Thursday, September 22, 2005

Will Rita Be Another Katrina?

Will Rita Be A Repeat of Katrina?

“Take a look at these headlines – FEMA refusing all offered rescue assistance from Amtrack to experienced firefighters, FEMA not delivering on promises, FEMA barring delivery of desperately needed food or water to frightened and bewildered victims of Katrina, FEMA telling First Responders not to 'respond' to the disaster. Does anybody but me see a pattern here? Is it possible for an emergency aid organization to show up at the scene only to refuse all offers of aid? Does McDonald's cook up a bunch of hamburgers and then lock its doors to its hungry patrons?
FEMA is the Patriot Act on crack. Once its powers are unleashed, Oliver North's REX 84 'exercise' will become a reality. The Constitution will be suspended and FEMA will have the right to detain or seize the property of anyone even suspected of engaging in, or who might be thinking of conspiring with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage. REX 84 also advocated rounding up and transferring to 'assembly centers or relocation camps' of at least 21 million American Negroes in the event of massive rioting or disorder, not unlike the rounding up of the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
The actual number of displaced New Orleans residents is unknown. Overnight, they became 'refugees,' and hundreds of thousands packed into the Super Dome or sat sweltering in the sun on roads and bridges during a nightmarish week of waiting for help that did not come, while political fat cats finger-pointed and accused each other of playing the 'blame' game. Finally, their military liberators herded them onto buses and planes, refusing to reveal their destination – husbands and wives separated, families split apart – and disappeared to 'assembly centers or location camps' throughout the United States.”- The Unconstitutional FEMA Sheila Samples

I was watching the Weather Channel to get some info on the new hurricane barreling down on the Gulf Coast that at this point is headed for the Louisiana-Texas border. The storm is categorized as a level four hurricane and should make landfall by Saturday morning. Since Katrina hit and the levees broke (or were sabotaged) I have seen some alarming information about the US government aside from the “ineptitude” and callousness of the Bu$h administration. We have seen and heard first hand reports about FEMA obstructing relief efforts, preventing first responders from coming into New Orleans, denying donated supplies from foreign countries and taking a combat approach towards the operation rather than a search and save mind set. Will FEMA, local state and federal authorities handle this hurricane the same way they handled Katrina? Will FEMA sit around and wait for the situation to worsen so they can call out the active military like they did during Katrina? Will there be reports of sabotage in Corpus Christie or Houston like there were with the New Orleans levees? Will the media mind control apparatus demonize any unfortunates who lack the resources and wherewithal to evacuate their homes and community? Will FEMA use the chaotic situation as a dry run for martial law and a heavy handed response like they did during Katrina? (See . Will Bu$h and Co. use Hurricane Rita as an excuse to demand more power, to continue their push for repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act so the US military can be used as law enforcement, lock down and martial law nation wide? The current situation in the Gulf Coast bears watching because the Bu$h administration will use this to further their villainous agenda. Don’t believe for one moment the way they acted during Katrina was a reflection of their ineptitude. It was a replay of 9-11, when they deliberately sat back and did nothing to prevent 9-11 even though they had ample evidence such an occurrence was eminent and some in the administration like Dick Cheney may have actually been part of the planning and execution itself! One thing is for sure only an idiot believes some religious fanatics living in a cave in Afghanistan was able to pull 9-11 off. Even if they had known about the live military and civil defense training drills scheduled for that day, there is no way in hell Osama bin Laden could have coordinated those attacks to coincide with the drills without at least having inside information about the drills and the military stand down that was in effect during the training sessions. Contrary to the slew of lies the Bu$h administration and the bogus 9-11 Commission told, federal authorities have known about plots to use commercial airplanes as missiles for years. (See Operation Bojinka at
In the case of Hurricane Rita we will have to watch to see if state and local authorities coordinate the evacuation of the cities in Texas better than the authorities in New Orleans and Louisiana did. Will another devastating storm in the Gulf Coast further undermine petroleum and natural gas supplies form the Gulf Coast which furnishes twenty-five per cent of domestic oil and about a third of our natural gas? This means more price fluctuations, a negative impact on the economy, more social disruption, massive dislocation and destruction. Will these super storms follow the Bu$h administration pattern of no bid contracts to his buddies, faulty book keeping and massive fraud or will the public demand oversight and accountability? Will the fascists in the Republican Party and their go along cronies in the Democratic Party stack the deck to prevent an independent investigation or review of the response good or poor of Hurricane Rita like they just did with Hurricane Katrina? These and more questions need to be asked. Keep your eyes and ears open, think critically and come to your own conclusions independent of what corporate media feeds you. The answers will play out in the days and weeks ahead following this latest storm. One last question, is Hurricane Rita part of weather warfare the ruling oligarchy is utilizing to further their ultra- fascist agenda to reconfigure the AmeriKKKan political, physical, economic and cultural landscape? Time will tell, but we must be vigilant and ready to move to thwart their plan if in fact we see it unfold during this latest storm situation.



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