Friday, June 24, 2005

Imperial Dilemma, How To Get More Cannon Fodder?

Imperial Dilemma, How To Get More Cannon Fodder?

(Angus Reid Global Scan) – Many adults in the United States believe the country’s citizens should not be required to serve in the armed forces, according to a poll by Gallup released by CNN and USA Today. 85 per cent of respondents say the military draft should not return at this time. American citizens have been drafted during various armed conflicts, including the two World Wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The practice of conscription was discontinued in 1973, but the Selective Service System—which registers all adult males to assemble information on potential soldiers—remains in place as a contingency measure. The U.S. has close to 230,000 soldiers stationed all over the world, not including U.S.-based forces currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 62 per cent of respondents are opposed to enacting mandatory military training and reserve duty for all adult Americans. This question was last asked by Gallup in 1955, two years after the Korean War ended.- Angus Reid Research Consulting 06-23-05

A Gallup Poll just released by CNN and USA Today found AmeriKKKans overwhelmingly are opposed to reinstating a military draft! This means the NeoConmen and heir media mind control apparatus will have to work even harder to drum up support for current and future crusades for oil and empire. Shrinking enlistment numbers, military recruiters failing to meet even lowered monthly quotas amidst increasing evidence Bush lied to start an illegal war have compounded the NeoConmen’s dilemma, how to get more suckers to fight in their perpetual wars? The AmeriKKKan people aren’t as gullible as the NeoConmen want us to be. Despite attempts by the media mind control apparatus to glorify war and empire, and despite the fact the AmeriKKKan economy has been based upon a permanent war footing since the end of WW II, the AmeriKKKan public isn’t buying it anymore. What is an imperialist warmonger to do? Will they use more mercenaries, will they redouble their efforts to convince the AmeriKKKan public were are under attack by staging another 9-11 type scenario? The problem with that is, the AmeriKKKan people would smell a rat if a major terrorist attack happened post 9-11 given the billions of dollars that have been allocated and all the new legislation passed to create and fund intelligence Czars, Fatherland oops I mean Homeland Security and the War or Terrorism. People would start asking more questions, questions they didn’t ask following 9-11 like how is it with astronomical military, defense and intelligence budgets and the world’s most powerful radar, surveillance and defense systems, nothing worked that fateful day on September 11, 2001?
What are the beltway crazies, the lobbyists and defense contractors going to do? Will they disregard the polls, and growing anti-war sentiment and plow ahead to reinstate the draft? Will they ‘fess up and say they made a mistake and withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and beat their swords, tanks and missiles into plowshares, tractors and farming equipment? Or will they retreat to the back rooms and executive suites to plot, plan and scheme other ways to further their agenda for global hegemony? The New World Order bunch are facing a real dilemma. In recent weeks they have suffered several serious setbacks. In Europe the French and Dutch people rebuked the elites by rejecting the European Union Constitution; now here in the good ol’ US of A the people have hardened their hearts to Bush’s war, the draft and are no longer mesmerized by the NeoConmen’s sales pitch for invasion and war as the way to spread democracy and freedom. The next few months will be very interesting. The NeoConmen are still beating the war drum on behalf of Israel for military intervention in Iran, the geological and geopolitical realities of Peak Oil have caused them to covet regime change in Venezuela even more fervently but they have lost the confidence (gullibility) of the AmeriKKKan people. Their man in the White House’s popularity continues to plummet with every passing day and the prospects of him regain any credibility appears slim. It’s not like they are going to throw up their hands, throw in the towel or repent. They are not going to defang themselves or morph into mystics who call for world peace. They are not about to discard their sheep’s clothing expose themselves as wolves then lie down with the sheep in peace and harmony. That’s not going to happen. They are not going to advocate disarmament and destroy all their WMD first or cease all weapons research and development as a show of good faith. They have a world to conquer, pillage and plunder. What will they do? Keep your eyes and ears open because whatever they do won’t be in our best interests.


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