Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Fascists Are Deparate

The Fascists Are Desperate

“The proposed Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act is targeted at children of undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. for more than five years but not born here. They would get legal status and become eligible for citizenship if they graduate from high school, stay out of trouble and either attend college for two years or serve two years in the armed forces. This bill, introduced by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), drew 48 cosponsors in the Senate last year but failed to get a floor vote. It is likely to be reintroduced soon. The DREAM Act is a great idea, but I would go further and offer citizenship to anyone, anywhere on the planet, willing to serve a set term in the U.S. military. We could model a Freedom Legion after the French Foreign Legion. Or we could allow foreigners to join regular units after a period of English-language instruction, if necessary.” - Max Boot LA Times Opinion 06-16-05

The depravity of the fascist is showing big time. In a La Times Op-Ed piece dated June 16, 2005 Max Boot a contributing writer for the LA Times, a contributing editor for the Weekly Standard and a Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the infamously elitist Council on Foreign Relations lamented the problems of military recruiters meeting their quotas offered a plan to have immagrants and aliens serve in the US Armed Forces.!? Max Boot is a drum major for imperialism, militarism and global domination, as one would expect from a member of the CFR an organization bent on promoting the New World Order agenda. But things are so bad the ruling elites are having so much difficulty finding suckers to join their crusade for oil and empire that their lapdogs in the corporate media are calling for an AmeriKKKan version of the French Foreign Legion! I kid you not, as Jack Paar used to say. Boot wrote an article entitled Defend America Become American. In it he wrote, " Other critics think it's repugnant to ask foreigners to face dangers that citizens won't. But there is always an element of unfairness in war. Unless you institute a truly universal draft (we've never done it), some will always be more at risk than others. Besides, the U.S. already makes ample use of mercenaries. We rely on tens of thousands of contractors in Iraq, Colombia and elsewhere, many of them not Americans. They would be a lot more useful if they were in uniform and subject to military orders so that we could avoid mix-ups like the one that just happened in Iraq, where Marines detained 19 employees of an American engineering firm for allegedly firing on them. Would foreigners sign up to fight for Uncle Sam? I don't see why not, because so many people are desperate to move here. Serving a few years in the military would seem a small price to pay, and it would establish beyond a doubt that they are the kind of motivated, hardworking immigrants we want. Anyway, what's the alternative? $100,000 signing bonuses? Recruiting felons? " This man is paid big cake to come up with ideas like this in the plutocrat’s hour of need. As I said earlier he is a proponent of empire. In the same article he stated, “Some letter writers invoke the specter of mercenaries leading to the fall of the U.S. as they supposedly led to the fall of Rome. That's a misreading of Roman history. As classicist Victor Davis Hanson points out, by the 1st century AD, the legions ‘were mostly non-Italian and mercenary, and the empire still endured for nearly another 500 years.’ If only the Pax Americana were to last half as long!”
Well Mr Boot I hate to be the one breaking this to you but, if things continue the way they are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia and Haiti, your notion of Pax AmeriKKKana will be just a figment in the imagination of you and your employers at the CFR. Max Boot’s rant displays two things: one the megalomania of the ruling elites and their lapdogs and secondly their depraved win at any cost mentality as demonstrated by their willingness to send anyone into harm’s way for their imperialist ambitions. This mentality has them at odds with the AmeriKKKan people and may provoke the unraveling of the New World Order as their dreams of empire crumble before their eyes. Keep in mind there have not been any nation wide demonstrations or civil disobedience activites against Bush and his preemptive wars; nevertheless the people are resisting. Just like the citizens of France and the Netherlands recently defied the European elites by overwhelmingly voting against the European Union Constitution, the AmeriKKKan people are also fighting back. The military’s inability to meet their quotas is in fact a resistance statement, although the controlled media is spinning it another way. AmeriKKans not paying their taxes is a resistance statement. The formerly spineless Congresses going against Bush by voting against certain provisions in the PATRIOT ACT extension and others demanding an investigation into the Downing Street Memo are resistance statements. It is what one Republican called the crack in the dam. Make no mistake, the dam is about to burst! Max Boot gets paid to write about and promote empire, but the AmeriKKKan people will have the last word!



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