Thursday, July 14, 2005

It’s Time For African People To Face Reality

It’s Time For African People To Face Reality

“Because of their lack of ethical or moral development there is no conflict between the Whites religion and racial oppression. The White race has historically oppressed, exploited and killed Black people all in the name of their God, Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. For example it is generally overlooked that the Klu Klux Klan is primarily a religious organization and Blacks should never forget the Pope blessing the Italian planes and pilots on their way to bombing Ethiopian men, women and children who only had spears to defend themselves.” - The late Dr. Bobby Wright Ph.D.

As we gaze upon the carnage caused around the world b the Caucasians we have to conclude as our trail blazing ancestor Dr. Bobby E. Wright who along with doctors Franz Fanon and Francis Cress Welsing pioneered African liberation psychiatry; that Europeans have attained their position in the world due to their psychopathic racial personality. Every institution in their culture reinforces and reaffirms their psychotically, predatory and cannibalistic way of life. We see this in today’s current events as the imperialist powers of Europe use their military and economic machine to strangle and dominate the world. Dr. Booby E Wright was the first psychiatrist to use psychiatric tools to study and examine European’s collective behavior vis a vis themselves and black people. Dr. Amos Wilson a trail blazing psychologist astutely reminded us Europeans’ psychology is not in their psychology and psychiatry books. He said to understand their psychology we must examine their history. When we do so, we see a five thousand year continuous pattern of patriarchal domination, bloodletting, pillage, cannibalism, invasion, social and ecological disruption unparalleled in human history.
People are creatures of habit, both individually and collectively. On the individual level a person’s repeated ideation, emotion and behavior are called habits, patterns or customs. On a group level be it familial, tribal, clan or the nation state these patterns are called folkways, norms, and culture. The Dictionary of Psychology defines culture as: “the totality of the customs,, arts, science and religions and political behavior taken as an integrated whole that distinguishes one society from another.”. When we look at Indo-Europeans and contrast their behavior and relationships with themselves and others we can see a clear pattern of wanton depravity and predation that separates them from the rest of humanity! All societies experience conflict and war from time to time, but for Caucasians it is a perpetual norm, a way of life. It is time for Africans to wake up and recognize that yes Caucasians are energized and animated by the Universal Ashe and it a true sense are an integral part of creation. But, their lack of melanin, their calcified pineal gland, their limited left brain orientation to life and their long history of social cannibalism, has so disconnected them from even an awareness of the Ashe and the implications of this spiritual reality, for all intents and purposes they have forfeited consideration as members of the human family. They have demonstrated especially during the last five hundred years a collective ruthlessness and depravity beyond words. Their xenophobia, hostility and aggression especially towards all melanated people is a well documented fact. Their inability to repent or to apply the rudiments of a higher consciousness ideation, ideals or abstract notions like Ma’at (Divine Order, Harmony , Balance, Truth, Righteousness, Peace, and Reciprocity) that guided Africans and other First World indigenous people for millennia is a clear indication of their backwardness and benightedness. After proving his case that Europeans indeed exhibited clear psychopathic personalities Dr, Booby Wright put it this way, "Psychopaths inability to accept blame and inability to learn from previous experience can be easily proven. They never accept blame for Black’s environmental conditions which are clearly the result of White oppression." This was proven recently when France passed a law mandated French schools and textbook publishers revise history to paint French imperialism as beneficial to its victims. Notice Europeans rarely if ever acknowledge their genocide of the indigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere. And if they do all they never do anything to make amens for the egregious atrocities they have inflicted and continue to inflict around the world! This because they don’t want to nor do they even know how to.
Amidst the babble at the G8 meeting in Scotland about African debt relief, and global warming we must realize this; the leaders of the “developed nations” will never admit they got where they are due to the rapine, cannibalism and ecological devastation they have engaged in for the past five hundred years. Their words about debt relief for Africa are a sham and pretext to conduct even more exploitation and plunder! They can’t help it, it’s in their genes, it’s part of their ongoing cultural dynamic. It’s time we realized they lack the cognitive and moral fortitude to change. If you doubt what I’m saying start viewing current events through the prism of psychiatry and abnormal psychology. You will be forced to conclude Europeans are sick. Why are those whites who profess to love peace so cowardly and impotent in the face of the New World Order’s agenda of perpetual war and global domination? Why do whites who profess to be so spiritual choose their stock portfolio dividends over the welfare of humanity? If they really had a consciousness of peace and love of humanity, things would change overnight. Why is the psychopathic leadership winning? The burden is on us now to re-establish Ma’at, and rightly so, since it is clear the masses of whites lack the capacity do anything to put their leaders in check. As targets of their animus and larceny , the rest of the world, especially Africans should wake up, face realty and act accordingly.



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