Sunday, May 15, 2005

Malcom X vs AmeriKKKan Imperialism

Malcolm X vs. US Imperialism

“I could see that America itself is a society where there is no brotherhood, and that this society is controlled primarily by racists and segregationists. And from Washington, D.C., they exercise the same forms of brutal oppression against dark-skinned people in South and North Vietnam, or in the Congo, or in Cuba, or in any other place on this earth where they’re trying to exploit and oppress. This is a society whose government doesn’t hesitate to inflict the most brutal form of punishment and oppression upon dark-skinned people all over the world.”-Malcolm X

As we pause to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of the man many of us knew as Malcolm X, let us do so in the African tradition. Let us hold him up as a model to be emulated not merely for his personal transformation from drug user, street hustler and crook to an upright family man but also an active and engaged leader who dedicated his life to the liberation of his people. The road Malcolm traveled was fraught with danger, scorn, misunderstanding but also much respect both open and secret. Even though many Negroes were frightened by Malcolm X both during his time in the Nation of Islam and upon his break from that organization, just as many loved and respected him! Malcolm X was not murdered because he called white people devils (others had done that) or because he had a public falling out with Elijah Muhammad, (although the US government through its COINTELPRO used that situation to promote his “neutralization”) Malcolm X was murdered because he had the courage boldness and audacity to attempt to bring the United States of AmeriKKKa before the United Nations’ World Court for its crimes of genocide, human rights violations and its racist imperialist foreign policies.
Like Paul Robeson before him Malcolm knew the only way the ruling elites would alter their systemic brutality and oppression against Africans in America was would be through adverse world opinion. He knew moral suasion and social demonstrations alone were not enough to bring US brutality at home and abroad to an end. Malcolm was astute enough to realize Martin Luther King’s push for civil rights wasn’t sweeping enough nor was it designed to bring attention to AmeriKKKa’s role as a vicious imperialistic power. Malcolm understood the propaganda implications of the “Cold War” and Western Neo-Colonialism as the United States attempted to bring newly “independent” nations of Africa and Asia under their hegemony and keep them from aligning with the Soviet Union or China. Malcolm saw through the hypocrisy of AmeriKKKan rhetoric about peace, freedom and democracy and focused on AmeriKKKa’s criminal behavior around the world. As part of his plan he made frequent visits to Africa and Arabia meeting with heads of state who shared his anti-imperialism and anti Neocolonialism concerns. Malcolm X was received by world leaders like: Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Julius Nyere of Tanzania, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Sekou Toure of Guinea Conakry. He kept his position in racial and nationalist focus courting the African, Asian and Arab leaders to win sympathy for his move to charge the US with egregious human rights violations. The last thing the AmeriKKKan elites wanted was their racist attitudes, behavior and agenda exposed for the whole world to see. Malcolm X had an uncanny way of deriding white AmeriKKKa’s self-delusion it was a civilized society. He was so effective unnerving and struck so much fear in the ruling elites, they sent agents to trail him who attempted to poison him during one of his trips to Africa. Malcolm X (like Martin Luther King would do years later) put the Afro-American struggle in global terms. Malcolm clearly understood AmeriKKKa was the new torch barer for four centuries of Western imperialism.
Malcolm chided the US for its hypocrisy. “America is just as much a colonial power as England ever was. America is just as much a colonial power as France or Portugal ever was but she is more so because she is a hypocritical colonial power at that.” Malcolm understood world history and current trends was relentless in his focus and refused to be dissuaded. He meant to embarrass AmeriKKKa before the world. In many ways the US oligarchy had moved to reduce their liabilities from the negative PR around the world by superficially embracing Martin Luther King’s non-violent Civil Rights struggle. The very idea that Malcolm X was seriously going to indict and prove AmeriKKKa guilty before the world (because AmeriKKKa was and still is guilty) meant the psychopaths running this country had to kill him. Several years later, Martin Luther King Jr. linked the struggle for human rights here with the struggle against US global imperialism and the need to redistribute wealth in AmeriKKKa which resulted in his assassination also. Things have not changed much. In fact AmeriKKKa today is more repressive and fascist than when Malcolm and Martin waged their struggle o raise consciousness and affect change. The world still labors under the yoke of AmeriKKKan psychopathy. Let us learn from history, instead of having a single leader the ruling elites can cut down let us develop an empowered mass of conscious and catalytic activist/change agents to resist AmeriKKKan fascism and global domination, by every means necessary!



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