Friday, June 17, 2005

Wake Up Before It's Too Late

Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

“Our military is supposed to be defending our country and the interests of its citizens, not the interest of a select minority who happen to wield great power. These foreign conflicts are also being used to abet the growth of government beyond its constitutional limits. Our great defense has been replaced by a massive offensive war machine. We are not preventing lethal acts of warfare against us – we are the aggressors. This creates the problem of the sacrificing of our military personnel and their exploitation by a policy-making elite that has perverted the purpose of our military for profit. We are not defending our country, we are promoting global governance. This irrational commitment to being a globalist superpower is unsustainable economically and financially and it is another method of destroying our country. Along with our fiscal and monetary policies and the fiat nature of our currency, we are fast headed into bankruptcy. We have been betrayed by our government and the elitists who control it.” - Bob Chapman

Wake up people, wake the hell up before we find ourselves in debt-servitude, wage slavery and perpetual war brought on by the treacherous policies of the NeoConmen doing the bidding of an elite cabal of fascist warmongers. We are being squeezed on all sides, subjected to monetary, foreign and domestic policy decisions formulated by a cadre of right wing ideologues in think tanks, foundations, multinational corporations and both major political parties. Their influence is being felt on every level of government, within the corporate media mind control apparatus, business and religion. Their goal, believe it or not is to bankrupt and cripple AmeriKKKa, by gutting the middle class and facilitating a rapidly expanding wealth gap while simultaneously tightening their death grip around the world. The complacent mainstream media, educational and religious systems do their part by dummying the populous down promoting anti-intellectual lifestyles that disparage critical thinking and independent thought. Joe and Jane Sixpack are being manipulated by fear as the actions of the ruling elites both here and around the world will inevitably bring the “blowback” they fear that endangers and puts us at risk because the world is not going to sit passively back and allow AmeriKKKa to bogart their material wealth or bum rush their human and natural resources. We have been duped. What are we going to do about it? We know for certain Bush and Co. lied about Saddam Hussein being an eminent threat and supporter of global terrorism . We know Bush lied about being AWOL from the Air National Guard. We know he is lying about Social Security, the deficit and the fact he planned regime change in Iraq early in 2000; so what makes you think he or his cohorts told the truth about 9-11 which supposedly triggered the bogus War on Terrorism in the first place?! Bush’s Hitleresque approach has produced the same results for AmeriKKKa today that Hitler produced in 1933. AmeriKKKa like Nazi Germany is viewed around the world as a rabid and ravaging wolf, starving for global domination, conquest and rapine. Ironically but not coincidentally Bush’s paternal grandfather and maternal great grandfather aided and abetted Hitler’s imperialism and warmongering. We know how his father pre-emptively invaded Panama as President and set up the invasion of Grenada as Vice President so imperial rapine runs in the family. While George H.W Bush’s Carlyle Group is making billions off of the War on Terror begun by his son, the country is sinking into a cesspool of apathy to the widespread corporate corruption, immorality and governmental malfeasance.
We need to wake up and take responsibility for what is going on around us. Just as ordinary Germans could have, but failed to actively oppose Adolph Hitler and his the Nazi Party, AmeriKKKans should be up in arms resisting what the Bush Cabal is doing here in AmeriKKKa. But alas like the Germans over seventy years ago, Joe and Jane Sixpack will sit back and justify their cowardice and inaction by claiming not to know what they know is going on! Wake up before it’s too late. Wake up and join the resistance. You don’t have to take up arms against the government, you can resist by simply thinking for yourself, making up your own mind and speaking out against their policies. You can resist by making conscious choices where you spend your money, where you bank, the type of media you consume and what you support with your time, energy and money. Bush and Co could not get away with what they do, if we did not acquiesce to their wickedness. They get away with what they do only because we fail to call them on their lies and evil. We are at a crucial juncture in our history, the present and future demand we wake up, get up, and put up!



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