Friday, September 30, 2005

Precedents of the AmeriKKKan Empire

Precedents of the AmeriKKKan Empire

“The Neo-con Empire (if I may so call it) has arisen since the Second World War and is based on the concept which its proponents have come to call a Pax Americana, whereby the U.S.A., by brute force, by threats or by guile will impose its will not on a defined region such as the Roman Empire, but on the whole world. The aim is the same as that of the Romans, namely to favour trade and economic benefits for the central rulers, who will have to persuade their subjects at home to behave as desired in such farces as the elections, which therefore closely resemble the circuses beloved of the Roman mobs. We therefore have two parallels, firstly the coming to power similar to that of Adolf Hitler, and secondly the maintenance of power and the extension of the Empire in a manner which harks back to the Romans.” Robert Thompson Axis of Logic 09-24-05

We hears so much about the AmeriKKKan Empire as if AmeriKKKan imperialism was new, as if the NeoConmen ideologues who dominate the current political and cultural landscape were the first Euro-AmeriKKKans to envision the United States as a empire. In an essay on entitled Imperialism - a note to the good people of the U.S.A. Robert Thompson posits US imperialism driven by the NeoConmen, the architects of the Bu$h administration’s predatory and rapacious foreign policies, likens these policies to the ancient Roman Empire and the Third Reich of Adolph Hitler. While this is an apt analogy of current events, the fact of the matter is, just like George W Bu$h ascended to the presidency with a global war agenda, AmeriKKKa itself was born of an agenda of pillage plunder murder and conquest. The European powers that made their presence felt in this hemisphere, the Spanish, Portugese, French, British and the Dutch did not come in peace. They came seeking booty, gold, and natural resources to augment their meager existence in Europe. They came with little or nothing in the way of trade materials other than guns and powder because even if they had been honest tradesman and merchants (which they were not) they had nothing of real value to offer the indigenous people here. Once they established trading settlements (colonies), their cultural norm of xenophobia, blood lust and warmongering set in, fighting, rape and murder became the norm. Immediately after the Revolutionary War was over, George Washington and Co. ( a distant relative of the current White House occupant) resumed their genocidal assault on the native inhabitants of the land with an eye towards more conquest and westward expansion. This policy was carried out by successive administrations under various names and propaganda campaigns. Manifest Destiny was one of the last such PR campaign. All the while they were slaughtering the natives and warring with the darker people of Mexico, the ruling elites of AmeriKKKa set their sights on being a world empire like their European brethren. To accomplish this they devised schemes to purchase land from their neighbors ala the Louisiana Purchase or pick on the weaker European Empires and steal their possessions. This is what the Mexican-AmeriKKKan and Spanish-AmeriKKKan Wars were really about. In the back of the European’s mind, in the deep recesses of their psyche (should I say psychotic?) was the notion of an AmeriKKKan empire.
Today we see the out pressing and results of this trans-generational scheming for Empire in places like Guam, Hawaii, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention indirect economic and cultural neocolonial rule in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. What Robert Thompson writes about is the imperial style of the AmeriKKKan elite. To hismind they are taking their cues from Adolph Hitler and the Roman Empire. And why not, it is a known fact the Bu$h family supported Hitler and his Nazi regime, they were his agents in AmeriKKKa. What is not so well known is following WW II the US imported hundreds if not thousands of Nazi scientists, businessmen and intelligence agents and integrated them in AmeriKKKan society. Research Operation Paperclip, research the history of the CIA and its nefarious offshoots like MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird and research modern AmeriKKKan biochemical warfare and you will see a direct link to the Nazis and their ruling elite sponsors like the Dulles brothers, the Rockefeller and Harriman families and the rest of the New World Order puppets. Human beings are creatures of habit, the rapine, bloodletting and pillage are cultural patterns and habits of the Caucasian people. Long before there was a Roman Empire or a Hitler there were Aryans, Persians, Medes, Dorians, Goths, Jutes, Normans, Angles Saxons etc. These are the barbarian ancestors of the modern “white people’ we see every day. These are the real beginnings of the AmeriKKKan empire.



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