Saturday, June 18, 2005

AmeriKKKans Are Finaly Realizing The Emperor Is Naked

AmeriKKKans Are Finally Realizing The Emperor Has No Clothes

“If recent polls are any indication, the Bush administration is losing ground on virtually every front, from an outright rejection of Bush’s Social Security plan to a growing ennui with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people seem to have had it with the swaggering braggadocio of Bush, Cheney and their coterie of propagandists, Bible-thumpers and cover-up specialists. Slowly but surely the Bush presidency, heavy with secrecy, fraud and deceit, is beginning to fray at the edges, gradually unraveling toward the historical infamy it so well deserves. For those who have criticized this administration from the outset, it’s tough not to say we told you so. In fact, though characterized as naysayers at best and unpatriotic traitors at worst, things have turned out pretty much the way many predicted, especially in regard to the spurious and costly invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Just last week the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq passed the 1,700 mark—and that doesn’t count the many who have been grievously wounded in body and mind, to say nothing of the estimated 100,000 Iraqi casualties.
And for what? While Cheney promised the nation last week that the Iraq insurgency was “on its last legs,” American generals are on record saying just the opposite. Not only is the insurgency far from weakened, as one general put it: “We can’t kill them all. For every one we kill, we create three more.” In Afghanistan, now that the Taliban is gone the opium trade is surging. Besides killing American soldiers on an almost daily basis, this supposed new bastion of democracy can now claim the dubious distinction of being the world’s largest producer of opium poppies.” George Ochenski Missoula Independent 06-16-05

Not that it matters to the Bush Beltway crowd who are so out of touch with reality they are beyond saving, recent polls show George W Bush’s ratings have taken a steep nosedive into the toilet. Ah, this means there’s hope after all. The polls are showing deep dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy, the war, his positions on Social Security and just about everything else. Even his normally compliant Republican base is starting to abandon him and his sinking ship of state. Contrary to the assertions of the Bizarro World denizens, the situation in Iraq is not improving, the economy has not turned around and the average AmeriKKKan does not feel more secure. Most AmeriKKKans aren’t worried about Arab terrorists although Bush’s action over the last few years has ratcheted up the possibility we will be targeted by aggrieved victims of AmeriKKKan hubris, rapine and aggression. Most AmeriKKKans are worried about job security. The fact their paychecks are not keeping up with the cost of living makes them anxious, health care costs are sky rocketing and folks are worried about where a president they are convinced lied to start illegal wars will take them next. While Bush and Cheney keep repeating their out of body mantra, “Things Are Going Well In Iraq” the rest of the world sees the situation deteriorating fast. As the bogus War on Terror becomes a deepening sinkhole of US tax dollars to the corporate friends of the very people lying to us and sending our children to foreign lands on senseless crusades for oil and empire more and more AmeriKKKans are not going for the administration’s okey doke. Even the military on the ground, unlike their superiors holed up in the ivory tower of the Pentagon far from the action, acknowledge the resistance is growing to the point they cannot contain it. They are seeing the heavy-handed methods they used to squelch the resistance have backfired on them. They even acknowledge they are losing the hearts and minds not only of the Iraqis but of AmeriKKKans and the rest of the world.
The so called Downing Street Memo was the dagger into the heart of the Neoconmen vampires. Now they have nowhere to hide as the Sunlight of truth streams through the curtains of deceit the Bush administration and their corporate media cohorts have hid behind for the past four and half years. Imagine if an aroused, honest and professional mainstream media went after Bush the way they went after Clinton or Nixon, what would happen to the NeoConmen agenda? Now the “I” (impeachment) word is being uttered more and more frequently with increasing confidence. As Abraham Lincoln once observed, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The Bush administration and their media cohorts are about to learn this lesson the hard way.



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