Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Time To Break Out The Ol' BS Meter

Time To Break Out The BS Meters

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Most Americans now believe that
President George W. Bush's administration "intentionally misled" the public in going to war in
Iraq, according to a poll. The ABC News/Washington Post poll came on the eve of a key speech in which Bush will seek public support for the war, which 53 percent of Americans who were surveyed said was not worth fighting. A record 57 percent say the Bush administration "intentionally exaggerated its evidence that pre-war Iraq possessed nuclear, chemical or biological weapons," according to the poll. It was the first time a majority said the administration "intentionally misled" the public, the survey said. The poll also shows 56 percent disapprove of Bush's handling of Iraq, including 44 percent who "strongly disapprove". Still, 53 percent remain optimistic rather than pessimistic about the prospects for Iraq in the next year, the poll said. And nearly six in 10, or 58 percent, want US troops to stay in Iraq until civil order has been restored, while 41 percent asked for their withdrawal.- Yahoo News 06-28-05

Anytime the mainstream media opinion polls show Bush being viewed as a modern day Pinochio you know things are bad. Contrary to the vast majority of media prostitutes and the Washington D.C. beltway crowd, most AmeriKKKans now know George W Bush lied about Saddam Hussein and Iraq being a threat to US or world security (how could he be the US and Britain starved him with economic sanctions and bombed him for 13 years straight?), that he was not linked in any way with fellow CIA asset Osama bib-Laden or 9-11. Caught in a humongous lie once no WMD were found ( you would think someone like Bush would have at least tried to plant some biological or germ warfare agents somewhere in Iraq to cover his story) Bush changed his tune to say domocratizing Iraq was his goal. The problem with that was initialy Bush was adamantly opposed to a direct plebiscite by the Iraqi people preferring to have US proconsuls and carpetbaggers like Ahmed Chalabi take orders from Washington. Bush was subsequently forced to call for popular elections by a high ranking and very influential Iraqi cleric whose support he sought but did not get. Once popular elections were held and a Shia and Kurdish majority evolved to form "the government" ( read, became the puppets), the resistance intensified big time. So here we are getting bad news daily, Iraq has become a financial sink hole for US tax dollars going to well connected multinational companies like Betchtel and Halliburton while groups like Carlyle whose members include the president's father are making a killing off the War on Terrorism and the US gains more enemies every day with the military’s abuse of Iraqi citizens and the heavy handed tactics it is using to futilely quell the resistance. The resistance is getting more fierce and US causalties continue to mount. Reservists and rgular Army have been subject to stop loss which amounts to a draft of the men and women already in uniform who should be rotating out or back to the state which is causing alarm, stress and strain on military families. These are just some of the reasons why most AmeriKKKans view Bush with suspicion and cynicism. You know the ol’ “fool me once shame on you fool, me twice shame on me”, axiom. In the back of people’s minds linger questions about what really happened on 9-11 and why no real push was made to capture or kill Osama bin-Laden despite Bush’ ( who calls himself the war president but who most AmeriKKKans realize deserted his Air national Guard unit during the Vietnam War) bold promises, bluster and swagger about doing so.
Lie after lie after lie emanates from the NeoConmen’s mouths but the good nes is, folks aren’t as stupid or gullible as they think. Folks had their secret doubts and questions all long and they are growing! Once the so called Downing Street Memo was published it proved beyond all doubt Bush and Co “fixed the intelligence to fit the facts” about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. These documents affirmed what most AmeriKKKans knew in their heart of hearts, Bush lied. Now Bush is desperate, his approval ratings and credibility are in free fall sinking lower every day. So tonight, we will be subjected to, if we are foolish enough to watch or listen, more of Bush’s siren song about war being peace, invasion/occupation being liberation and neocolonialism being democracy or unmanageable deficits mean prosperity. This siren song has already dashed the AmeriKKKan ship of state on the rocks of militarism, imperialism and fascism. He will attempt to rally his fleeceable flock of religious fanatics and wanna be emperors to stay the course by assuring them success is just around the corner. The Bull Sh_ _ meters will be off the charts tonight, folks! However a wise man is quoted as saying, “you will know them by their fruits, ... A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, neither can a rotten tree bear good fruit”. Bush’s lies are bearing the fruits of death destruction, fiscal disaster and distrust. Keep this in mind during the coming days and weeks as we are asked to believe more lies.



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