Friday, May 20, 2005

The Metaphysics of War

The Metaphysics of War

“National events are simply the working out of the psychic forces of the nation. Wars, plagues and famines are the meeting and clashing of wrongly directed thought forces, the culminating points at which destruction steps in as the agent of the (Karmic) Law. It is foolish to ascribe war to the influence of one person, or to one body of people. It is the crowning horror of national selfishness.” James Allen, The Path To Prosperity
“Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on Earth,
the peace that was meant to be...” Let There be Peace On Earth Lyrics and music by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller

Recent public opinion polls suggest more and more AmeriKKKans are voicing their belief the Bush administration lied to provoke a war with Iraq. The London Times' publication of a memo by an English Minister of Parliament asserting Bush cooked the intelligence to justify a war became world wide news. As true as this may be, it does not absolve ordinary AmeriKKKans from culpability for this nation’s latest foray into imperial over reach, rapine and war. Each one of us who failed to stand against the invasion and occupation of Iraq is responsible. Everyone of us who shrugged our shoulders and thought, “Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator plus we’ll get oil more cheaply as a result of him being gone”, is responsible. Everyone who views life from a Bizarro World or Orwellian perspective where up is down, war is peace, truth is deception and oppression is liberation is responsible. Yes, Bush and his Skull and Bones frat boy crowd pushed for war, but in the end, those who gave up after the protests and went home have just as much blood on their own heads and hands as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Wolfowitz and the rest of the NeoConmen warmongers. Everyone who said, “stay the course” once the invasion and occupation triggered the inevitable Iraqi opposition and a world wide revulsion against AmeriKKKan foreign policy is just as guilty as the Project for A New AmeriKKKan Century members who codified their hubris in position papers and policy recommendations. Everyone who refused to speak out against the war, the killings, the brutality and abuses of detainees is just as guilty as the Germans who refused to speak out against Hitler or the Africans who failed to chastise their kings and chiefs for allowing Europeans to instigate wars against their neighbors which resulted in the holocaust of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and African colonization!! So what if the corporate media is part and parcel of the conditioning and brainwashing process, we all have the choice to turn off the television or say to Bush and the media, “ no more lies”! Alas, we did not.
It is evident Bush and his British allies lied to their respective citizens to pump up and start an unjust, illegal war. Now that we know that for certain, where is the outrage? Where is the righteous indignation and political backlash for sending our children to kill and die for an immoral imperial crusade?!! Could it be the opposition fizzled because of a repressed, yet omnipresent bloodlust? England and AmeriKKKa are what they are today because of their legacy of genocide, rapine and theft. It is not far fetched to extrapolate the current wars for oil and empire are extensions of earlier imperialist forays; but more importantly the war is an expression (manifestation) of AmeriKKKa’s war consciousness. You have to choose to go to war. Peace is not merely the result of a stand-off between two antagonists as the West likes to think. Real peace is the absence of malice, enmity, covetousness and lust. Peace is the result of a tranquil mind, where the thinker has trained him or herself to cultivate and hold thoughts of benevolence towards self and others. Peace is the outgrowth of a higher consciousness that sees the spiritual unity and physical interconnectedness of all things. Peace is the result of thinking thoughts of selfless cooperation, sharing and mutual respect. War is based upon the baser notions of alienation, fear and a severe lack of emotional control. If AmeriKKKans really wanted peace it wouldn’t matter what kind of lies Bush and the media promoted; there would be no war, period. Worse case scenario, the FEMA concentration camps would be filled to capacity with conscientious objectors, soccer moms, pacifists, mystics and sages. The warmongers would be totally frustrated in their efforts to manipulate and incite the masses to war. If AmeriKKKans were really about peace they would employ the ethical and moral philosophy and tactics of Henry David Thoreau , Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. Energy and action follow thought. What are your thoughts about peace? We are seeing this on an individual basis, fewer and fewer young people are enlisting in the military. This shows some degree of serious thought, if for no other motive than their own safety. But where are the rest of us, where do the masses of older AmeriKKKans stand on the issue of peace? The answer to that questions lies within each of us. Search within yourself, where the answers to life’s greatest questions lie.



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