Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Desperate and Detached From Reality

Desperate and Detached From Reality

delusion: a false belief that cannot be modified by reasoning or a demonstration of the facts Persistence and systematic delusions are characteristic of psychotic states. Delusion should be distinguished from illusion which is a distorted perception and hallucination which is a false perception.- Dictionary of Psychology

I refused to watch the Bush speech last night even for purposes of critique because I knew it would be a pitiful attempt to bolster his sagging popularity and support for an illegal and immoral war ( given their nature most wars are illegal, immoral and rarely justified) based upon lies, fabrications and hubris. I got up early this morning to check the World Wide Web for the reaction to Bush’ speech. It must have been so pathetic, the spin doctors and sycophants in the corporate media couldn’t even fix it or make it seem sane. The foreign press simply reported what Bush said without comment. The Guardian Unlimited a British newspaper that has been critical of the Iraq misadventure from the outset was tame in it’s assessment of Bush’ speech but carried the headline banner, Bush Evokes 9-11 To Bolster Iraq War. The article concluded by saying, “Mr Bush was attempting to reverse a growing slump in public support for the war. Two polls yesterday showed greater scepticism than ever. Only one in three Americans believe the US and its allies are winning the war, down nine percentage points since February, according to a Gallup poll.” AmeriKKKans are tired of lies. Unlike the Vietnam era where there were massive public displays of outrage at the lies of the military, CIA and White House, the inequities of the draft, the carnage and domestic upheavals the war was causing ,this time most AmeriKKKan simply made up their minds Bush is a liar and did not demonstrate or picket. Bush lying to start or continue a war is nothing new, this has been a recurring pattern throughout AmeriKKKa’s history, the so called Indian Wars, The Mexican War the Spanish-AmeriKKKan War, were just the beginning. This is an ongoing tradition. What make this situation different is that the occupant in the White House is being viewed as a pathological liar suffering from delusion.
The Dictionary of Psychology Second Revised Edition published by Dell Publishing defines delusion as, “a false belief that cannot be modified by reasoning or a demonstration of the facts.” By that reckoning George W Bush certainly is delusional. He is attempting to justify the indefensible his immoral war based upon his false belief “God” put him in the presidency. The facts are it was the US Supreme Court that put him in office in 2000 and election fraud and rigged voting machines that kept him in office in 2004! To compound his notion that he is an instrument of God, Bush thinks he is being called to smite the “evil doers” and “terrorists” ( CIA assets and flunkies AmeriKKKa created) and avenge 9-11. But Bush is so demented and detached from reality even he fails to connect the dots, his poll numbers are plummeting because reasoning people don’t believes the official White House, military or media version of 9-11 from why the defense systems failed to their insulting examinations how and why the WTC towers including number 7 which was not hit by an airplane fell or finally no WMD’s being found in Iraq! People see the facts for themselves, Bush is an obvious liar. Thinking folks know there is no precedent for skyscrapers collapsing straight down uniformly into a heap of dust due to fire, none! Only because his poll numbers are sinking like a rock did Bush venture before the AmeriKKKan people to plead his feeble case for tolerance of his lies. But people see Bush and Cheney are so detached from reality only an idiot would believe anything they say now; from their phoney Reaganomics to their War on Terrorism. Even his base of religious fanatics (who hold similar notions as their fundamentalist Jewish and Islamic counterparts) who actually believe ( talk about delusional) the war in Iraq is a prelude to the rapture and the return of “Jesus” (no person by that name ever existed in Palestine, if such a person existed at all his name was Yeshua or Joshua but that’s another story for another day) are starting to waver and falter. Only the hard core fascist and equally delusional yahoos believe what the corporate mind control apparatus is saying. Things are so bad even the mainstream media wasn’t able to spin Bush’s speech favorably. Why? Because the AmeriKKKan people know it just isn’t so. The good news is Bush’s feeble attempts to rally support further demonstrates how delusional he really is. Perhaps this realization will force the AmeriKKKan people to take action to rid themselves of this man.



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