Monday, June 06, 2005

The People 2, New World Order Zero

“The resounding “No” is the latest sign of Dutch anger with the political elite since the 2002 murder of anti-immigration populist Pim Fortuyn, with unease stoked by last year’s killing of a filmmaker critical of Islam. The rejection of the charter by the Netherlands, like France one of the six countries that founded the bloc in the 1950s, could deliver a fatal blow to the treaty designed to make the EU run better following its enlargement from 15 to 25 states.” 06-01-05

On the international front it seems the people soundly rebuffed advances by the New World Order elites to move the European Union one step farther along in their plan to make a pan- European governmental arrangement a reality. The resounding defeat of the European Union Constitution on June 1 followed a similar but less lopsided defeat of the proposed constitution by French voters. The US mainstream media has downplayed the significance of the devastating defeats because the last thing the mind control apparatus wants is to give the yahoos in AmeriKKKa the notion they can thwart the efforts of the New World Order. The European elites unlike their AmeriKKKan cousins didn’t bother to rig the election. As a result the people spoke and expressed themselves in a clear renunciation of the proposed EU Constitution that would provide for a seamless integration of member nations into one regional political, economic and military giant. Many rank and file French and Dutch citizens rejected the EU Constitution because they are opposed to what they feel is loss of control over their lives their and their countries. One pundit suggested a wave of nationalism sweep France and the Netherlands. The European Union currently has twenty- five members, Latvia recently held elections and approved the constitution.
Why is this important to us? Because it demonstrates ordinary people can undermine the plans and designs of the ruling elites. While it may be too late to do something similar to what happened in France and the Netherlands here in AmeriKKKa via the ballot box (given the last two presidential elections were stolen, one through direct interference by the US Supreme Court in 2000 and the most recent via election fraud and vote fixing) ; it may not be too late for AmeriKKKans to wake up, grow some back bone and offer some serious resistence to the New World Order. But who knows, maybe the French and Dutch votes were rigged too? The US CIA has a long and notorious history for influencing elections in Europe dating back to immediately following World War II. Why, you ask, would the US elites rig the elections against a long standing New World Order plan and agenda? My answer is simply, to deflate the rising Euro currency since it has surpassed the US dollar in value. What we must understand is more and more nations have contemplated switching from the US dollar as their global medium of exchange to the Euro. Saddam Hussein actually did it in 2000. Such a move would topple the US from its perch as the economic leader despite the fact the US economy is not doing well and the US federal government is broke. The Bush government is solely dependent upon foreign investment to prop it up financially which makes it’s position in the world very precarious. All the more reason to fix an election against a strong economic rival. The defeat of the EU Constitution does not mean the EU itself will collapse, the European elites will merely redouble their efforts as the rest of the membership votes on the Constitution. In fact the elites have stated this is their intention. “Mr. Pabriks and other EU leaders say that, if four-fifths of the member states ratify the constitution by the end of next year, the bloc can then decide how to deal with the problems of those countries that have rejected it. Some type of strategy is likely to emerge at an EU summit in Brussels in two weeks, but only after a range of options is explored. Most leaders will likely press for ratification in other countries. Some will propose extracting parts of the constitution and placing them in another, lesser treaty, so that the EU can function better than it does now. The British, who want to avoid a referendum of their own, in which the constitution would be rejected, may suggest privately that the charter be scrapped.” ( 06-02-05) . For the AmeriKKKa plutocracy, the French and Dutch vote gives the sagging dollar a brief reprieve and allows the US elites to ponder their next move. They will need the time to come up with something because they realize the military option of invading countries such as Iran or Venezuela who have openly contemplated switching from the US dollar to the Euro is becoming more and more limited as the US military is bogged down in Iraq and could not wage another protracted war to take and hold territory or pacify the natives.
The thing I like about the US press coverage of the two defeats is the fact the US mainstream media keeps saying it is a defeat of the political elites of France and the Netherlands. Maybe just maybe that type of attitude will take hold here in AmeriKKKa.



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