Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Con game Continues

The Con Game Continues

August 24, 2005—In recent weeks, two "revelations" of pre-9/11 US military-intelligence relationships with al-Qaeda "terrorists" and Osama bin Laden are being used as cannon fodder in an intensifying power struggle between rival political factions vying to seize the "war on terrorism" agenda for their own, and deepen the cover-up of 9/11. The furor over new stories involving alleged 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta and US-bin Laden go-between Tarik Hamdi pits spinmasters against other spinmasters—Kean 9/11 Commission supporters versus hawkish Bush-linked 9/11 Commission attackers, neocons versus neoliberals, and intelligence and law enforcement agencies are at each other's throats again over "intelligence failures." While the spin has dwelled exclusively around "anti-terrorism" and various red herrings, and the supposed frustration over the tracking and arrest of al-Qaeda members, the true evidence trail continues to be purposely ignored. This trail leads directly to high-level US government officials and US intelligence agencies themselves (and US intelligence branches such as Pakistan's ISI), for their nurturing, guiding and placement of "Islamic terrorist" intelligence assets (including Atta, Hamdi, bin Laden and al-Qaeda), and US complicity in 9/11.- Larry Chin Online Journal 08-24-05

Recent revelations by Republican Congressman Curt Weldon ( R- Pa) that a special task force within the US military code named Able Danger actually was tracking alleged 9-11 highjacker Mohammad Atta and several other “al Qaeda” operatives during the waning months of the Clinton administration have added grist to the mill for those of us too skeptical to fall for the “9-11 was the result of massive intelligence failures” okey-doke . Weldon’s assertions were backed up by Army Lt.Col. Anthony Shaffer who stated a special operations unit run by military intelligence monitored and tracked Atta and company. However, this unit supposedly somehow failed to share or relay their information to other intelligence and law enforcement agencies! By insinuation Weldon is suggesting if they had, 9-11 could have been averted. Weldon and Shaffer castigated the 9-11 Commission for not following this lead during their so called investigation surrounding 9-11. Of course the Kean Commission which is to 9-11 what the Warren Commission was to the assassination of John F Kennedy; the official white washer whose job was to propagate the party line about “a lone gunman acting on his own” denigrated the importance of Operation Abel Danger saying its’ existence was not relevant to the commission’s investigation. Weldon, a warmonger who shortly after 9-11 sponsored a bill to reinstate the military draft ; probably has his own agenda for putting this information into the public domain and consciousness. As a Congressman he is up for re-election in 2006. As a Republican he must abandon ship and distance himself from the debacle Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq has wrought, toe the party line and face the wrath of the voters or find a scapegoat to take the pressure off of the NeoConmen for lying the US into a no win war. If Weldon can tie “intelligence failures” which could have prevented 9-11 to the Clinton administration it takes some of the pressure off of him and his fellow Republicans who can then claim they were merely playing the bad hand they were dealt, that they at least took the initiative to take the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan. Of course this argument doesn’t alter the fact the reasons Bush gave for invading Afghanistan and Iraq are either: unsubstantiated allegations (Osama bin-Laden was responsible for 9-11) or outright lies (Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was involved in 9-11).
Weldon and Shaffer both know the gullible and easily duped AmeriKKKan public doesn’t know both the CIA (in 1986) and the FBI (in 1996) way prior to 9-11, created Counterterrorism Centers, interagency networks that included fourteen intelligence agencies: CIA, Department of Treasury, Department of State, Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, national Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency and the Army, Naval, Air Force, Marines and Cost Guard Intelligence agencies to share and exchange intelligence data. If we didn’t know this (but now we do thanks to Mamadou Chinyelu’s book Motive Means and Opportunity probable Cause for Indicting George W Bush his Sponsors and Aides for the Attack of September 11, 2001 page 74 we would actually believe 9-11 was the result of “intelligence failures”. However since we know about these intelligence sharing Counterterrorism Centers there is no way we can fall for the 9-11 party line; that rag tag Muslim fanatics operating from caves in Afghanistan circumvented the world’s most expensive, extensive and elaborate intelligence and security network to pull off 9-11!! Although it was not supposed to, Weldon’s revelation further debunks that absurdity proving once and for all, the US at least had significant foreknowledge enough to stop 9-11 but, chose not to. Another very real possibility is: rogue elements within the intelligence network plotted, planned and executed 9-11 using CIA “assets” patsies. If you think this is far fetched, look up Operation Northwoods. You’ll discover just how cold blooded, psychotic and scheming the US military can be.



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