Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bu$h’s Real Goal In The Katrina Debacle , More Power

Bu$h’s Real Goal In The Katrina Debacle , More Power

“By STEWART M. POWELL Hearst Newspapers
WASHINGTON — President Bush on Monday urged Congress to examine whether the White House needs stronger powers to deal with catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina. Bush’s backing for the congressional inquiry raised the possibility that lawmakers might expand presidential authority to:
• Order mandatory civilian evacuations
• Dispatch U.S.-based armed forces for emergency search-and-rescue operations
• Grant wider leeway for active-duty U.S. military personnel to carry out law enforcement operations.
“It’s really important that as we take a step back and learn lessons — that we are in a position to adequately answer the question: ‘Are we prepared for major catastrophes?”’ Bush said during a tour of hurricane damage in New Orleans. He said if there was a terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction, such as germ-warfare agents, “we’ve got to make sure we understand the lessons learned to be able to deal with catastrophe.” Asked whether the federal government needed broader authority to “come in earlier or even in advance of a storm that (is) threatening?” Bush replied: “I think that’s one of the interesting issues that Congress needs to take a look at.”- 09-13-05

I kept wondering what the real motives behind the federal government’s seemingly inadequate response to Hurricane Katina were? Looking at what happened it seemed to me it was deliberate; that FEMA consciously delayed, they were premeditated in preventing first responders, supplies and food from getting into the city. We now know FEMA cordoned the city off preventing help and supplies from entering. I went back and reviewed a book I read about a year or so ago, Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster subtitled; Why the Official Story of 9-11 is a Monumental Lie by David Icke. On page 442 Icke talks about FEMA and Hurricane Andrew which struck South Dade County Florida in August of 1992. He says, “Far from helping the hundreds of thousands of homeless and injured victims, FEMA cordoned off the area and left people to fend for themselves. They were given no food, no water, no medical supplies, no shelter and no help whatsoever when the disaster struck.” He quotes a resident Ms K.T. Frankovich who wrote a book documenting her experiences entitled Where Heavens Meet. In it she shared how police and FEMA officials in a convoy of twelve to fifteen cars patrolling her neighborhood three days after the hurricane hit who put a revolver to her temple, threatened her and refused to assist her and treat her wounds which included a broken jaw, cuts and embedded glass. (My emphasis) Sound familiar? Was their behavior during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 a dry run for 2005's Hurricane Katrina? Were they both practice ops in preparation for a FEMA/military occupation/lock down of major AmeriKKKan regions or cities during their most vulnerable time? Is this a coincidence or an eery preview of things to come? Was Michael Brown really that inept or was he a convenient fall guy (chump) like former CIA Director George J. Tenet who obediently fell on his sword to protect Bu$h’s lies about WMD in Iraq ? Think about this, Brown is the only member of Bu$h’s administration to resign under pressure no matter how bad things got People like Pearle, Powell, Wolfowitz, Tenet and Allbaugh all resigned, some under clouds of misgiving and angst over their policies and performance, but none of them were run out of town on a rail by the media like Michael Brown. Was this a case of the media discovering its spine or was there something more nefarious and clandestine going on? While there is always the possibility members of the corporate media did deprogram their minds and get some courage; I suspect the whole affair is part of the usual pattern of the ruling oligarchy creating or exacerbating a pre-existing problem so they can offer “solutions” which further their own New World Order agenda, which is more government control over our lives.
In an article in The State, a South Carolina newspaper, dated September 13, 2005 (following a partisan Republican Party’s move to block formation of an independent commission to study the federal government’s failures during Hurricane Katrina), George W Bu$h is quoted as saying he urges Congress to determine whether or not he needs more powers to deal with disasters like Hurricane Katrina or a terrorist attack on the US? The article said, “Asked whether the federal government needed broader authority to ‘come in earlier or even in advance of a storm that (is) threatening?’ Bush replied: ‘I think that’s one of the interesting issues that Congress needs to take a look at.’ Bush’s comments came as outside experts urged a variety of changes they said could improve the federal government’s ability to respond to natural disasters or terrorist attacks.” Of course the article doesn’t identify these “outside experts” were, but you can bet your last money many of them were members of right wing NeoCon think tanks, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. These groups and their puppets and stooges’ main objective is to facilitate the consolidation of more and more power into fewer and fewer hands until AmeriKKKa is a fascist oligarchy under the rule of a psychopathic element. This criminal element would think nothing of plotting and planning 9-11 using CIA assets and patsies, or manipulate the weather using HAARP technology (see for full details), lie about WMD or withhold assistance during a disaster to get what they wanted which is more power and control over us.
It’s time to wake up and realize who and what we are dealing with here. Bu$h’s mea culpa for the Katrina disaster is a sham. He has never admitted a mistake or taken responsibility for any errors or admitted he lied in the past, why the “change” now? It is all part and parcel to their plan to use it to further their nefarious agendas. Watch, just like 9-11, the Republican investigation will recommend more consolidation of power, more invasion of privacy, more erosion of civil liberties (ala the US PATRIOT ACT and Kean Commission recommendations to form a secret police and super spy agency) and expanded powers for FEMA and the military. Don’t say you weren’t warned.



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