Monday, August 15, 2005

Genocidal Programs Directed At Africa and Africans Worldwide

Genocidal Programs Directed At Africa and Africans Worldwide

"African nations are forced to accept as a precondition for funding, family planning and all its attendant projects -abortion, contraception, sex education etc. A lot of money is expended by Western agencies, particularly Planned Parenthood of America, on contraceptives for Africa... In villages where there is no portable water, no electricity, and no health care services, the major concern of these world population control agencies is not development but family planning clinics" - African Caucus, Report on negative effects of population control on Africa Testimony on International Population Control Activities, 12 April 1994, sponsored by Population Research Institute

Part of the villainous and genocidal assault on Africa and Africans world wide is/was the formulation of a global program of population control. It is imperative we realize the psychopathic personality that drives the European ruling elites to attempt to dominate and subvert the natural order, destroy the ecosystem and subjugate the rest of humanity grows and worsens with each succeeding generation. In the Sixteen the Seventeenth centuries they used their own inborn diseases like syphilis and smallpox to wipe out indigenous populations around the world. Subsequently they hit upon the idea of planned depopulation using blankets laced with smallpox in addition to their weapons of mass destruction to destroy and undermine native populations. Biological weaponry was and is a prime tool in their arsenal against non-white people in their ongoing effort to reduce to the world population to manageable proportions. They fully realize they are only at most eleven per cent of the world’s population, their birth rates are in a state of decline which severely hampers their goal of maintaining hegemony over the world’s people. So to rectify this imbalance, they must severely curtail the growth and population rates of non-white people all over the world. In the forward to Del Jones’ book Black Holocaust 2000 I wrote, “The most reliable way to predict and anticipate current and/or future behaviors ad relationships is to study and scrutinize past behaviors.” If we are to survive the relentless onslaught of global white supremacy, we must recognize the underlying abnormal psychology that drives the Europeans to do what they do. African centered psychiatrists like Dr. Bobby Wright, Francis Cress Welsing and Franz Fanon laid a clear foundation for us to build upon by examining European psychopathy. Their efforts have helped us realize we are not the ones who are crazy. It is madness to acquiesce and passively submit to menticide (the deliberate destruction of a people’s mind) and genocide.
In his book The Black Holocaust Del Jones exposed Global 2000 a nefarious program of genocidal population control aimed at reducing the population of people of color around the world. “Our holocaust is real and it is brought to you by real enemies that manufacture situations to depopulate the planet. The key to understanding this is to beware of the ‘Global 2000 ' report done at the request of then President Jimmy Carter. The report deals with global management of land, resources and population. It is an ideological document that warns that the earth is being over populated. It warns that land and natural resources are at a premium. It is a document of fear, developed to make whites panic at their zero population growth as the populations of other people’s grow” Page 73. Global 2000 was more than a report it was an ideological blueprint for genocide. Just as we have discovered the genesis of George W. Bush’s calamitous imperialist policies in Iraq were concocted by the Project for New American Century and their white paper entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century"; Global 2000 was the plan by which the New World Order elites determined to snuff out the lives of millions and prevent the birth of more black, brown, red and yellow babies. Their agenda is comprehensive and will be accomplished by a myriad of methods both overt and covert. One way is using economic hit men from the IMF, World Bank and US-AID who set terms of loans that impose planned parenthood or fertility control policies as pre-conditions for the loan. They also will use land control, decimation of the economy by setting crop quotas, externally manipulating and destabilizing the cash crop market, or flooding the country with cheaply produced subsidized imports and finished products the local farmers and manufacturers cannot compete with, privatization of natural resources such as water purification plants and imposing exorbitant user fees that the poor cannot afford. Another tactic is forcing potentially lethal genetically altered Frankenfoods on African nations. These conditions will further destabilize the country and region contributing to increased famine, poverty, sickness and death which are the goals of whites all along! Even before Global 2000 was written and released the New World order had promulgated their strategies and tactics for depopulation of people of color. During the Nixon administration, Rockefeller agent and TriLateralist Henry Kissinger penned what was called U.S. National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200). What is NSSM 200? “The official policy of the U.S. regarding population control in foreign policy is spelled out in U.S. National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), written by Henry Kissinger. NSSM 200, subtitled ‘Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,’ warned that increasing populations in developing countries threatened U.S. strategic, economic, and military interests. It suggested that competition from new world powers would rise when developing nations had sufficient populations to utilize their national resources to their full potential. Thus in order to ensure U.S. strategic, economic, and military interest, at the expense of developing countries, it proposed population control to address potential population growth and specifically targeted 13 countries whose growing populations suggested coming power. The report spelled out a plan to bring about ‘a two-child family on the average’ throughout the world ‘by about the year 2000.’ Interestingly, NSSM 200 went into detail about avoiding U.S. responsibility for population-control programs by ensuring that the UN and international financial institutions such as the IMF and World Bank adopt population-control policies as prerequisites to their giving of aid. The report suggested furthering the camouflage by mandating that countries accepting aid from the UN or the banks form their own population-control ministries. NSSM 200 also noted that the U.S. government played ‘an important role in establishing the United Nations Fund for Population Activities to spearhead a multilateral effort in population as a complement to the bilateral actions of AID and other donor countries.’ It added that ‘with a greater commitment of bank resources and improved consultation with AID and UNFPA, a much greater dent could be made on the overall problem.’ Moreover, the report asserts that ‘mandatory programs may be needed and that we should be considering these possibilities now.’” - .
While we’re asleep or distracted by their planned media diversions they are plotting, planning and moving ahead. It’s all part of their drive to control the world. Their plans are in full effect, they want total control over the earth, its resources and its people. We can see their agenda being played out all around the world despite suppression and obfuscation by the corporate owned mind control apparatus. The psychology of whites has not changed, they mean death to us, the sooner we realize this and galvanize our forces and resources to resist and counter their moves by controlling our own food supply, building an economic infrastructure and fashioning cohesive race first oriented ideology the better off we will be.



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