Thursday, July 07, 2005

The G8 Doesn't have Africa's best Interests At Heart

The G8 Doesn’t have Africa’s best Interests At Heart

“After reading the harrowing account of the brutalities of slavery, of subjugation, of deprivation and humiliation when whole civilizations were crushed in order to serve the imperialist interests of he West, when settled societies were disintegrated by force of imperialist arms so that the plantation owners of the “new World” could get their uprooted and therefore permanent labor force to build what was now the most advanced capitalist economy, it become absolutely clear that the only way out of our current impasse is through a revolutionary path- a complete break with the system which is responsible for all our past and present misery.” A.M. BaBu from the Postscript of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney

The G8 leaders are meeting in Gleneagles Scotland under tight security. The G8 is comprised of the major developed nations: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the US all of whom have a long and storied history of imperialism, colonialism and war that contributed mightily to their status as “developed” nation states. At this year’s session the G8 plans to take up aid and debt relief for Africa. To coincide with the G8 meeting activists and musicians performed fund raising and awareness raising concerts in al the G8 counties plus South Africa called Live 8. Amidst the hype about who would perform and showing pictures of war ravaged Africa which reinforce the stereotypes and disinformation about conditions in Africa without explaining why these conditions exist, representatives of the ruling elites will meet in Gleneagles near Edinburgh to supposedly discuss ways to assist Africa. What I find most disingenuous about this G8 summit putting Africa on its’ agenda is many of the participants especially, Britain France and the US are the prime movers in the causes of the poverty, sectional strife and corruption that exist continent wide! Europe is what it is today because of five centuries of rapine, rape plunder and exploitation of not only Africa but Asia, the Americas and the Pacific. Africa is in the state it’s in today because of massive invasions by first Arabs then Europeans which have resulted in wholesale social and ecological disruption and degradation. Time and space do not permit me to capsulize the authorities the Arabs Europeans inflicted and still perpetuate upon African people. Suffice it to say, the fact the G8 has Africa on its agenda does not bode well for Africa and Africans.
The pictures shown during Live 8 and about Africa in general depicting land ravaged, by war, famine, starvation and a socio-political milieu fraught with corruption and malfeasance are the effects of deliberate policies employed by the G8 and their monopolistic trading company predecessors in collusion with the militaries of the various imperial powers. Africa today is in a state of total dependency not because the indigenous inhabitants are incapable of governance, how could that be given our ancestors showed the world how to govern on a communalistic ethical and moral basis (Ma’at , Ifa, Belo etc); Africa is in shambles today because the Arabs and Europeans made war on us and once they got the upper hand militarily they established a ruthless, predatory and exploitative colonial system that sucked Africa’s natural resources out while keeping the masses impotent and subservient to the colonial administrators and the various religious missionaries who were part and parcel of the beat down Africa was experiencing. Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau explains what happened in the ancient kingdom of Kongo (modern day Congo) “Certain parts of Ex Belgian Africa ad well as certain others of the Angolan Popular Republic and that of the Congo Popular Republic were constitutional parts of the Ancient Kingdom of the Kongo that was destroyed by the Portugese and its allies in 1492. The Berlin Geographical Conference on 1884-85 divided the Kingdom into three imperialistic zones: One part, part of the present Angola, went to Lusitanian imperio-dictatorial system, the second part of the present Congo, to the imperialistic system of France, and he third, part of the present undemocratic Democratic Republic of Congo was made the private property of Leopold II the King of Belgium.” Similar divisions were done continent wide by the Europeans. It should be noted the United States of AmeriKKKa was invited and was a participant at the Berlin Conference Dr. Fu-Kain referred to.
The imperial powers or Europe suffered huge economic and social setbacks from cannibalizing each other during WWII. The allies’ propagandistic fervor used to hype the war amongst their colonial soldiers boomeranged on them as First World people demanded their own freedom and self-determination following the war. Too weak to resist the liberation struggles of people of color around the world, the Europeans regrouped and reconfigured their colonial possessions into a Neo-colonial political and economic arrangement. This new arrangement was spearheaded by the US which assumed the baton of global white supremacy and perpetuated the race wars which began in 1492. Neocolonialism allowed the European and Euro-AmeriKKKan imperialists to still maintain control of natural resources, finances, capital and trade in the supposedly free countries of Africa. “Foreign aid makes it easy for the global giants to settle down and make long range corporate planning and it also lessens the risks to the corporations of lang range overseas investment. This is accomplished through various ways. There are many investment guarantee programs designed to insure US corporations against loss from war, insurrection, expropriation, incontrovertibility and revolution. Thus any dispute arising between any African state and American corporations certainly involves the U.S. Government.” Imperialism and Dependency Obstacles to African Development by Daniel A Offiong Page 145 The G8 meeting going on now is nothing more than a continuation of this ongoing race war. The G8 has no intention of forgiving Africa’s debt nor actually saving the population from HIV/AIDS or any of the other man made ethnic specific diseases they created for just that purpose, to kill off millions of non-Europeans. Even if they forgive Africa’s debt, notice they are only talking about a few countries and the existing system of trade imbalances, conditioned loans by the IMF World Bank and USAID will only re-enslave them within a few years! The Live 8 and the G8 meeting are PR shams designed to make us think the developed European nations are not the predatory, exploitative bloodsucking barbarians their five hundred plus year history has demonstrated them to be.



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