. This is why the system moved so deliberately and thoroughly to crush the Black Liberation and Afrocentric movements. Independent thought is a no no in the eyes of the ruling elites. You believe what they say or else!

On a more hard core level the US government funded and provided local police with advanced weaponry and technology for use against dissidents who lashed out against their oppression and terror. The governments “wars” on crime, drugs and terror are disingenuous euphemisms for the elites' wholesale attack on us using crime, drugs, Oklahoma City, Waco and 9-11 as a pretext. After all its an irrefutable fact the US CIA runs the global drug trade and the big Wall Street banks launder the money. This drug money is the source of much of their “black ops” budget. So its all a scam designed to facilitate a police state environment. “We're living in a fascist state in which absolute power is concentrated in a capitalist criminal cabal that uses military and police power to dominate the people mentally and physically. The U.S. had been moving toward a total police state since about 1913; but in 2012 the final nail in the coffin of democracy and justice was hammered into place with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, Title X, Subtitle D (NDAA)!... Scores of U.S. cities are now using surveillance television camera systems to spy on citizens--shades of 1984. With video cameras perched atop buildings and poles, watching whatever American are doing, do you suppose there might be some potential for abuse in such systems? Christian Parenti's, article, "DC's Virtual Panopticon," in the June 3, 2002 issue of The Nation describes how 'police in Detroit and DC have used CCTV [closed-circuit television] to stalk personal foes, political opponents and young women.' Smile, you're on Kandid Kamera”

Abuses of the state became so widespread, rampant and egregious against white folks during the 1970's the US Congress was forced to investigate. Of the two major Senate investigations into these abuses one (the Rockefeller Report) was a total sham and white wash. The other (The Church Committee Report) was far more thorough and found the FBI and CIA had broken and circumvented federal state and local laws and violated the rights of countless Americans. Senator Church was an early opponent of the Vietnam War so he raised the ire of the Military-Industrial complex. In response, the Right Wingers and CIA surreptitiously funded opposition to Senator Frank Church's bid for reelection in 1981 and he was narrowly defeated.

The police state is much more evident today than during the days of COINTELPRO which is one reason for the passivity and numbness towards it. “Active support for the police state peaked during the first 5 years post- 9/11 and subsequently ebbed as the Wall Street-induced economic crisis, loss of employment and the failures of government policy propelled concerns about the economy far ahead of support for the police state. Nevertheless, at least one-third of the electorate still supports the police state, ‘right or wrong’. They firmly believe that the police state protects their ‘security’; that suspects, arrestees, and others under watch ‘must have been doing something illegal’. The most ardent backers of the police state are found among the rabid anti-immigrant groups who support arbitrary round-ups, mass deportations and the expansion of police powers at the expense of constitutional guarantees.

The third possible motive for acquiescence in the police state is ignorance: those millions of US citizens who are not aware of the size, scope and activities of the police state. Their practical behavior speaks to the notion that ‘since I am not directly affected it must not exist’. Embedded in everyday life, making a living, enjoying leisure time, entertainment, sports, family, neighborhoods and concerned only about household budgets … This mass is so embedded in their personal ‘micro-world’ that it considers the macro-economic and political issues raised by the police state as ‘distant’, outside of their experience or interest.” The Rise of The Police State

Unlike the '60 and '70's ,today there is no widespread massive social opposition to US foreign and domestic policies. COINTELPRO is still operational only in the guise of the USAPATRIOT ACT and other post 9-11 police state legislation. “ The US Patriot Act was enacted by a Congress that had not actually read it. The only thing representatives and senators got was a two or three page compendium from the White House press office. Nobody was actually given the time to read the provisions of the act. The White House intimidated members of Congress into passing the bill by telling them that if they refused to sign it, they'd be labeled as 'unpatriotic'--something almost all members of Congress were frightened of at the time. Lieberman, Daschle and Gephardt later wrote a memorandum stating that Congress had effectively given the Bush Administration 'near dictatorial powers.'”

The police state quickly smashed the Occupy Movement once it could no longer be ignored and it gained momentum and raised awareness of the direct responsibility of the banksters and corporations in the decline of our standard of living and the escalation of economic apartheid in the US.

Anyone who raises the issue of class warfare in the US or who publicly stands up of the 99% gets demonized by the media and the system. If you doubt what I'm saying take a deeper look at what happened to Elliott Spitzer, John Edwards, Lou Dobbs (who has since resurfaced on Fox TV) and Rob Blagojevich. Each one of these white men was doing just fine within the system until they offended Wall Street in one way or another. Contrast their situations with the CEOs of the giant banks or with Jon Corzine who should be languishing in a federal prison; but nooo, they're free as birds living high on the hog thanks to this totally corrupt system.

The Big Brother police state is alive and well in 2012 and it will become more pervasive unless we take a stand to fight the powers that be.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Big Brother Is In Your Pocket

“Everyone is interested in your private information, but it is not private any longer. The Internet and device providers have changed their terms of service so that all data that you use on their networks or devices belong to them, somehow. This is precious data to them as they can either sell it or use it for profiling purposes. Everything we do on the Internet leaves a trail back to us. Search engine entries, shopping lists, e-mail addresses and so much more which is ripe for the taking. Now governments and their intelligence agencies want a piece of that action and they have new tools to ascertain our intentions and possible future actions.” Trapped In The Grid: How Net-Centric Devices And Appliances Provide Voluminous Information To Intelligence Agencies And Their Business Partners

Eric Arthur Blair who wrote under the pen name George Orwell penned a novel called 1984 which was published in 1949. In it he depicted a dystopian society in the not too distant future when a cunning central government used constant surveillance, misinformation, fear, nationalism and the threat of perpetual war to control the people. The main character in the novel was named Winston Smith. His job was to rewrite and reinterpret history by painting it in the perspective of the ruling elites. The central government conditioned and brainwashed the people to accept lies and a language of disinformation as part of their every day existence. Winston commits the crime of thinking for himself thus he becomes a target for more surveillance, intrigue and intervention. That intervention included deception, betrayal and torture in an attempt to get Winston to confirm, enjoy servitude and an induced semi-comatose state to go along with the Big Brother societal program.

What sprang from Blair's imagination exists here and now in real time reality. We are living in the exact social environment and psychological milieu Blair (Orwell) described. Big Brother is alive and well in the US of A. Since the shift towards a totalitarian police state has been fairly gradual (up until recent years) and the corporate media a key component of the fascist Big Brother propaganda program is being used to distract us, lie to us and create a false reality at the behest of the ruling elites; we didn't/don't see it coming. We're like frogs in a pot of water where the heat is being increased incrementally rather than all at once. Nevertheless their plan is to cook us to death, it will just take longer.

We are living in the exact same world envisioned by George Orwell. We are seeing a gradual decay of society, we are constantly spied upon by the government, we are viewed as threats if we dissent or criticize the powers that be and the government uses brutal and lethal force to put down any type of resistance and opposition to their program. Winston who was a fairly well of member of the party in control lived this same reality! We are in the grip of a fascist police state. If you doubt what I'm saying meditate on how the young people in the Occupy Wall Street movement have been treated while big time government and Wall Street insider thieves and crooks get off Scott free. (Bernie Madoff is only in jail because he turned himself in.) We are in a constant state of war and have been since WWII. We are led to believe (as in all past wars) these wars (and potential wars) are righteously being waged for freedom and safety.

Despite the lies of the government, the military and the telecommunications industry, we are under constant surveillance, spied upon, with citizens informing on each other; and we have been for quite some time; even before 9-11! The bogus pretext for all this spying and surveillance is of course “national security” and the “war on terror”. No one ever raises the question, how can you wage war on terror, when terror is neither a place nor a people? Terror is a tactic, a tactic the shadow governments of the ruling elites (whether its the KKK or the Illuminati) have used for millennia. The mind control apparatus' (organized religion, media and educational system) jobs are to dumb us down, keep us  afraid and fearful (full of fear) so the authorities can “protect” us from the bogymen they created in the first place; like The Devil, or real people like Osama bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein or Joseph Koney.

One way they keep us under constant observation is through technology, the Internet, social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter and cable television. These inventions are the tools being used by the corporations, intelligence agencies and shadow government to spy on our every move, monitor our thoughts and activities, along with the use of cameras, satellites and other devices. The most sinister aspect of all this is, we have been tricked into buying the very gizmos and gadgets and using the very tools, software, platforms and applications employed to pry into our privacy and indoctrinate us into the New World Order !

It is so bizarre. We are actually assisting and cooperating in our own demise as free minded sentient beings. We are being conditioned for servitude, psychological conformity, mindlessness and peonage under the guise of progress, convenience, having “friends” and security. This is not just a local or USA phenomenon. The same thing or worse is happening all over the world. Europe is increasingly under surveillance with cameras and other devices. “Europe's largest 'white hat' hacker group, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), recently reverse engineered and analyzed an anonymously submitted malware program. Nothing out of the ordinary for security researchers. However, to its surprise, the group discovered this particular malware was commissioned by German police and used to spy on German citizens. As if state-sponsored eavesdropping were not enough, this malware has also been found with remote control or backdoor functionalities that enable the uploading and executing of other programs, including the siphoning of personal data. Most concerning is the news that a laptop had the malware added by the German authorities when the user passed through customs at an airport... The German action followed the leaking of documents revealing via Wikileaks that the Bavarian police had commissioned the home-based security firm DigiTech to design a Trojan for its own use. What the CCC report and others show is that the Trojan program, Backdoor:W32/R2D2.A (also known as 0zapftis), was being used to go much farther than plain wiretapping.” State-Sponsored Malware Revealed in Europe

That's just the back end. It gets worse when you consider what is happening just to get the materials to manufacture this stuff. The fact is millions of Africans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other regions of Central Africa have perished because of the ongoing wars being fought over minerals and resources such oil, gold, uranium and specifically coltan the pivotal mineral used to make computers, cell phones, notebooks, laptops, iPads etc. How many Africans had to die for us to sport the latest smart phones, iPhones and laptops? How many Africans have been killed so Big Brother can expand its global spy capabilities?

These gizmos are merely a part of an even larger network of spying and surveillance. “There have been a series of related and interesting developments in the field of global intelligence gathering. The NSA is building a brand new data center in Utah in order to connect with some new intelligence sharing systems such as the Defense Intelligence Enterprise and the Global Information Grid. The Global Information Grid is a massive military system which pulls information from every piece of sensory military hardware in space, land, sea, or air and manages it. The Defense Intelligence Enterprise takes which is already in place and shares that data with national intelligence agencies and their respective international partners. This behemoth is nothing but trouble as citizens around the world are being caught up in this information whorehouse. I am sure that most people would not appreciate their private conversations end up on foreign military or intelligence networks.” Trapped In The Grid: How Net-Centric Devices And Appliances Provide Voluminous Information To Intelligence Agencies And Their Business Partners

This is Big Brother mind control at its best. The ruling elites knew no one was going to knowingly buy something that is going to be used to enslave them or spy on them. So they had to develop a way to make the products “hip” “Kool” and “to die for” so we would buy them. So they did what they did to market cigarettes in the 30' 40's 50's and 60's, they made it appealing and desirable. They targeted specific groups like the college kids,younger people and certain professionals to get them in the pipeline. Once they became “hip” and utilitarian the funds and marketing were made available to popularize them. We have been feed a bunch of lies about Google and Facebook and the other tentacles in the spy network to induce us to buy them and use their products like,YouTube and Twitter. We have been conditioned to think this is progress, that they are merely the latest consumer products and status symbols, when in reality they are part of the shadow government's surveillance network and global spy grid.

Am I saying these inventions were created by the elites? Not necessarily, they just backed them once they figured out how they could exploit them for their New World Order. Have you ever asked yourself why these products are so universal or why they are supported by almost everything? Is there anything that doesn't ask you to use Facebook or follow them on Twitter? Duh, it's so you'll use them which will allow Big Brother to keep track of you, know what you are thinking and what you are doing. Have you ever asked yourself why and how Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook were able to create a virtual monopoly in their particular marketplace? It's because the shadow government pumped money into them and uses them along with the other telecommunications giants they own to be part of a total global surveillance system to spy and keep track of all who use them. So the smart phone, iPhone or iPad you are bragging about and carrying around with you is really Big Brother's way of keeping tabs on you. But that's not their ultimate goal. They will only use these until such time they can convince us to allow them to implant an RFID chip in us. And they are working on that as we speak. In the future Big Brother won't just be in your pocket, it will be embedded inside of you. Food for thought


Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Infamous List

                                                           From The Ramparts
                                                        Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                          The Infamous List

    If you want to see just how corrupt the US system really is, go to the blog and check out the US Congress critters in both parties who have increased their wealth during the years 2004-2008. This list  also shows their net worth in 2009. Looking at the names you will probably see your own so called representative. I say so called because over the last few years its been clear the people in Washington have not I repeat have not represented our wishes and interests, or the interests of ordinary working folks. If you doubt what I’m saying just check the voting record of your Congressman and Senator and the voting records of their peers.  For example most Americans opposed the invasion of Iraq, the Wall Street bail outs, the TARP program and even the so called health care reform legislation that was passed and is scheduled to go into effect in 2014. None of that benefited us and even the health care legislation is not what it was cracked up to be. Yet they voted for them anyway.
Check out and look for your Congress person’s name on the list. What you will see is a disturbing trend, so called public servants who are supposed to be doing the will and work of the people are getting fabulously rich as their bank accounts and net worth increase exponentially far beyond what you and I are making by not doing the will of the people. Now I do not begrudge anyone earning a living or accumulating great wealth if he or she does it honestly and honorably. But what we are seeing today in this country and around the world and this list bares this out, is the people entrusted with running the country, supposedly doing what is right and making the decisions that impact the lives of not only people in America but around the world are feathering their own nests rather than doing what is best for us. These vampires are getting rich at the expense of we the people !
We hear so much about corrupt despots, and ruthless dictators in Latin America, Africa and Asia who have squirreled away millions in European or Carribean bank accounts but see for yourself what is going on under our noses right here in the US by our own elected officials. That’s why I call the US a banana republic. Last year I wrote a piece entitled Blood Sucking Congress Critters, in it I said, “This is no conspiracy theory or wild speculative accusation. It is fact. The Opensecrets Website and Project Censored have documented the fact US Congressmen and Senators are heavily invested in the companies that make the body scanners being used in all the major airports in the country. If you doubt what I’m saying on this topic go to and read the facts for yourself. They name names and where possible tell how much each one has invested in  the companies based upon the lawmakers own financial statements.
That’s not all, Project Censored which monitors the corporate media and routinely exposes the major stories they suppress is on the case. One story tells how the Congress critters invested in stock of the defense contractors making billions on the bogus War on Global Terrorism that is wrecking havoc around the world. In their book Censored 2010 The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-09, censored story number 14 was Congress invested in Defense contracts. ‘The nonpartisan Center for Responsible Politics has calculated that more than 151 members of Congress have up to$195 million invested in major defense contractors that are earning profits from the US military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan... ’ So our elected representatives are making huge profits off of  the laws they pass. This is a clear conflict of interest if not outright unethical. It shows just how morally bankrupt this country has become and how deeply the rot is spreading  throughout this society.  Remember, these two stories are just about the military industrial complex and Homeland Security industries. When you factor in big Pharma, oil and energy, agribusiness, insurance (Healthcare for example) and Wall Street (bailouts, protection from fraud prosecution by the SEC and Justice Department etc) we can understand why when our Congress critters  vote, they vote the interests of their benefactors and for money making opportunities for themselves not the interests of we the people. This means Congress is getting rich off the deaths and maiming of US soldiers  and the innocent people all around the world our drones, missiles and bombs are killing .”
This is one list the congress critters definitely don’t want us to see, but all the information I’ve quoted is available to the public; check it out for yourself. Once you do you will understand why things are going the way they are. However the good news is we don’t have to go out like this as a people. If we want a different world and we aught to, all we have to do is visualize a different reality by thinking beyond existing parameters, believe in it,  work towards it and it will manifest because I genuinely believe there are more of us around the world who want peace, harmony and justice than those working for and getting rich off of conflict, war and oppression.



Common Threads

                                                                 From the Ramparts
                                                           Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                                 Common Threads

    “While the media has gone to arms length to obfuscate the matter, there is mounting evidence that Dominique Strauss Kahn was framed.  According to media reports, the 32-year-old Guinean Sofitel housemaid received the modest sum of 100,000 dollars paid into her bank account. The New York Times acknowledges the payment but fails to analyze the source of these payments. In an utterly confused statement, the NYT suggests that the money was deposited in the housemaid's account by her Guinean boy friend who is serving time in a high security prison” Mounting Evidence that Dominique Strauss Kahn was Framed by Michel Chossudovsky

    Question, what do Dominique Strauss Kahn, Col. Muammor Gaddafi, Elliott Spitzer, Rod Blagojevich and Saddam Hussein all have in common? Answer, they ran afoul of the international banksters, money changers and their friends in high places. Each one of these men was attacked and demonized literally and figuratively by the corporate media, tried in the court of public opinion and adjudged guilty by the corporate media in a vicious attempt to ruin them and set them up as examples of what happens when you go against the agenda and hegemony of the psychopathic banking cartel attempting to run the world.
Each one of these men in his own way was targeted by the banksters and their cohorts because he posed a serious threat or obstacle to the plans and program of the blood sucking cabal who have mastered usury, corruption and fraud to the point they can take down the global economic system and reduce us all to debt peons, wage serfs and tax slaves. Each one was butted and hounded because he either stood in the way or actively opposed the evil plans of the banksters on the local, national or international levels.
 Saddam Hussein’s mythical WMDs were the false pretext the US used to take him out. Saddam was no threat to the US militarily. The real reason he was offed was because of the US sanctions against Iraqi, Saddam Hussein decided to sell Iraqi oil in Euros rather than US dollars. This was a huge no-no. Although when he first started few paid much attention. However as the Euro eventually surpassed the dollar in value other OPEC nations started contemplating selling their oil in Euros too. This would have posed a colossal threat to the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. So from that perspective Saddam Hussein had to go. They added a bonus to the military-industrial complex by making it a major invasion/occupation to gain a toehold in the region rather than just assassinating Saddam Hussein like they do on so many other occasions. The first things the US did once they deposed Saddam Hussein and took control of the country was to resume selling oil in US dollars.
 How does Elliott Spitzer fit into this? When he was the New York State Attorney General he gave the Wall Street shysters a lot of grief by hounding them, exposing their Ponzi schemes and fraudulent dealings and taking them to court. Most times the Wall Street firms settled out of court but the fines and media exposure hit them hard where it hurt the most, their pockets. As New York’s governor Spitzer pushed his AG to go after them aggressively and to get the other states’ AGs to do likewise. So to get back at him the big Wall Street investment firms exposed Spitzer’s high priced hooker hook up and used the mind control apparatus to make us think it was a major crime of moral turpitude that somehow disqualified him to serve as governor. They won, Spitzer stepped down as governor.  They didn’t kill him, he didn’t go to jail  and now he makes bigger bucks as a TV commentator for CNN
 Rod Blagojevich was the governor of Illinois. Republic Window and Doors a small Chicago window and door manufacturing company closed their plant and the workers asked the governor’s office for help. Bank of America had shut off Republic’s credit and without a line of credit they would go bankrupt leaving their two hundred employees without jobs.. The situation even made the national news. Governor Blagojevich intervened on behalf of his constituents but BOA wouldn’t budge. So Blagojevich ordered all Illinois state agencies to stop doing business with Bank of America ! That was his real sin, not the stuff they charged him with. Soon afterwards the FBI knocked on Blagojevich’s door in the middle of the night, raided his house and took him out in hand cuffs under the glare of the TV lights for all the world to see. When the first trial ended in a deadlocked, the banksters ordered their boys in the Justice (sic) Department to try him again.  That sent a clear message not to dare mess with the real organized crime syndicates (the banksters) who run his country.
 Muammor Gaddafi’s crime was not that he attacked the so called Libyan “rebels”  he had a legal right to do so, they were in open rebellion against his government. His real crime for years was that he was lending money to African nations from the huge profits from Libya’s lucrative oil and natural gas industries at reasonable rates. Naturally the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements loan sharks took umbrage at this. The shysters resented Gaddafi’s generous terms to his fellow Africans. Gaddafi was also heavily investing in African infrastructure paying for modern roads, state of the art utilities and telecommunications systems all across the continent. The West didn’t like that either, he was making black Africa competitive and undermining the Neo-Colonial powers of Europe and the US. Gaddafi  was also partnering with China, allowing China to access Libya’s oil and gas, which pissed the US off. Worse he hinted  he was going to raise the price of Libyan oil and gas in direct opposition to OPEC policies or even nationalize them altogether. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was that Gaddafi was spearheading an effort to create a new currency based on Africa’s gold which would have broken forever the US, France and the EU stranglehold on Africa. For that Gaddafi  had to go!! Not only is the West  trying to kill Gaddafi (they’ve already murdered his son and grand child) they froze (stole) the billions of dollars Libya had in foreign banks and they’ve run the Chinese technicians and workers out of Libya!!!
 The last dot to connect is Dominique Strauss Kahn the former head of the IMF. How does he fit into this and how could a fellow vampire be the target of the good ol’ boy network of banksters you ask? Simple, they considered him a renegade. Strauss was rumored to be the leading candidate to run against the president of France Nicholas Sarkozy; and under Khan’s watch the IMF wasn’t as ruthless as normal so he had to go. Why? First because Sarkozy is the lapdog for the international bankster gangsters and warmongers and the global elites want to keep Sarkozy in there. Sarkozy in France and Angela Merkel of Germany were put into office with help from the multi-national corporations, the US CIA and other entities to stop France and Germany from thwarting the gangsters plans for the “Middle East” and to be more engaged in the US NATO global war program.
The rape story was designed to besmirch Khan’s character and get him ousted as head of the IMF. When was the last time an international big wig was treated like a regular street criminal, handcuffed, taken to a real jail and his mug shot flashed all over the world ? Come on. When have the safety or rights of a black woman ever been protected against a rich and powerful white dude?   Now that he’s stepped down from the IMF position, and the IMF has a new head; the case against him is unraveling as we speak. It was all a set up and the banksters win again.
 Don’t believe the hype and don’t fall for the okey-doke. Look beyond the smoke and mirrors. Always ask yourself  who benefits, then follow the money. In each of these cases the bankers benefit and the money trail leads to the oil companies, the international bankers and the military industrial complex. The only place it doesn’t lead to is we the people.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

More reasons Why The West Is Attacking Libya

Junious Ricardo Stanton explains additional reasons (besides oil and natural gas) the West is attacking Libya. The European Neo-Colonial powers are out to plunder Libya's sovereign wealth, its gold reserves and topple a committed Pan African freedom fighter so Africa will be under the total sway of the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements

More reasons Why The West Is Attacking Libya

Junious Ricardo Stanton explains additional reasons (besides the oil and natural gas) the West is attacking Libya. The goal of the Neo-Colonial powers is to replace a thorn in the side of the IMF, World Bank and Band of International Settlements so they can then plunder and rape Libya of its sovereign wealth and gold while also toppling a committed Pan-African freedom fighter.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Plot To Destroy Social Security

Junious Ricardo Stanton details the ongoing plot by the oligopoly and the Kleptocrats to destroy Social Security

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G.O.D. Is The Real reason The west Is Bombing Libya

Junious Ricardo Stanton provides a hint behind the US attacks on Libya. "Always follow the money, look for G.O.D., gold (or natural gas) oil and or drugs whenever the West goes to war."