Monday, June 27, 2005

Escaping From The Matrix

Escaping From The Matrix

“A recent Gallup poll revealed that 56% said the war "wasn't worth it". Meanwhile, for the first time, a majority say they would be "upset" if Bush sent more troops, and a new low of 36% say troop levels should be maintained or increased. An earlier Washington Post poll showed that two-thirds of the public believe the US military is bogged down in Iraq while almost three- quarters think the level of casualties is unacceptable. The figures match or exceed the previous high-water mark of public disenchantment. More than half believe the war has not made them safer and 40% believe it has striking similarities to the experience in Vietnam.”- Gary Younge The Guardian Unlimited 06-27-05

Despite the most pervasive mind control and public opinion shaping apparatus the world has ever known, more and more AmeriKKKans are waking from their media induced coma to face a chilling reality. Poll after public opinion poll is recording a growing (if not an already existent) disenchantment with George W. Bush’s folly in Iraq. Increasing numbers of AmeriKKKans are openly expressing their views that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a mistake and have gone so far as to overwhelmingly reject the notion of reinstating a military draft despite the fact the all volunteer military’s main combat organizations the active Army and reserve and the US Marines are having extreme difficulty meeting their lowered monthly quotas. Could this be a clear sign the AmeriKKKan public is fast approaching that juncture of critical mass that will tip the balance from the delusional and reckless Bizarro World mentality of the Bush administration propped up by its corporate media cheerleaders to one of sanity, quasi-morality and fiscal responsibility? Is the Bush administration’s stranglehold on the psyche of Joe and Jane Sixpack in it’s last throws? Could it be that white AmeriKKKa is becoming more and more willing to step out of the culturally constructed psychological matrix and think for themselves? To our credit most Africans in AmeriKKKa did not support Bush on anything let alone his bogus War on Terror. Even during the media reinforced shock of 9-11 most Africans in AmeriKKKa realized what occurred on 9-11 whether it was an inside job or not, was as Malcolm X astutely once stated, “the chickens coming home to roost.” Now it appears more and more white folks are waking up. In retrospect, the exit polls for the 2004 election were correct, there is growing dissatisfaction with Bush and the NeoConmen agenda of global plunder and rapine (it is equally clear that Bush “won” the 2004 through electronic vote rigging and election fraud) and that the majority of AmeriKKKans are not willing to submit to mental ossification and they are no longer willing go along with the NeoConmen’s okey doke.
Things are so bad George W Bush is going on national television Tuesday evening (in hopes the media talking heads will favorably interpret and spin his message over and over) to rally his base of delusional right wing end time religious zealots and corporate fascists to “stay the course” But methinks it is a bit too late for that. The Downing Street Memos and the various correspondences between the British intelligence and parliamentary leadership that have been leaked to the British and world press may be the evidence the awakening public needs to call for Bush’s impeachment and trial for war crimes. Of course that would be the worse case scenario for Bush and Co. which at this point appears unlikely given Republican control of both the Congress and Senate and their notorious lack of morality, integrity or independent thought. Just the fact more and more average AmeriKKKans are expressing displeasure about the rising casualties in Iraq, the state of the economy and their perception they are being lied to by the Bush administration means they are opting out of the mind control matrix set up by the corporate media to promulgate the insanity of Bush’s crusade for oil and empire. The Guardian Unlimited a British newspaper that unlike AmeriKKKan “mainstream” newspapers has from the very beginning opposed the Iraq invasion and occupation and has been continuously critical of the whole affair has a piece in today’s online edition entitled The Tipping Point by Gary Younge which extolled the change in AmeriKKKan’s awareness. “In Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point, he describes the conditions that are necessary to transform Hush Puppies from the old school to new cool. ‘The world of the tipping point is a place where the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than a possibility,’ he argues. ‘It is - contrary to all our expectations - a certainty.’ American public opinion appears to be approaching just such a point in relation to the war in Iraq. The last fortnight has revealed a growing impatience with the military misadventure in the Gulf and an irritation with the White House's persistent denials that anything is wrong. This has translated into more urgent and widespread calls to bring the troops home that has finally percolated up to the political class. This new phase has put George Bush on the back foot, forcing him to deliver a major address tomorrow night to rally public support, which is evidently draining away. He will tell them that America needs ‘resolve’. For the White House Iraq has become the latest faith-based initiative.” That’s just the point, the AmeriKKKan public is losing faith in George W. Bush and short of another “terrorist attack” (which would be awfully suspicious and raise countless questions given the billions of dollars that have been appropriated for “Homeland Security”) it is unlikely anything he will say tomorrow will raise his credibility quotient or convince anyone he is not a pathological liar at worst or at the very least an idiot. Unfortunately for the ruling elites and their NeoConmen, Joe and Jane Sixpack seem to be awakening from their media induced coma and are voluntarily disengaging from the matrix of indefensible fascist militarism and imperialism.



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