Monday, September 19, 2005

Get Ready For A Militarized AmeriKKKa

Get Ready for A Militarized AmeriKKKa

“Reservations about granting the military too much power at home are older than the republic itself, harking back to days when British soldiers were foisted upon colonials for room and board. In the Constitution, the framers made specific provision to check military power by declaring that America's armed forces be directed by civilian authority - namely, the various secretaries of Defense. Posse Comitatus goes even further, giving only National Guard units the authority to act as law enforcement, because they are under the control of governors. Active-duty troops are being used in the Gulf relief efforts but only for humanitarian efforts and logistical support. The move to amend Posse Comitatus would likely give them law-enforcement powers.”- The Christian Science Monitor 09-19-05

Hurricane Katrina revealed to the world just how heartless and cold blooded the ruling oligarchy and their Bu$h cabal puppets are. The local and state governments were overwhelmed by the storm and their frantic calls for assistance to the federal government were deliberately ignored, as George W Bush remained on vacation, Vice President Cheney remained MIA and the rest of the administration was conspicuously absent (just like they were on 9-11)! FEMA waited for conditions to get worse and actively prevented first responders, supplies, food water and volunteers from even entering New Orleans following the storms’ devastation! As conditions worsened, the people marooned in the city became more desperate and the mainstream media did its job by focusing on the privation, anxiety and rage of the people stranded in New Orleans. The Bu$h administration’s response was one of nonchalance and benign indifference. But this was far from the case. Bu$h, Brown, Chertoff , Cheney et al were patiently playing their hand. They waited for the public outcry, “do something” then they acted by sending in the military. The military came in not with a “let’s roll up our sleeves and help save lives” mentality. They came in with a “We’re locked and loaded ready to kick some ass” mentality. (See for a true assessment of how the US Army perceived their mission in New Orleans). The governor of Louisiana even warned Iraqi vets were on their way with “shoot to kill orders”. Now we are learning mercenary or as they are now called “private security contractors” are being employed in New Orleans and that the reports of rape and looting were exaggerated or in many cases untrue!!!
None of this should surprise us. Bu$h and his cronies have shown us their real selves, what hey stand for and how little they respect the AmeriKKKan people. Just like 9-11 when he sat reading to elementary kids when he was informed of the World Trade Center “attacks” when he failed to tend to his main function which is to “protect and defend” the country, he lollygagged in Crawford Texas on vacation as Hurricane Katrina moved inland and lashed the Gulf Coast region. We must be clear on this, there is a pattern here. Bu$h is not the large and in-charge, macho leader/ warrior his PR/propaganda/ mind control handlers have painted him to be. He is a dim-witted sociopath who is being used to usher in the next level of fascist police state policies in AmeriKKKa. Hurricane Katrina was a staging operation by FEMA and the ruling oligarchy to dupe the masses into demanding the federal government assume more and more power, spend more tax payers’ money on boondoggles for Bu$h’s buddies while putting a US city on military lock-down and martial law. People warning us about the perils of going down this road are like Biblical prophets crying in the wilderness, our warnings are beyond the hearing and comprehension of the masses. In the meantime the media and the Bu$h administration are calling for more power, more money and more use of the military in future domestic emergencies. An article in The Christian Science Monitor dated 09-19-05 slyly promotes that notion, “ As Washington picks through the lessons learned from hurricane Katrina, there is a growing conviction that the only organization with the skills, expertise, and resources needed to respond quickly to a catastrophe of such magnitude is the American military. President Bush suggested a larger disaster relief role for the armed forces in his national address last week, and Congress has indicated it will take up the issue this autumn. Though the topic has emerged at other troubled times - most recently 9/11 - Congress has always avoided amending Posse Comitatus, the law that has kept active-duty soldiers out of civilian law-enforcement affairs since Reconstruction.” This was their goal all along; the militarization of AmeriKKKa, turning AmeriKKKa into a police state! Why are mercenaries patrolling the streets of New Orleans? Why has the Bu$h administration decided to investigate itself concerning Hurricane Katrina failures? You can bet your bottom dollar, when they do, the results will be a Warren and 9-11 Commission white-wash of gigantic proportions recommendating the Posse Comitatus Act be amended to allow the US military to engage in domestic “law enforcement”. The article puts forth the bogus analysis that the delay in Bu$h’s response to the storm warrants the militarization of AmeriKKKa!? “As officials look at what went wrong - and wonder what to do if a future disaster similarly eviscerates local responders - their attention has turned to the military. Clearly, the armed forces are best prepared to deploy quickly to devastated areas, bringing not only a clear command structure, but an array of resources ideally suited for difficult work - from mobile communication systems to troops trained for the most taxing conditions. In his Thursday address, Mr. Bush called the armed forces ‘the institution of our government most capable of massive logistical operations on a moment's notice.’” The thing is, if the federal government had mobilized earlier and FEMA had not obstructed relief efforts and the media had told the truth about what FEMA was really doing to obstruct rescue and relief operations, the damage would have been much less and more lives would have been saved.
The lobotomized AmeriKKKan people just don’t get it. The media mind control has done their job well stifling critical thinking, the ability to think independently and draw one’s own conclusions. This was a set up from jump street, just like 9-11! Bu$h and Co. along with FEMA knew what a category four or five hurricane directly hitting New Orleans would do. Yet they elected to do nothing! The National Weather Service as well as military satellites tracked and predicted the path of the hurricane days in advance for crying out loud! The Bu$h administration elected to do nothing just as they elected to do nothing about the ample warnings they had about 9-11 (See Operation Bojinka or Operation Able Danger for example). Please don’t drink the Kool-Aid on this one. FEMA and military responses to disasters are not what we need. Just like we didn’t really need the US PATRIOT ACTs I or II! What we need are, well thought out and coordinated local and state emergency management plans and programs. We need to go back to being prepared, working together as whole communities planning and formulating evacuation procedures, and routes where necessary and not allowing politicians off the hook as they scape-goat one another and demanding more powers for themselves and the military.



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