Sunday, September 11, 2005

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

“Over and over last week, people said that the scenes from the convention center, the highway overpasses, and the other suddenly infamous Crescent City venues didn't "look like America," that they seemed instead to be straight from the Third World. That was almost literally accurate, for poor, black New Orleans (whose life had never previously been of any interest to the larger public) is not so different from other poor and black parts of the world: its infant mortality and life expectancy rates, its educational achievement statistics mirroring scores of African and Latin American enclaves.
But it was accurate in another way, too, one full of portent for the future. A decade ago, environmental researcher Norman Myers began trying to add up the number of humans at risk of losing their homes from global warming. He looked at all the obvious places -- coastal China, India, Bangladesh, the tiny island states of the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Nile delta, Mozambique, on and on -- and predicted that by 2050 it was entirely possible that 150 million people could be "environmental refugees," forced from their homes by rising waters. That's more than the number of political refugees sent scurrying by the bloody century we've just endured.”- Bill KcKibben 09-06-05

Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse: images of poor inform stranded African-Americans languishing on rooftops, dehydrated, malnourished, the callousness, inattention and seeming incompetence of the Bu$h administration, the schizophrenic corporate media mind control apparatus demonizing the marooned blacks then ravaging Bu$H for his ineptitude and insensitivity, the military presence in New Orleans in a hostile combat ready mode rather than a citizen friendly search and rescue operation (see ) the revelations this scenario was predicted by FEMA and Science America and now another piece of the puzzle, the revelation the US government has the capability and capacity to alter weather conditions! Was Hurricane Katrina a man-made disaster? To hear environmentalists and some researchers tell it, it was. They claim weather conditions due to global warming are being impacted and storms are more intense as the Earth gets warmer and the polar ice melts. Others say it was a man-made disaster because of the massive NeoConmen's funding cuts that prevented the maintenance and upgrading of the New Orleans levee and pumping systems and the necessary funds to enact Army Corps of Engineers recommendations and the failure to heed reports published by the New Orleans Times Picayune or Science America, that predicted this exact scenario. Some say the storm’s impact was worsened by failure to act in a timely fashion as the National Weather Service predicted a category 4 plus storm was coming days in advance of Katrina actually moving inland. Africans in AmeriKKKa were further emotionally ravaged by the images and the psyop the mainstream media used to demonize the impoverished victims marooned in the city due to illness and lack of transportation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now we must consider the very real possibility the storm and aftermath were man made for several additional reasons. First there is the fact that the US and Russia both have the capability and capacity to manipulate weather conditions using what the US calls High Frequency Active Aural Research Project ( HAARP) . It appears to most cogent folks there is also a fiendish plan to use this storm as a training op and dry run for a FEMA/Military operation to control, cordon off and militarize (disarm and subjugate) a whole urban region, dislocate massive numbers of the citizenry and relocate them to resettlement (internment?) camps all under the guise of disaster relief.
This may seem far fetched to the many who engage in the Ostrich Syndrome (sticking one’s head in the proverbial sand thinking you are hiding but all the while exposing your behind which is totally unprotected and in plain view) who are in total denial about just how diabolical the ruling oligarchy really is. Think about this for a moment, this is the same cabal that lied to start an illegal war that now has the nation mired in a no win situation in Iraq. This is the same group who knew about (and in all likelihood planned and executed with the help of rogue proxy intelligence operatives and patsy assets) 9-11 and did nothing to prevent it. This is the same ruling elite who have since the late 1940's been working on developing the means to control weather conditions whose psychopathy is so recalcitrant they would use HAARP technology as a means of warfare! Could the storm have been created or intensified using HAARP technology just as they used 9-11 to move their New World Order agenda along? What is HAARP technology? In simple terms HAARP is the opposite of a Radio Telescope, instead of receiving frequency waves from space, this device sends low frequency waves out. By their own admission these waves are focused and steerable and can be used for a myriad of nefarious operations (see for a history and full explanation of the technology and its potential uses). Can I prove for certain HAARP technology was used to either create or intensify Katrina? No, but given how the Bu$h administration has used the disaster to jump start the militarized bum rush of the Gulf Coast, I see no reason to discount the use of HAARP technology. If they use the corporate mass media ad supposedly bi-partisan independent commisions (composed of the ruling elites or their functionaries) to brainwash people, brow beat them to discourage critical thinking and dissent and accept the nonsensical notion religious fanatics living in caves in Afghanistan plotted and circumvented a multifaceted, multi-billion dollar US defense and inter-agency intelligence system and to pump up an illegal war in Iraq; they will use anything to further their plot to usher in their New World Order. The Bu$h administration is the most secretive and deceptive we have seen in quite a while, far surpassing the deceit of the Johnson, Nixon and Reagan administrations. The more we connect the dots about their motives and see the effects of their machinations, the more this looks like a worst case scenario.



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