Monday, July 11, 2005

Something's Fishy About The London Bombings

Something’s Fishy In London Bombing

LONDON (Reuters) - Suspected al Qaeda militants behind the London bombings may well have come from a previously unknown local cell and yet had access to military explosives, European security officials familiar with the probe said. "The explosives appear to be of military origin, which is very worrying," said Christophe Chaboud, head of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit and one of five top officials sent by Paris to London immediately after Thursday's attacks. "We're more used to cells making home-made explosives with chemicals. How did they get them?" he said in an interview with Le Monde newspaper. "Either by trafficking, for example, in the Balkans, or they had someone on the inside who enabled them to get them out of a military establishment." Chaboud's comments went further than London police, who have only said so far that the bombs contained less than 10 lb. (4.5 kg) each of "high explosives" and were small enough to be carried in rucksacks. By comparison, the 10 bombs that blew apart four commuter trains in Madrid last year weighed about 22 lb. (10 kg) each. The explosive, known as Goma 2 Eco and used in quarrying, had been stolen from a mine in northern Spain. Asked about the French comments, a senior London police spokesman said the explosives were still being examined and there was no confirmation that they were military in origin. "We are waiting for the forensic tests," he said. 07-11-05

As we cognitively sift through the ashes, issues, explanations and reports from last week’s London bombing, things are getting fishier and more foul smelling which means it’s probably an inside job, a false flag operation to ratchet up the “terror alert” in Britain and around the world. Bush and Blair need such a disaster to bolster sagging support for the occupation of Iraq and the bogus “War on Terrorism”. In addition to reports Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was warned not to leave his hotel to venture out to give a speech at a building over where one of the bombs went off, we’ve learned live simulated terrorist exercises were being conducted in the transportation system just like the US military conducted live simulated terrorism drills to provide cover for the “terrorist attacks” on 9-11. As if that wasn’t bad enough we know the London transportation company’s video surveillance systems mysteriously shut down that day (so no pictures or images of European looking bombers could be found to discredit the insinuation that Arabs did it) and now there is a report the explosives used in the bombings were military grade and issue! If this is true, it looks more and more like this was indeed an inside job. But then again, why should we be shocked at this. There are enough legitimate questions about the blatant contradictions, inconsistencies and distortions of the “official” story about 9-11 and resulting “investigations” ( 9-11 Commission cover up) to suggest this is a similar false flag operation to 9-11 Reuters printed a report today stating a French Anti-Terrorist specialist who was sent to London to assist in the investigation claims the explosives used in the bombings were of military origin. Of course British authorities have not confirmed that and are tight lipped about the ongoing forensic investigation. Don’t be surprised if the Brits do what their AmeriKKKan cousins did ;ship all the evidence off to China or Japan so there can be no evidence around to refute the “‘official” report that will be released that blames the mythical terrorist organization al-Qaeda which in reality is a secret police/intelligence agency created bogey man used to keep the dolts and uninformed in a perpetual state of fear and confusion while the CIA, MI5, Mossad and similar entities carry out dastardly deeds and blame them on al-Qaeda.
If the explosives are military that means someone somehow gained access to them and was also able to plant them in the tunnels and buses without arousing suspicion or appearing to be a foreigner or Arab. Even if the explosives weren’t from British military installations, they were probably gotten from some Western power’s arsenal. This raises additional questions about which country they got them from and how were they planted without arousing suspicion, (aside from the fact the underground’s video monitors conveniently went out the day of the bombing). Keep your eyes ears and mind open don’t allow the corporate media to influence you or pin you in their disinformation Matrix whereby you fail to think critically ask pertinent questions and challenge the media’s depiction of what happened in London. Do not allow the corporate media to convince you a non existent organization called al-Qaeda is behind this atrocity.



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