Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Our Consciousness Is Showing

Our Consciousness Is Showing

“Man’s consciousness is a creative act and the kind of consciousness one has will determine the kind of world one creates. Consequently, when we look at the world we live in, Afrikan people, we must recognize that to a great extent it is a world of our own creation. It is a world generated by the kind of consciousness that we have permitted to be installed in us as a people. We talk about the white man as having power. Recognize that power ultimately has to do with a relationship between people and that the white man’s so called power is to large degree based upon the nature of the relationship he has with the black man. We empower him by the nature of our own behavior and attitudes as a people. He cannot be what he is unless we are what we are.” Afrikan Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order Dr. Amos N Wilson page 89

Our consciousness is always showing. A anceint proverb says it so consicely, “there is nothing hidden (our thoughts, attitudes and values) that will not be revealed ” (expressed, demonstrated acted out through our behavior). So when we see, for example, the fiendish way the Bu$h administration allowed our people to suffer and die in New Orleans despite ample warning, despite satellite tracking of the storm by the National Weather Service and the US military or we see the result of Bu$h’s lies and how the Democrats spinelessly go along with imposing fascism in AmeriKKKa, this is really an outpressing or demonstration of their consciousness, and ours! But the thing that troubles me is why are we so surprised? How can we, after knowing what white people did to the Native Americans, what they did to our ancestors and are doing to us (during Hurricane Katrina for example) and the atrocities they are committing in Haiti and Iraq; how can we feign shock and surprise? I came of age during the 1960's and I remember members of the Nation of Islam calling white folks devils, I remember the cartoons in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper depicting them as devils with horns and pointed tails as part of Elijah Muhammad’s ideology and explanation of the existing socio-political realities. It appears the Europeans are using their technology (tricknology as the Black Muslims used to say) to program us into acquiescing to their dominance, our subjugation, their bloodlust, our victim-hood and maintenance of the existing Eurocentric status quo. And we as media consumers mindlessly, willingly and uncritically suck it all up. We are so punked out we can’t even discern the media is their prime propaganda tool. We have succumbed to the notion the white man is all powerful and invincible despite empirical evidence to the contrary beamed before our eyes daily as we witness the courageous Iraqi, Cuban North Korean and Venezuelan nationalist leaders resisting the imposition of Western cultural and economic predatory exploitation on their people. Is there a fundamental difference between them and us? Why are we so docile, so lethargic and so timid when it is obvious they acted the way they did during the hurricane because New Orleans was mostly black and poor?
Consciousness is active it is not passive. To be conscious is to be, being means action; the process of awareness, being aware, actively using our imagination, our volition and inner resources to actualize ourselves to actively plan, design and create our immediate and extended environment and reality. We are powerful beings in that regard with unlimited and untapped potential. The operative words are unlimited and untapped. In fact we are so untapped it is almost as if we are comatose or dead. We have allowed aliens to take over our minds. We are the targets of menticide, the deliberate attempt to destroy a people’s minds or literally drive them crazy. We see this every day. Look at our children, listen to how they talk, what they talk about and ask yourself, is this normal or sane? Look at what they watch, listen to and use to entertain themselves ask yourself on the whole, is it empowering, ennobling and self and group affirming? If not, you need to challenge them to expand their choices. What about us, do we still consume massive hour of media? If so what is the quality and content of what we watch, listen to and use to entertain ourselves. If it is not pro-African or liberation oriented, we need to begin to think and act differently. We have the power and the ability to choose; and the opportunity to change!
Hurricane Katrina as devastating as it was, provided an excellent opportunity for us to reassess our situation in AmeriKKKa. Do we have the consciousness to even see the need to reassess where we are and the real challenges we face? The whole world saw how our people were dissed in New Orleans by the federal government. And that is not counting reports the levees were intentionally sabotaged or that FEMA deliberately prevented help and supplies from getting into the city. If this is true and I believe it is, this is all the more reason to alter our consciousness about our situation in AmeriKKKa! If we fail to act, then the outcome will be inevitable we will continue to be destroyed or at the very least will continue at the mercy of cold hearted and callous people . The few of us who survive or future generation of humans will say Africans in AmeriKKKa were wiped out because we lacked a consciousness of survival, we lacked a consciousness of ethnic integrity (being true to one’s self) and the unwillingness to do for self! As we take an assessment of our situation, we will see our state of consciousness as reflected by our outer conditions, our environment and quality of life (or lack thereof). Why? Because our consciousness is always showing.



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