Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Roots of European Barbarism

Roots of European Barbarism

“By the time Rome fell in 476 after a successive wave of bloody invasions by Huns and Visigoths and Vandals, the Christian church had become a militant as well as a doctrinal organization. No longer id Christians turn the other cheek in meek submission to tyranny. The Middle ages were marked by violent struggle between the Church and all opposition. The Arians and then the Cathars were vigorously attacked and reduced to scattered communities. It was not until papal aspirations for universal power inspired the first Crusade that Constantine’s dangerous gift plunged the Christians and their enemies into constant violence. One man’s lust for world domination maintained a steady flow of blood in Palestine and Asia Minor for more than two hundred years.” - Glenn Holt, The Fury of God Holy Wars and Sacred Violence Page 29

Most of us are familiar with Cheikh Anta Diop’s Two Cradle Theory where he explains the origins of the vastly differing approaches to life, living and social organization that evolved amongst the more sedentary, civilized and communal, dark skinned people in the Southern latitudes as contrasted to the ghoulish Caucasoids who developed their paternalistic, dog eat dog predatory behaviors as a result of the much harsher climatic conditions during the Ice age in the Steppe regions of Eurasia. We know what Diop said, it makes sense but for some reason we are not able to connect the dots to help us understand Indo-European, Aryan, Caucasoid, white's (whatever you want to call them), abhorrent behaviors. We fail to make the connection that what we see today is merely a cultural pattern that goes back thousands of years. Unlike their less immediate ancestors who were forced into cannibalism or who lived for the love of pillage and plunder, modern day whites resort to delusional fantasies to justify their high tech bloodlust and warmongering. What we see today is a trans-millennial extension of their psychotic and barbaric roots we can easily trace back to the Caucasus mountains. Europeans like to talk about Greece and Rome as if they were the ultimates of world cultures, but the whites we see on a daily basis are not direct descendants of these “civilized” European cultures. We have to begin to understand the roots of European or white violence, the kind of violence that plays itself out everywhere they set foot on this planet is in their genetic make-up and cultural memory. In recent years, modern Caucasians unlike their barbarian immediate ancestors the Vikings, Goths, Saxons, Normans. Huns Juts et al, have rationalized their individual and collective violence under the banner of “the white man’s burden”, “civilizing the heathen”, “saving souls” or in the case of the Arabs, spreading Islam. Most institutions in their society promote war, including the church.
So given that cultural legacy, given our current and recent past history with Europeans vis a vis slavery, rape, social caste etc, why would any of us be surprised Pat Robertson, the millionaire televangelist and right wing fascist called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez Frias. President Hugo Chavez Frias is the dully elected president of the oil rich nation of Venezuela. That South American nation exports 58.7% of its 2.3 million barrels per day of oil to the US. Despite that, the US covets all of Venezuela’s oil and hates the fact a populous leader like Chavez refuses to dance to the larcenous and exploitive tunes Uncle Sam plays. Robertson is an end timer who professes to believe the imperialist policies of Israel, Britain and AmeriKKKa will hasten the earthly return of Jesus of Nazareth and usher in the long awaited Rapture; a sort of Christian New World Order whereby all true believing Christians will be swept up in the air (even if they are dead, buried and decomposed) to reign in heaven and earthly power with him over his defeated enemies (presumably anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe including Jews and Arabs). The Rapture didn’t happen when the Christians first invaded Palestine during the crusades when they shed rivers of blood in the name of their god. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right. The “Christianized” European tribes and kingdoms stopped fighting each other momentarily (incessant internecine intra and inter tribal wars characterize the real history of Indo- Europeans) and galvanized behind Pope Urban II who in 1095 instigated the first of eight crusades. Ostensibly the Pope’s goals were to “recapture the Holy Land” and control the revenues from the gullible “pilgrims” who trekked and traded there annually to see the “birthplace” and sepulchre of their Lord and Savior. The Europeans captured Jerusalem after much fighting and carnage but were subsequently repulsed several years later after the Muslims mounted a counter holy war called a jihad. Needless to say countless human beings were slaughtered on each side in the name of each combatant’s god (a sort of preview of what is happening in Iraq now) . Alas, for the Europeans, Pope Urban’s goal of controlling the Holy Land (if not the whole world) ended in dismal failure. Perhaps modern day crusaders like George W Bush and Pat Robertson should study more ancient and recent history because it appears they are about to experience the same consequences as their ancestors.



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