Friday, May 13, 2005

The Real Deal About Iran

The Real Deal About Iran

“Economic reports published at the beginning of this month (March) had pointed towards the deep dive of the American economy and to the quick rise of the deficit up to $665.90 billion at the end of 2004. The worst is still to come. These numbers worried the international banks, who had sent some warnings to the Bush administration. In its economical war Iran is treading the same path Saddam Hussein had started when he, in 2000, converted all his reserve from the Dollar to the Euro, and demanded payments in Euro for Iraqi oil. Many economists then mocked Saddam because he had lost a lot of money in this conversion. Yet they were very surprised when he recuperated his losses within less than a year period due to the valuation of the Euro. The American administration became aware of the threat when central banks of many countries started keeping Euros along side of Dollars as their monetary reserve and as an exchange fund for oil (Russian and Chinese central banks in 2003). To avoid economical collapse the Bush administration hastened to invade and to destroy Iraq under false excuses to make it an example to any country who may contemplate dropping the Dollar, and to manipulate OPEC’s decisions by controlling the second largest oil resource. Iraqi oil sale was reverted back to the petrodollar standard.”- Dr Elias Akleh 04-19-05

The next target of the NeoConmen in their quest for global hegemony and empire seems to be Iran. The propaganda machine and the mind control apparatus are stoking the fires of hypocrisy, ignorance and fear to make war inevitable. The corporate media at the behest of their fascist owners and interlocking boards are beating the Chicken Little drum about nuclear weapons, threats and non- compliance etc. so the AmeriKKKan public actually falls for their okey doke to justify the invasion of another Arab nation that poses no military threat to this country. The truth of the matter is even if Iran had a nuclear weapon or even several of them, they lack the means to deliver a bomb or intercontinental missiles to attack their immediate neighbors (Israel) let alone Europe or the US. What is even more important for us to understand is this; AmeriKKKa is the only nation to use nuclear weapons on civilians (first Japan with the two atomic bombs and now Iraq with bunker busters and depleted uranium )! The other thing we must realize is the “War on Terrorism” is totally bogus, a staged event perpetrated on the AmeriKKKan public to terrify the public into accepting perpetual wars for oil and empire . The so called “surprise attacks” that occurred on 9-11 were known before hand ( Germany, France, Russia and Israel all warned the Bush administration something big was going to happen the week of September 9, 2001). 9-11 was not executed by Muslim fanatics living in caves in Afghanistan but by intelligence assets and operatives working in cahoots with rogue elements within the US government. Finally, the Bush administration knowingly and willingly allowed the attacks to happen. The invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban government was already planned so Bush and Co could invigorate the stalled trans-Afghani gas and oil pipelines, 9-11 just gave them an excuse to do it; just as the war with Iraq was planned when Bush first came into office. The perpetual wars being planned by the Chicken Hawk NeoConmen are not about liberation or spreading democracy, they are about maintaining the tenuous economic hegemony of the AmeriKKKan Empire. True, Bush had personal animus against Saddam Hussein left over from his father’s reign, but the ruling elites feared Saddam’s shift from the US Dollar to the European Union Euro as a medium of exchange for his oil reserves. When he did it in 2000 the US Dollar was worth more than the Euro. However under the Bush retro Reaganomics of tax cuts for the super rich coupled with massive federal deficits, the US Dollar is in free fall and now the Euro is worth more. Moreover the change from Petrodollars to a PetroEuro exchange system would mean AmeriKKKa would soon sink to a second or third rate status behind the Euro and Yen and reduce the US dollar to an inconsequential also ran. So Bush and Co. really invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein to preserve US Dollar hegemony, forestall the collapse of the US economy and strike fear in the hearts of OPEC members especially Iran and Venezuela who were contemplating similar moves!
Alas the invasion and occupation of Iraq, far from striking fear in the hearts of many nations, has emboldened and strengthened their resolve to protect themselves and their people from the rabid and ravaging AmeriKKKan wolf. Iran also moved to shift from the dollar to the Euro as its medium of exchange for oil and was taking the even bolder step of establishing a Euro dominated oil pricing system. Such a move if successful ( and all indications are it will be) would be a declaration of economic war against the US, resulting in AmeriKKKa’s rapid demise. Hence the beating of the war drums. The problem for Bush and Co is, the US is getting its’ behind kicked in Iraq, recruiting number are down for consecutive months and so the outlook for a successful invasion of Iran looks dim. (See the excellent article The Iranian Threat: The Bomb or the Euro on or an earlier piece currently available on by William Clark entitled The Real Reasons Iran is the Next Target: The Euro- Dominated International Oil Marker originally posted on October 27, 2004 on ) Of course you won’t see any of this in the corporate owned media, not evenThe Wall Street Journal. So as US the death toll and casualty rate mounts, keep in mind the real reason our sons and daughters are languishing in Iraq and ask yourself, is it worth it? If recent public opinion polls and seriously slumping military recruiting numbers are any indication; most AmeriKKKans, even as bamboozled as they are, don’t think so. What would the numbers be like if they knew the real deal? More importantly, how long do you think Bush and Co. could avoid a good ol’ fashioned tarring and feathering if the whole truth about 9-11, his wars for dollar hegemony andoil or his supine acquiescence to Ariel Sheron and his Likud Party sympathizers were common knowledge? Well, now you know!



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